Hair Essentials #2

A while back I did my first ever hair related blog post on my favourite products, if you missed that review you can check it out here. I have recently been on the look out for new and amazing hair products which I think you need as part of your hair care routine and I've found three amazing staple products for you!

Lee Stafford Argan Oil Straighteners (Alternative Link)

Not going to lie, the fact that these are pink did catch my attention, as I am pretty obsessed with all things pink, and secondly I was drawn to the fact that these are Argan oil straighteners and help to straighten and nourish your hair, which is a strange concept as for as long as I can remember people are always straighteners are bad for your hair and to use them as little as possible. So what's special about these straighteners?

Firstly the fact they have a little screen which first off you can choose your heat setting with the plus and minus button and it goes up in 20's. I usually have mine on the highest setting due to having the thickest hair known to man, but the thinner the hair the lower the temperature. The plates of the straighteners are infused with argan oil making your hail silky smooth during use, which to me is an extra bonus! Another amazing part of these straighteners for me is the fact that after an hour of no use they turn off, which is great for me as I am one of those people who constantly worry all day that I've left them on and they're going to burn down my house! Last but not least these amazing beauties warm up completely in 90 seconds, something you can't argue with!

Lee Stafford Argan Oil Straighteners

Schwarzkopf Freeze Pump Finish Spray
This product is an absolute saviour when it comes to my hair, once again my thick hair is being a burden! When I style my hair within half an hour it is falling down, this product actually keeps it in place for 10x longer than what usual hair spray does, the best part is even after applying and it being in your hair for a long period of your time your hair still feels fresh and it doesn't leave your hair stuck together or feeling dry. The bonus of this spray is that fact it comes out as a liquid spray rather than an aerosol! The freeze pump spray is amazing for when you make a mistake with your hair and want to start again and it's like you never applied anything in the first place!

OSiS hair spray

Schwarzkopf Salt Spray
This spray is the perfect spray for creating festival styled hair, if you spray it on your hair when wet it leaves your hair smelling gorgeous and is great for creating back combed styled looks or just hair with volume (something my hair needs lots more of) this spray leaves your hair feeling clean and fresh even after use, and also after applying the spray is almost instantly dry, and doesn't leave the hair shiny in anyway. This is the perfect product to use before applying heat to your hair as it gives you heat protection.

OSiS spray salt

Are business cards outdated?

I was recently offered the chance by StressFreePrint to review some of their business cards on my blog, and as I have been meaning to purchase some for ages I decided to go for it. I had made some designs previously, which I sent over to the designer who made them a reality, and made some awesome backs to go with my design. My idea for my design would be put catchy words on the front with bright colours which makes them more eye catching. I went with the words Hello, Smile and Hiya; I went with these because they are simple and to me would make me curious as to what they were, my favourite being the smile one as it's my favourite colours and also portrays a happy message!

 In answer to my question at the start of this post, are business cards outdated? I'd go with the answer no, although a lot of networking is now done online at the end of the day you are still going to meet up with people including clients so it's a great idea to always keep them handy, there is also the case of meeting other bloggers and it's such an easy way to spread your link to them without having to write it out first. Finally I have been told this tip by a lot of people is to leave them in random places, such as the tube and on the train; when people are bored they are more likely to read random things that they find, and you never know they may just take a little read and find something new that they are looking for, or in my case want to hire a social media manager! 

Thanks so much StressFreePrint for 600 of these beauties!

Stress Free Print Business Cards

Business Cards

The Price Of A Prom!

This year it has officially been FOUR years since I left school, which means four years since my prom, which I cannot believe. Throughout my school life I watched programmes on MTV which had Americans throwing huge parties and also programmes about them attending their proms showing the huge gowns that they wore and also the modes of transport they attended their prom in, and honesty some of them shocked me, I mean one person attended in a helicopter. As much as at the time I was obsessed with getting the perfect dress, and shoes and BEST mode of transport, I am not sure prom was all it was cracked up to be.

 With the US traditions of prom making their way over to the UK, and people are spending more than ever on proms, My Voucher Codes conducted some research into how much people really do spend on their prom. With 15% of people spending over £300+ which to me is a crazy amount in itself! The people I feel sorry for is the parents in all of this as it's their bank balances who suffer, although there 25% of people in the UK who only spend up to £50 on their child prom, but this does make you wonder what people are buying if they can manage to spend over £300 right? I found an amazing article about the price of prom here!

