Hungry For A Review.

Howdy Guys, what a strange way to start off a review hey? Well anyways I thought as it's a Friday you guys would enjoy a review of one my favourite apps around (minus twitter of course) in case you didn't already guess it's something to do with food. More precisely TAKE AWAY FOOD! The best kind of food in my opinion on a Saturday night sometimes it's just gotta be done.
JUST EAT is an online service between local takeaways in your area and you. Finding you the best takeaway and exactly what you fancy in a flash. I'm sure most of you have probably ordered from JUST EAT yourselves but if you haven't I thought I'd give you a little bit of a low down on the app itself.

So basically what you do on JUST EAT is search via postcode for all of the local take away places in your area then if you search by what you fancy it'll bring up the searches for this, e.g. Pizza. Search it and it'll bring up all of the pizza places in your area as well as an order sheet, just like any online shopping you click and add it to your basket. As well being able to see a menu you are also able to see Reviews given by other app users of the restaurant, which gives you a heads up as you're more likely to get something you love if you've read previous reviews on it (works like a blog hey!)  So once you've placed all of your food into the basket and got your total, this is the bit which people find most annoying paying for it. The best thing about the app in my opinion is the ease to pay, you can pay cash on the door or via card and if you've previously saved your card to the account it cuts out all of the fuss for you! #MiniFistPump

This post was in collaboration with JUST EAT.*

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