Spectrum Brushes

Spectrum Brushes

I recently was a runner up in a competition on twitter of a company I'd been recommended to in a beauty blogger chat, Spectrum Brushes. I was originally drawn to their amazingly bright brushes and was instantly drawn to the purple and blue brush head and thought they gorgeous and had heard from a few sources that they are amazing quality and great value for money, so when I won some I was over the moon and couldn't wait to put them to the test!

The brushes I received were:
- Angled Brow
- Tall Tapered Blender
-  Large Fluffy Shader
- Angled Foundation Brush
- Domed Buffer

Angled Brow £3.99:  
I was actually looking for a new brow brush as I seem to have lost mine so this came at the perfect time, I found the brush easy to use and fab for applying the perfect brow even when making that perfect curve. The brush head itself is small which is great for applying detail when filling in and being precise. I love how easy it was to apply a powder product to my eyebrows and I am giving this a huge thumbs up especially for such a small price tag, can't really go wrong.

Tall Tapered Blender £4.99:
This brush is SO soft, the tall tapered blender is perfect for eye looks and blending eye shadow, it's perfect for any make-up look you may be trying to create. It's great for building up eyes and also contouring on the eye.

Large Fluffy Shader £4.99:
I've had many of the brushes from all different brands and this is up there with the top, I can't believe it only costs £4.99, I've paid SO much more for one of these brushes, for those of you who don't know this is the brush to apply the base of your eye shadow ready to be blended with other colours! It's the perfect size to apply to the eye, without being too small or large.

Angled Foundation Brush £8.99: 
This is the brush I was most excited about getting my hands on, as I have heard good things about it, and I am in need of a new foundation brush so was hoping this would live up to the test! I love the way it's once again soft, but still has that element of firmness which you need when blending in foundation, the angled part makes it easy to reach this areas which can be missed or are hard to get to, I felt using this was fabulous for blending, although I have used previously which I have preferred more, I think £8.99 is a fab price.

Domed Buffer £8.99:
My current Buffer brush is fabulous so this will be hard to beat, I think this brush is a little bit soft for what I like a buffer to brush to be like. The size of the brush is fab though I think it works well to cover a large area and I liked to use it when applying powder as it gives a great finish.

Spectrum Brushes


  1. These brushes sound great and with such a great price tag you can't go wrong! Thanks for sharing your win and congratulations xx

  2. Beautiful looking brushes, I am very interested in trying them out. I agree that a buffer brush shouldn't be too floppy but the rest all sound amazing - what a brilliant budget find x

  3. Ooh I'm always looking to build up my collection, and as much as I love Real Techniques brushes, they're just soooo expensive! These look right up my alley colour-wise :) great post and well done on winning them!
    Brogan xx

    broganjay.blogspot.co uk