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Last week on the blog I interviewed Georgina Grogan, this week I am interviewing the lovely Ellie Steadman from Ellie's Ramblings! Who has been one of my favourite youtubers for a long time now with her awesome youtube videos and gorgeous blog featuring amazing beauty products. 

Introduce yourself and your blog! 
My name’s Ellie and I’m a 20 year old beauty lover and Disney addict, I have a blog and YouTube channel called Ellie’s Ramblings! I live on the Essex/London border with my Nan and my two year old cockapoo called Bertie!

I absolutely love everything to do with beauty and have been writing about it for over three years on my blog. I love to share reviews on products and to give honest opinions on whenever or not something is good and worth spending money on! I also blog about my life, my Disney addiction and the very occasional fashion post. 
I started my YouTube channel about a year and a half ago and have completely fallen in love with making videos. Most of my videos are about Disney, whether it’s how to plan a holiday or a recent vlog! I’m currently really loving sharing videos from a recent trip to Disneyland Paris. I know a lot about Disney holidays and share tips and hints from everything to how to meet characters to things you shouldn’t be doing at Disney World!
When I’m not blogging and youtubing I’m working two part time jobs, walking my dog or watching unhealthy amounts of Netflix in bed!
You are pretty well known within the blogging and YouTube community did you ever think it would take off this much?
I honesty never expected anyone to find or read my blog so to still be posting regularly three years on is something I’m very proud of. I remember the day I hit 100 followers, and then 1000 and so on! Every follower means so much to me and I truly love everyone who reads, comments or interacts with my blog. 
My YouTube channel has grown fairly quickly in 2015, although it’s still a teeny tiny channel, and I’ve been so thrilled to see people finding and enjoying my content. It’s incredibly rewarding to be told that someone enjoys the things you post in the internet, the support really means a lot to me. 
The blogging community is full of so many wonderful blogs and people, it really is a special place!

What is your favourite YouTube video that you’ve filmed? 
I love so many of my YouTube videos for different reasons! My videos from my 2013 trip to Disney World hold a special place in my heart as it was my first time vlogging and I absolutely loved it. It’s great to be able to look back at the videos two years on and enjoy them. It’s also lovely to be able to compare those vlogs to the ones I’m currently uploading from my March 2015 trip to Disneyland Paris as I can really see a quality improvement and a difference in my own personality and confidence!
I love filming Disney videos that help people that may be looking to plan a Disney holiday! Louise from Sprinkle of Glitter actually liked a video I uploaded a year ago on the Top Ten things to do at Disney World for First Timers! I really enjoy sharing any knowledge or tips I have to make things easier for people planning a Disney trip. 
I also loved my room tour video as it’s the first time I’ve tried to film and edit a video that’s not one with me sitting and chatting away. I have to say it’s much harder than the ‘big’ YouTubers make it look!

You are a HUGE Disney Fanatic, which Disney princess are you most alike?
I can definitely see lots of different qualities from all the princesses in my own personality. 
As a whole I’d say I relate the most to Belle, who is my most favourite princess! I too want ‘adventure in the great wide somewhere’ and would love a life that is more than I currently have. I just feel like we are very similar in lots of ways!
I’m quite independant like Belle and can also be quite stubborn, but I’m also very protective of my loved ones, I have an open mind and a big imagination!
I love that the Disney princesses are relatable and no matter who your favourite is, you’ll always be able to see pieces of yourself in each princess. They all teach you something different!

Your top 3 tips for anyone who wants to take up YouTube for themselves?
Post content you’d love to watch yourself. It’s obvious when someone genuinely loves what they are talking about so make sure you are loving what you do. 
Post regularly, I think it’s easier to grow and find an audience if you are posting frequently and even better if you can have some kind of schedule. 
Interact with the community. Whether it’s by commenting on other videos and getting involved in conversations or by using social media. Try to get involved where you can! 

If you could move to anywhere in the world where would you pick?
As predictable as it is I’d probably say Florida or at least somewhere close in America. I’ve honestly always wanted to live in America and it’s sad that’s pretty much impossible to do! 
I really do want to travel America properly one day, and I’d to go to every Disney Park as well.

Finally what are your plans for the future for your youtube/blog and yourself? 
I can’t see myself ever stopping blogging or making YouTube videos! Like everyone I go through periods where I really don’t want to do it but I find having some time away to have a break helps me to refresh and find my motivation. 
I am really enjoying posting twice a week on YouTube and hope to keep working to better my content and grow my channel. 
As for myself as long as I’m happy I don’t mind what the future brings! :) 

Find Ellie on YouTube here and on her blog here

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