21st Century Relationships!

In 2015 the way to meet a partner is even easier than ever with the countless amounts of dating apps for just about everything, I decided I would ask some bloggers how they met their other halves and interview them for this post, to share with you the ways in which romance can start. ALSO, I am a huge romance fan, give me romance anyday! So I hope you enjoy the Q&A with some fabulous bloggers.

For this post I interviewed: Becky, Lauren, Jenn, Katy & Danie and they all had amazing and completely different answers, I hope you enjoy reading this post! 

So first off. where did you meet your other halves? 

B: Technically, we first met when he was an IT technician at my college but we never spoke other than a couple of "Can you fix my computer?" "Ok" "Thanks" type conversations. 2 years later, I was in a club, waiting for a friend who had stood me up. This guy saw I was alone and invited me into his group. One of the men there was Rich, who had been invited by his friend and didn't know anyone else in the group. As we were both "outsiders" in this friendship group, we got talking.

L: We met at a factory we both worked at. He had worked there for years but I was the newbie of the place!

J: Funnily enough, Chris and I met in an MMORPG (basically an online role-playing game, think World of Worldcraft). 

D: I met my other half on a night out whilst I was in my final year of university. It's funny, at the night I didn't want to go out but I only did because the local alternative rock nightclub had a night on where you could meet a local Suicide Girl (Alternative website for models) and my male best friend at the time really wanted to go but not on his own. So like the good friend I was I went. I walked into the club and saw the usual gang of people I hang out with frequently on nights out and did the usual hugs and 'omg hi I miss you' greeting. I was in conversation with a girl I knew pretty well when this guy (my now other half) I've only met very briefly on one occasion said something really funny (I think it was something to do with our love for Futurama but I can never remember) and I turned towards him, laughed and carried on the conversation. 

K: we first ACTUALLY met in the gourmet burger kitchen in Liverpool One, just before we headed off to my first ever blogging event at The Body Shop! 

What did you first think of your other half, did it change? 

B: I thought he was awesome because we ended up talking about literature in this dingy rock club! Also, he showed me a video of a sneezing panda on his iPhone and this was when iPhones were the coolest of the cool! It was pretty apparent straight away that he was an extremely geeky, but lovely, man and that hasn't changed over the years! (Except now he hates iPhones!)

L: I thought in all honesty: "meh." Sorry babe if you're reading this! *blushes* However, my thoughts changed when I started talking to him and his personality shone through which made him a good looking guy! 

J: Originally Chris and I were only friends/clan members together. We partied together in game and played but nothing more than that. 

K: I thought she was incredibly cool and beautiful, and that I'd have no chance; I still think she's incredibly beautiful, both inside and out, as well as being funny, charming, intelligent, caring and talented. 

When was this?

B: This was April 2008, so over 7 years ago now!! 

L:  It was September of 2014 so that is almost 9 months ago! 
J: Oh lord, I was 14-15 when we met? Maybe? So 10 years ago.
D: Just over a year when we first officially met. I'm surprised by how I can remember it all.

Where was your first date? 

B: After a week or so chatting constantly on MSN, I invited him to visit me at uni in Winchester. Our first date was a meal at Wetherspoons (classy!) followed by drinks in a gorgeous old pub where we had our wedding meal 6 years later! 

J: Funnily enough - We got married in-game as a "joke". Our friends didn't know we were dating IRL yet. But our first IRL date was to a hibachi grille near my house I believe. 

D: Cheeky Nandos! Funny story actually, we talked for a while and I jokingly said 'Oh you can cook me dinner one night' and he took the opportunity and asked me out on a date. On the strip where we live had a few other places for food and they were all packed to the brim since it was a) Friday and b) Raining cats and dogs. So Nandos actually saved our bum and the two jugs of sangria made the night even more awesome.

K: our first ever proper date was a shopping trip to Chester, followed by cake at Central Perk and a night of watching cheesy documentaries and eating pizza! 

Toughest parts of your relationship? 

L: Being an hour away from each other, it was hard at first because I missed him a lot, but then I started to stay at his home most of the time and practically moved in without the whole label. I still keep some of my things at the family house but the essentials are at his. 

D: The time when I met my other half came at such a bad time because I was in the process of packing up to move back to London. At first I wasn't after a serious relationship but the time I spent with him during our dating phase, the more I really wanted to be with him. I confessed my love to him on a night out (classy! We still joke about it to this day) and that's how the relationship was formed. The long distance was very tough, it went from seeing each other a lot to whenever I could get time off work or money. It did teach us to build on the emotional side of the relationship so much that now with me living with him we can spend some time apart without it causing too much heart ache. Plus we had A LOT of trust and communication to help the long distance side go more smoothly.  

Favourite quality in your other half? 

B: His kindness. He is just the loveliest, most considerate and nost patient person I have ever met. Everybody who meets him is overwhelmed by his loveliness. He is the very definition of a good egg!

J: I don't love just one quality in him - I love him as a whole. Perceived flaws and all. He really does just make me happy and I love his company.

D: He knows how to pick me up if I'm having a bad day, be it a hug, cooking, making me laugh or whatever else he can think off. It helped again during our long distance because work at times was tough so he did what he could to make me smile on skype. 

What does the future hold? 

B: We got married last year so we're looking forward to our first anniversary! (Rich is taking me away on a surprise trip and I have no idea where we're going!) We have lots of plans to travel, including a big holiday to Florida in 2017, and eventually, want to buy our own home. One day, many years in the future, we plan to have kids too but that's definitely not on the agenda just yet!!

L: In the future, we have both planned to get our own place, do it up [my way of course], marriage and kids are also on the cards! But hopefully we are able to travel before kids, but if it's our time to have a kid, then it's our time - letting nature take its course. 

J: We're engaged and living together! Okay technically we've been engaged for 3 years - we'll make it down the aisle(courthouse) eventually. 

D: We are going on our first holiday together in August which we have the date on the whiteboard at the end of the bed so we can get excited together.

K: I hope we'll be together forevaaaa, and I can see a dog, vegetable patch and a jacuzzi bath in our future. living the dream! 

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