My MAC lipstick collection!

MAC lipstick collection SS15

Last year for my 19th birthday, I was bought a MAC lipstick after seeing countless blogger reviews of them and wanting one so bad! This shade was Dangerous, after falling crazy in love with it I ended up buying a few more and keeping them as my treasured lipsticks.
Since then my collection has just grown and I have sold a few recently due to not liking the colours of them or them not suiting me. But this is my most recent collection and I am planning on reviewing them on the blog at some point, but I just never get round to it tut tut! As you can tell I have a pretty bright taste in lipsticks, as I adore all things bright and I own over 50 pink lipsticks alone. My current collection does actually have 11 lipsticks it in including Ruby Woo and Chatterbox but they seemed to have taken a bit of a wander. I have featured some of my favourite Spring lipsticks in a post with a bit of info so I thought I would also share that here. So the lipsticks which are featured in the picture are:

Relentlessly Red 
Style Surge,
 Vegas Volt 
& Pink Pigeon.

Let me know which shades I should review next! 


  1. Wish I had got the Miley one, the more I see it the more it grows on me! My favourite is up the amp, but I have violetta which is really similar to heroine just sheen finish! Love your bright collection! xx


  2. That's a lovely selection of colours you have there. I'd love to see a post on looks using them.

  3. Oh the first world problems of women and the MAC counter! I dread to think how many I have hidden away in various shades. My favourite is actually "Myth" which is a very very nude colour

  4. I'm just not a MAC lover at all- I don't get the hype :-(