 For prom usually you need a dress, shoes, a bag, makeup and hair doing, a prom ticket and transport so you can see how this can add up pretty quickly. Some people spend around £200 just on their dress alone, so I can see how the amount add up pretty quickly. For my prom I think around £250 was spent, which included my ticket and my transport which some may say is a lot but my grandma paid for some and my parents paid for the rest. In a few years I reckon the craze for prom will be EVEN bigger and be even more of an American styled party, but is it too much for one night?

Now the moment you've all been waiting for.. me in my prom dress! 

This post was written using research conducted by My Voucher Codes* 

21st Century Relationships!

In 2015 the way to meet a partner is even easier than ever with the countless amounts of dating apps for just about everything, I decided I would ask some bloggers how they met their other halves and interview them for this post, to share with you the ways in which romance can start. ALSO, I am a huge romance fan, give me romance anyday! So I hope you enjoy the Q&A with some fabulous bloggers.

For this post I interviewed: Becky, Lauren, Jenn, Katy & Danie and they all had amazing and completely different answers, I hope you enjoy reading this post! 

So first off. where did you meet your other halves? 

B: Technically, we first met when he was an IT technician at my college but we never spoke other than a couple of "Can you fix my computer?" "Ok" "Thanks" type conversations. 2 years later, I was in a club, waiting for a friend who had stood me up. This guy saw I was alone and invited me into his group. One of the men there was Rich, who had been invited by his friend and didn't know anyone else in the group. As we were both "outsiders" in this friendship group, we got talking.

L: We met at a factory we both worked at. He had worked there for years but I was the newbie of the place!

J: Funnily enough, Chris and I met in an MMORPG (basically an online role-playing game, think World of Worldcraft). 

D: I met my other half on a night out whilst I was in my final year of university. It's funny, at the night I didn't want to go out but I only did because the local alternative rock nightclub had a night on where you could meet a local Suicide Girl (Alternative website for models) and my male best friend at the time really wanted to go but not on his own. So like the good friend I was I went. I walked into the club and saw the usual gang of people I hang out with frequently on nights out and did the usual hugs and 'omg hi I miss you' greeting. I was in conversation with a girl I knew pretty well when this guy (my now other half) I've only met very briefly on one occasion said something really funny (I think it was something to do with our love for Futurama but I can never remember) and I turned towards him, laughed and carried on the conversation. 

K: we first ACTUALLY met in the gourmet burger kitchen in Liverpool One, just before we headed off to my first ever blogging event at The Body Shop! 

What did you first think of your other half, did it change? 

B: I thought he was awesome because we ended up talking about literature in this dingy rock club! Also, he showed me a video of a sneezing panda on his iPhone and this was when iPhones were the coolest of the cool! It was pretty apparent straight away that he was an extremely geeky, but lovely, man and that hasn't changed over the years! (Except now he hates iPhones!)

L: I thought in all honesty: "meh." Sorry babe if you're reading this! *blushes* However, my thoughts changed when I started talking to him and his personality shone through which made him a good looking guy! 

J: Originally Chris and I were only friends/clan members together. We partied together in game and played but nothing more than that. 

K: I thought she was incredibly cool and beautiful, and that I'd have no chance; I still think she's incredibly beautiful, both inside and out, as well as being funny, charming, intelligent, caring and talented. 

When was this?

B: This was April 2008, so over 7 years ago now!! 

L:  It was September of 2014 so that is almost 9 months ago! 
J: Oh lord, I was 14-15 when we met? Maybe? So 10 years ago.
D: Just over a year when we first officially met. I'm surprised by how I can remember it all.

Where was your first date? 

B: After a week or so chatting constantly on MSN, I invited him to visit me at uni in Winchester. Our first date was a meal at Wetherspoons (classy!) followed by drinks in a gorgeous old pub where we had our wedding meal 6 years later! 

J: Funnily enough - We got married in-game as a "joke". Our friends didn't know we were dating IRL yet. But our first IRL date was to a hibachi grille near my house I believe. 

D: Cheeky Nandos! Funny story actually, we talked for a while and I jokingly said 'Oh you can cook me dinner one night' and he took the opportunity and asked me out on a date. On the strip where we live had a few other places for food and they were all packed to the brim since it was a) Friday and b) Raining cats and dogs. So Nandos actually saved our bum and the two jugs of sangria made the night even more awesome.

K: our first ever proper date was a shopping trip to Chester, followed by cake at Central Perk and a night of watching cheesy documentaries and eating pizza! 

Toughest parts of your relationship? 

