Dress Ready!

George at Asda Summer Fashion
Seaside Print Dress
Gladiator Sandals
Small Tote Bag  

I thought this outfit would be perfect for dinner or a date, it's a nice casual outfit but what it's matched with gives it a more dressy up feel. I love the dress as it's a huge statement so I toned it down with accessorizes keeping them black and silver so they fit well. If it was too cold to wear the dress without a jacket of some sort i'd pair it up with a little cardigan. The shoes are perfect for this dress as it fits a bit of a beach type theme. I went for a slightly bigger bag as if it was for lunch or a day out it would be needed as opposed to a smaller bag or a clutch.   

George at Asda Summer Fashion

Stripe Bow Dress
Wedge Shoes
Shopper Bag

When I picked this outfit I had such a picnic feel in mind, this outfit reminds me of the sort of thing you would wear to a date or a picnic in the park. I love the dress I think it's simple, but still looks lush and as easy to pull of and I like that it's not tight fitting. I went with the shopper bag as if it was a picnic it's perfect for supplies of the picnic variety, if it was more a date i'd choose a different bag and it would still work well. I love the idea of adding a watch to an outfit it just dresses it up a little, and you can check the time without staring at your phone. Finally these shoes are gorgeous and dressed up but at the same time still perfect for a casual date.

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This post was in collaboration with George, Asda* 


  1. Love the dress picks, I think my favourite is the first one, it's gorgeous - thanks for sharing x

  2. I adore the first outfit and love the sandals! You have a great style choice :) xx


  3. I love the first dress and it might have sneaked onto my "to buy" list for my holiday.

    Fiona xx