Tips to happier skin this summer!

I've always been one who has rubbish acne filled skin, but this year I've aimed to make some changes so I can have fabulous skin this Summer. On my quest to get summer perfect skin I learnt a few tips which I thought I would share with you lovelies!

Happier Summer Skin

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Tip One: 
This a pretty simple tip which a lot of people neglect, the tip is to drink lots and lots of water. As well as being great for your body and keeping healthy, water helps you have clearer skin and makes it a lot more healthy!

Tip Two:
Use a face mist, I've been loving one from The Body Shop which is the Vitamin C Energising Face Spritz*, the reason I am in love with this one so much is due to it's gorgeous smell, the benefits of it being Vitamin C, and it always makes my face feel so much better especially when it's hot outside, it's a great way to keep moisture in your face and keep you cool. The size is awesome too, very handbag friendly.

Tip Three:
Have a cold shower, now this one does sound a little odd but there's actually a reason behind it. The reason is because when you've been sweating it builds up whereas if you have a cold shower to remove that it unclogs your pores and leaves less break outs and better skin overall.

Tip Four:
Try cleanse as often as you can, I never used to do this as much as I should but since I've been doing it, it's made my skin a hell of a lot better. I recently got a cleansing brush and it's a godsend for quick but effective cleansing.

Tip Five: 
Switch moisturisers in the summer season and get a lighter one, in winter you need a heavier moisturiser as your skin is often dry and flaky as opposed to summer. You can also get ones with SPF included which is great for extra summer protection.

What are your tips for better skin? Tell us over at #HappySkin

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  1. I Love Vitamin c, i use it as a serum everyday!

  2. All your tips are great but I am not sure I am brave enough for a cold shower.

  3. I love the Bodyshop's skincare in general. I use their seaweed moisturiser, their vitamin c microdermabrasion once a week and I always wash my face in cold water (my showers are warm, though!) I'm blessed with fairly clear skin anyway but I load my body with junk food I don't drink enough water-I must follow your advice x