L: Being an hour away from each other, it was hard at first because I missed him a lot, but then I started to stay at his home most of the time and practically moved in without the whole label. I still keep some of my things at the family house but the essentials are at his. 

D: The time when I met my other half came at such a bad time because I was in the process of packing up to move back to London. At first I wasn't after a serious relationship but the time I spent with him during our dating phase, the more I really wanted to be with him. I confessed my love to him on a night out (classy! We still joke about it to this day) and that's how the relationship was formed. The long distance was very tough, it went from seeing each other a lot to whenever I could get time off work or money. It did teach us to build on the emotional side of the relationship so much that now with me living with him we can spend some time apart without it causing too much heart ache. Plus we had A LOT of trust and communication to help the long distance side go more smoothly.  

Favourite quality in your other half? 

B: His kindness. He is just the loveliest, most considerate and nost patient person I have ever met. Everybody who meets him is overwhelmed by his loveliness. He is the very definition of a good egg!

J: I don't love just one quality in him - I love him as a whole. Perceived flaws and all. He really does just make me happy and I love his company.

D: He knows how to pick me up if I'm having a bad day, be it a hug, cooking, making me laugh or whatever else he can think off. It helped again during our long distance because work at times was tough so he did what he could to make me smile on skype. 

What does the future hold? 

B: We got married last year so we're looking forward to our first anniversary! (Rich is taking me away on a surprise trip and I have no idea where we're going!) We have lots of plans to travel, including a big holiday to Florida in 2017, and eventually, want to buy our own home. One day, many years in the future, we plan to have kids too but that's definitely not on the agenda just yet!!

L: In the future, we have both planned to get our own place, do it up [my way of course], marriage and kids are also on the cards! But hopefully we are able to travel before kids, but if it's our time to have a kid, then it's our time - letting nature take its course. 

J: We're engaged and living together! Okay technically we've been engaged for 3 years - we'll make it down the aisle(courthouse) eventually. 

D: We are going on our first holiday together in August which we have the date on the whiteboard at the end of the bed so we can get excited together.

K: I hope we'll be together forevaaaa, and I can see a dog, vegetable patch and a jacuzzi bath in our future. living the dream! 

If you are having any issues in your relationship it's worth checking out to see what they offer. 

I've never dated a guy who likes Marmite.

Before I start this post, I am going to say straight off the bat this is one of the weirdest posts if not the weirdest that I have written but I fancied going a little weird today so why not? So Marmite, love it or hate it, which one are you? 

Marmite has always been one of my favourite things on this earth, I used to have it every single day on a sandwich in primary school, I love it on toast and crumpets and to be honest I could happily eat it from the jar. *Queue the ewwwws* Marmite is just fabulous and I LOVE it. My boyfriend says "Marmite is the devils work" a bit extreme if you ask me but you know, I've never met a person who thinks Marmite is just okay? It's either love to the moon and back or hate so much it makes you want to be sick. To this day I have never shared the love of Marmite with a partner of mine as they all seem to think it's gross, whether it be the smell, the colour or the taste, but unlucky for them I will always have a nice big jar in the cupboard ready for my toast! Recently I've discovered Marmite do more than just that spread, and I am yet to try any of their other snacks such as cheese and crisps but one day it'll happen. Although I have never dated a guy who likes Marmite I come from a family of Marmite lovers so, I am not alone in my quest of loving Marmite. 

I just wanted to state this post is in no way sponsored by Marmite, I just love it!

Travels | Brighton.

Firstly I'd like to start by saying this post is picture heavy, in fact, VERY picture heavy! I would of made separate posts of the pictures but they're just random bits and pieces of everywhere and I didn't take enough in each place to make a post on each one, so I decided to share my Brighton experience with you in around 30 photos. So whilst I was in Brighton I ate an unholy amount of junk food, including chips, burgers and a LOT of ice cream. Oh and cake, lots and lots of cake! But when you come from Stafford and everything is so boring, the bright colours and the prettiness draw you in.

So on the first evening we arrived we visited a gorgeous bar/restaurant for some food and a couple of drinks then went onto another bar. Me being me completely forgot it would be windy by the sea and wore a dress which kept blowing up, but I still loved it. 


Vegetarian Burger

Fresh Orange Juice

On the second day, I and Luke went and visited the pier, ate some chips and some cake from a gorgeous little cafe called Cloud 9 which if you live in Brighton and haven't been yet, go go go! , then went and had an Italian followed by giant ice cream from a place called Jojos Gelato if you fancy a look at their website it's here which my uncle and myself were very overwhelmed by, Luke, on the other hand, managed to demolish it, no problems!   

