Mink & Stone Review

Mink and stone

You may have seen a little mention of  Mink and Stone in a previous post of mine sharing the websites that I've been loving, and today I am going to write the reasons as to which I love them SO much. I came across Mink and Stone on twitter about two months ago and saw you could design your own jewelry which I thought was fab, when I went to do the design process I found out that you actually got to create the piece online, like you were putting the beads on yourself, picking the exact place they go in the jewelry. which reminds me of the countless sites I used to on when I was younger. Mink and Stone have a range of items which you can create including bracelets, necklaces of different sizes including chokers and princess.

 When I started out I was unsure what beads to get as there is such a big selection and I came across these beautiful pink flower beads and knew I had to use them in someway, I thought I'd add a different bead every 4 flowers to mix it up, so I went for a simple black bead.  You keep adding beads until the item is full. The great thing about the site is that can design countless designs and save them so other users can see them and also so you can go back at a later date and purchase. When you are adding beads it also tells you the price of what you are making. I think it's the perfect idea for a present with an extra special touch. Or you can get them a gift card for the site so they can create their own! I love the idea of creating something personal to me as I am forever looking in shops at jewelry and just wanting to change one or two parts of it or the length so this suits me perfectly.

Mink and Stone Necklace
Olivia Thristan


  1. I think that is a lovely idea, perfect for creating a really personal gift.