Fortnightly Favourites

Fortnightly favourites
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Purple Rain:
I seem to be going out a lot more lately, and I always seem to end up drinking the cocktail purple rain, it's such a lovely sweet cocktail- tastes like palma violets! I think I may try and make my own as a challenge for the future!
Mi Pac:
Some of you may be aware that I've recently moved out, and I have a few Mi Pac bags and I found them super useful for moving smaller things in, and they're slowly becoming my go to bag when a handbag is out.

Floral Throwover:
Since moving out I have become addicted to all things floral, I keep wanting to buy so may duvets, throws and other pretty bed stuff. I am currently dreaming of this beautiful throwover, so cute right? 

Trilogy Clothes:
This is the perfect site for lusting, I pretty much would buy all of the clothes on this site if  I could, Trilogy have a range of clothes from dresses to leather jackets! 

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder:
Since winning this in a beauty raffle I've been in love with it. Such a fabulous powder to apply after you've finished with your make-up gives it a lovely finish. 

MAC Herione:
Recently I've become more into dark coloured lipsticks and I love the purples at the moment (such the wrong season) I love Herione as it's such a great long lasting lipstick! 

A bit of a different favourite, but I thought I would share my love for my friends and the amount of support they have give me over the last few weeks/months, they're ace! 

Asda Home:
If you've been following me on twitter you'll know I've become so OBSESSED with the home section of Asda, I mean they have everything from egg cups to cake tins and I want it all!  

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Olivia Thristan


  1. I also love the home section in ASDA, totally understand you! :D

  2. I haven't been to Asda for ages, but they do often have some real gems in their home section. The purple rain cocktail sounds intriguing!

    (PS - It would be fab if you could open up the name/url option for commenting on your blog as it is really hard for people without Blogger accounts to comment at the mo)

  3. I love ASDA too, such great value for essentials!

  4. That throw over looks so chic! Love it. I checked out Asda homeware a few days ago. It's pretty good!