Ice Cream

Jo Jo Gelato


Ice Cream

Spaghetti Pomodoro Brighton

The third day was full of shopping and included cocktails at a lovely place which is all made from recycled materials, I've got to say drinking out of an Uncle Bens jar was a first, but genius idea! We also went to Choccywoccydodah which I'm sure a lot of you have seen on TV but if you haven't, basically their whole shop is filled with items made just from chocolate which is crazy and so so pretty, and I want to eat them all imagine the calories in those bad boys though! My favourite shops in Brighton included This Is Not A Butchers & Sass and Belle which can be found in the Lanes, which I also adore with SO many pretty shops filled with one clothing items. Oh and forgot to mention even more sweets and cake!  




Pick N Mix

Bright Cake

Cloud 9 Brighton

Cloud 9 Brighton

Cloud 9 Brighton


The Fishbowl Brighton

On the fourth day, we visited the pier and the arcade which involved lots of 10 and 2ps which had me win three cute toys, and also a mini donut and minion from a machine, yay! Finally we sat on the rocks and looked out at the sea, overall I had a fabulous stay with my auntie and uncle in Brighton and it was so great to see them! 

Brighton Pier

Brighton Seaside

Jar Cocktails

Lush Oxford Street Tour & Thoughts!

 Some of you may know a couple of weeks back on my way home from Brighton, me and Luke did a bit of a stop in London visiting Oxford St, and most importantly Lush! I have been mega excited about the amount of limited products and the size since it opened and I am over the moon I finally got the chance to view it for myself. Firstly, I'd just like to start by saying THREE floors of Lush, it was overwhelming how many products there is but at the same time, AMAZING. The place itself gives off such a positive vibe with bright colours everywhere and there are some seriously lovely staff working there. Luke ended up treating me to 5 bath bombs which I will review separately to this post, if you plan a trip to Lush make sure you have a lot of money and a suitcase if you don't live local because honestly I could of bought SO much and plan to make another trip after summer when I've had time to save and purchase some bubble bars, shower gels and soaps or hopefully Lush puts the products online *hint hint Lush*.

I think what I loved most about the store is the choice which you don't have in other stores with things such as sizes, like with the shower gels and the amount of bubble bars. I also treated myself to some of the oils which were £2 each and there was so many choices and it just reminded me of being at a pick n mix with sweets but for oil. Next time I go, I plan on investing in so many skincare products as there was so many to choose from and they all look amazing and I am super into my skin care at the moment, if you live in London and are yet to go- I'd recommend going in the day like a Monday or a Tuesday as you avoid the after work buzz and also kids, I had an amazing time and if I could I would of spent hours in there!

Lush Oxford Street

Lush Oxford Street Oils

Lush Oxford Street soap

Lush Oxford Street bath bombs

Lush Oxford Street bath bombs

Lush Oxford Street

Lush Oxford Street skin care

Kiss Air Candles

Kiss air candles

Mint choc chip and salted caramel

Can you believe we are in June already? 6 months into the year and I don't think I'll ever get over how fast it's going, kind of scary as when September hits it's my final year of uni eeek! Okay so back to these gorgeous candles you can see. First thing you may notice is the fact they are named after ice cream flavours, p.s. if you haven't tried both of those ice cream flavours you are missing out big time! Secondly that these are candles from an amazing brand called Kiss Air Candles, what makes these candles even more special is the fact that they are handmade within the UK.

The fact that these candles retail at £8.50 for the large jars is fab, as I can see these lasting a long time. So what exactly does a Mint Choc Chip and Salted Caramel candle smell like? Exactly as they taste I'd say, whilst having these lit I just craved ice cream, the best way to enjoy ice cream the healthy way. I love the packaging of these candles and I think they look so sweet, a perfect gift for a candle loving friend! Kiss Air Candles, have so many unique scents of candles including some alcoholic drinks like Pina Colada. As well as that they have some 'normal' scents such as coconut and vanilla. Although I am a huge fan of Yankee Candle, the price and unique scents of these candles is making me consider making future purchases as you cannot go wrong for their bargain prices. The large candles have a burn time of 30 hours which is amazing for the price as you can keep mixing them up and purchasing new ones to trial out scents. Kiss Air Candles also have smaller sizes of candles which are perfect if you are looking at trying out a candle before purchasing one of the bigger sized ones!

