Diet Coke & L'Oreal Regret Nothing!

Diet Coke and L'oreal regret nothing
You might be thinking what a strange combination, liquid lipstick and Diet Coke? There is a reason the pair are together and that reason is for an exciting promotion at Boots where if you purchase a 500ml bottle of Diet Coke you receive £5 off one of a L'Oreal liquid lipstick which is better than half price! You may of seen my previous campaign with Diet Coke about regretting nothing which this campaign is also part of, the aim of Regret Nothing is to encourage women this summer to be more bold and regret nothing! I've set myself some amazing goals I want to complete this summer and can't wait to try tackle them head on, one of mine is to be more confident and to venture out more and with this gorgeous lip colour behind me, giving me the perfect confidence boost. As well as this I want to pass my driving test, loose weight and try to build on my social media business!

What do you want to try to be confident this summer?  

*In Collaboration with Diet Coke

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