Inspirational Women- Georgina Grogan.

I decided as there are so many inspirational women around the bloggersphere, I would interview them and find out a little bit more. The first one of my lovely series is Georgina Grogan or you may know her as She Might Be Loved - a blogger who is everywhere at the moment from being featured in countless magazines, to being such an influence on twitter and even becoming a social media manager for some awesome companies!

Introduce yourself and your blog! 
Hey everyone! I’m Georgina from She Might be Loved, I’m a 20 year old Social Media Manager and full time blogger from Sheffield. As my blog name may hint at, I really love Maroon 5. 

When did you set up your blog and why?
I set up my blog in June 2013 and a rough couple of months and being very down, I set it up as a release and now it’s one of my jobs! I was prompted to start after being told I looked like a famous blogger, so I went home and Googled her and suddenly I knew what I wanted to do next.

What makes She Might Be Loved different to other blogs?
On one side my background in skincare/cosmetics helps with my recommendations and determining if products are actually good or not, and I’m also a self taught makeup artist, so I’m able to show products on my face and how they should look. I’m always extremely honest, blunt and sarcastic and I think that’s why I’m different, knowledge mixed with sassiness!

Many view you as inspirational lady- can you name three of your best achievements?
I find it crazy and incredibly flattering that people do.
Three best achievements are pretty easy and I’ll name them in order:
-Winning Best Fashion Blog of the Plus Size Awards 2014
-Becoming self-employed
-Becoming the face of Scarlett & Jo

Would you ever think of branching out into the world of YouTube? 
I occasionally make videos, but to be honest, I only do them for brand collaborations or if I’m suddenly inspired. I love writing because if I’m not happy with something, I can go back in and change it, but that’s a lot harder on video. I’m also a perfectionist and editing videos takes me absolutely hours.

Tell us a random fact about you that no one really knows?
I have perfected my impression of the Scouse accent and I regularly teach friends and family how to do it too!

Where do you see She Might Be Loved in the future?

Hard one, I LOVE what I’m doing now, but I would love to just do more of everything. Ideally, as much as I love being a Social Media Manager, I would love to be solely dedicated to my blog and have all the time in the World to really make my blog the best it can be!

Find Georgina on her blog here 
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  1. Georgina is one of my favourite bloggers as well so it's great to find out a little more about her - thanks for sharing x

  2. I've been following Georgina for a while, really enjoyed reading more about her