The truth behind changing your name!

This is a topic which some of you may be aware why I am writing those of you who aren't, in February of this year I took a huge leap and after considering it for sometime decided to change my name. For those of you who weren't my followers before my name was Jessica Leigh and it is now Olivia Jade. I changed my name as I felt my previous name wasn't me and it felt like it was a name I wanted to leave in the past, Olivia Jade is who I wanted to be so I made it a reality. People assume changing your name is hard but it's actually really not, it's as simple as getting some documents online and getting them signed, the hard bit is telling your family, having the constant questions and be prepared for people saying your name wrong forever, but that I understand. People who have known me a long time know me as Jess and being Olivia is a lot for them to take in, but those who do remember it puts a huge smile on my face.

The day my deeds came, I couldn't stop jumping around and smiling, it was official I was now Olivia Jade. The first thing I did was make an appointment with the bank to my account name changed and after that went and changed the rest of my documents, e.g. went to the university. I did get some strange looks in places as they are used to last name changes and not first and middle ones, but I did it. Of course you are always going to have that part of you which is your old name, but there's something exciting and amazing about being able to pick your own name, the scary part is remembering that name isn't for your pet it's actually for yourself. There's been times when I've been asked my name on the phone and I've automatically said Jess, but that's going to happen from time to time, it's natural. For people who want to change their name and are too scared, I'd say go for it! If it's something you feel you want to do then why the hell not!

Real Techniques Sculpting Set

Real techniques brushes

When browsing twitter one night I saw this post from Superdrug about a set of Real Techniques brushes which had been brought down to £13.99 on their last day of sale? I was shocked at the price I had read, I headed for Real Techniques and bought the set! I saw that the set was actually limited edition with one limited edition brush and they are in pink and the shiny look of the brushes is limited to this collection. Usually a set of real techniques is around £21.00+ dependant on the set so with this set being just £13.99 originally £20.99 working out at around £4.60 a brush it was an obvious steal! It only took three days before I had the brushes in front of me and was ready to start using them. As I know Real Techniques are fab quality I knew these would be no different to any other of their brushes. The set includes three brushes, the sculpting brush, the fan brush and the setting brush and although I already own the sculpting and setting brush from RT, it doesn't harm to get new ones!

Stipling Brush

The setting brush: 
Although this brush is part of the limited edition set, this brush is still able to be brought from Real Techniques all year round. So what is this brush used for? I use this brush for concealer under my eyes, but it can be used for anything really from powder, to highlighter and even eye shadow dependant on what make-up you use, it's perfect as it's got a small head so it's easy apply to the smaller areas which need a more precise touch.

Fan Brush

The Fan Brush:
This is the first fan brush to enter my collection, and I am quite pleased that it is real techniques. The purpose of this brush is for finishing touches. It can be perfect to apply a light layer of highlight, a layer of setting powder to a look and is perfect where the nose bone is concerned. I can't say I have found much of a use for it yet, but it's a lovely brush and I am happy to have it in my collection for when summer comes and I start to highlight more.

Sculpting Brush

Sculpting Brush:
Finally my favourite brush out of the set is the Sculpting Brush, although I already own two of these brushes, what's a third to your collection? This brush is perfect for contouring can be used with liquid and powder products. I have often seen this used as a buffing brush also.

Did you buy this set? 

Rimmel Rita Ora Summer Nails!

Rita Ora Summer Nails

Rimmel Rita Ora

Despite the lack of nail varnish I seem to wear, I own SO many of them! When I saw these beauties from Rimmel I knew I had to get some, they're part of the Rita Ora Summer Fest collection and with the adorable packaging and cheap price tag I decided to buy a range of colours! Rita Ora has previously had a 60 second collection with Rimmel, and these are an extension on that collection all ready for summer. I love the name of the shades as they're named after festival/summer related items, I bought the shades Glaston-Berry, Neon Fest, Port-A-Loo-Blue, Go Wild-Er-Ness & Roll in the grass. I thought the shades were perfect for mix and matching and also just for a range of different colours throughout summer for manicures and pedicures. I've never known myself to be disappointed with a Rimmel nail varnish and this isn't any different, the polish is long lasting and easy to apply and it leaves a gorgeous shine. I was drawn to the packaging as it has cute flowers on it which match each of the different shades inside which I think is a sweet added touch. The collection ranges from bright colours to pastel colours and is £2.99! A little bit of a bargain if you ask me!

Have you tried any of the collection?