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I was recently set a task by Clarity Travel Management to undergo a style re-brand, as they've recently re branded their image as a company. My first thought was where to start with my own personal rebrand? I am usually one for jeans and t-shirts with boots, so I decided I would mix it up a little as the important part of this task is to rebrand whilst still keeping the true you. I feel like heels or girly shoes are not me at all, so I decided to stick with the boots as you can still wear dresses and make the look a bit more me with the added touch. P.s. who doesn't love a pair of Dr Martens? So for my rebrand I went for two gorgeous items to wear, one being a dress and the other a playsuit. A playsuit is something I haven't worn in years, throughout summer I've turned to shorts and vest tops, I saw this and fancied the challenge I love the pink flowers on it an white isn't usually a colour I would go for. The shoes which I would put with this outfit would be these as they're not completely out of my comfort zone as they still have an element of my style. I decided I would stick with my current bag as it's bright and girly and matches the look well, I went with a lovely pastel nail varnish and a nude lipstick to finish the look off!

For the second look I went for a dress, I have been one to wear dresses but I feel this is quite a different style to what I usually go for, if I was to wear this dress I would go all leather on top of it with dark lipstick, but for the challenge I decided to go for a blazer instead which keeps the girlier element of the outfit, I had to add my Dr Martens in there or I would of felt completely out of my comfort zone, to match with the outfit I decided red make-up would go best, I decided to go with a bright red nail varnish and a red lipstick from Rimmel, I have previously tried this lipstick a few years back when I was more girly so I thought it might bring back that side of me! If I was to add a bag to think look I think I would go for a little bag such as this as it's small and doesn't attract the attention away from the outfit.

I think this summer I will be attempting to steer away from the jeans and aim for the dresses and skirts as I loved it when I was younger and used to be girly, I just seem to have lost some confidence along the way, thanks so much Clarity Travel Management for setting me this challenge as it's really brought out a different side in me and given me the confidence to try something new!

* I was sent vouchers for this post!


  1. I love boots with dresses, it gives it a fresh modern look. I wear a lot of dresses at the moment. Your rebrand looks great :)

  2. That lilac nail polish goes perfectly with your floral playsuit x

  3. Love those boots!! it's always great to experiment with different styles and clothes! :) x https://www.bloglovin.com/people/lauzofarabia-1815774