Are business cards outdated?

I was recently offered the chance by StressFreePrint to review some of their business cards on my blog, and as I have been meaning to purchase some for ages I decided to go for it. I had made some designs previously, which I sent over to the designer who made them a reality, and made some awesome backs to go with my design. My idea for my design would be put catchy words on the front with bright colours which makes them more eye catching. I went with the words Hello, Smile and Hiya; I went with these because they are simple and to me would make me curious as to what they were, my favourite being the smile one as it's my favourite colours and also portrays a happy message!

 In answer to my question at the start of this post, are business cards outdated? I'd go with the answer no, although a lot of networking is now done online at the end of the day you are still going to meet up with people including clients so it's a great idea to always keep them handy, there is also the case of meeting other bloggers and it's such an easy way to spread your link to them without having to write it out first. Finally I have been told this tip by a lot of people is to leave them in random places, such as the tube and on the train; when people are bored they are more likely to read random things that they find, and you never know they may just take a little read and find something new that they are looking for, or in my case want to hire a social media manager! 

Thanks so much StressFreePrint for 600 of these beauties!

Stress Free Print Business Cards

Business Cards


  1. These are beautiful!! Id to love to create my own business cards like this with phrases like 'you look beautiful' I'd agree and say there not outdated! It's something for people to pin up on their wall and look at it! X


  2. These are so eye catching and positive. Such lovely business cards, now I want some haha! X

  3. These are cool cards! I have blog cards and also ones for my actual job and never give them out. I really should, especially my blog ones!