Be Club Savvy!

As the weather gets warmer, I know a lot more people tend to go out clubbing with their friends especially during the summer months! Clubbing is great way to enjoy a night out with your friends, take pictures, dance and enjoy drinking. But the problem with clubbing is also the mass amount of drunken people being taken advantage of, which is awful due to people not being in control of their body. Whether it's theft of items, spiked drinks or going home with a random, these are all VERY real dangers which occur when on a night out. Most people just assume it won't happen to them, and are more concerned about drinking, which I have to admit I've been there and you don't think the horror stories will happen to you, or are far too drunk to notice, which is awful because it can have real devastating consequences.

Be club savvy

Make sure you keep watch of your drink at all times;
This one seems like a bit of a silly one, but it's the most common thing to happen- people can spike your drinks for unknown reasons so it's important to never put them down or give them to somebody you don't know. Keep your drinks with you at all times.

Don't take out valuable belongings;
Most of us take out our phones everywhere which is fine, as long as it is kept safe but most people are known to have it attached to themselves anyways. What I'd suggest is taking cash out with you in your clutch rather than your purse, then the day after you won't be full of regret and if you happen to loose it or get it stolen you only loose the money that was with you, which is still obviously devastating but a lot less so than your purse.

Take care with who you leave with;
Now I'm not suggesting everyone you meet in a club is going to take advantage of you, but sometimes take care with you go home with. Your drunken self may think it's a brilliant idea, but your sober self may not see the appeal. Secondly things may happen because of your state of mind which you may not of wanted to happen. Of course you can leave a club with someone you've just met and it be all fine, but it's best to make sure first or just leave with your friends as agreed.

Don't go on your own; 
This sounds like I am a parent right now, but the reason for this is because when you've been drinking you are lot more vulnerable and being on your own in that state is a bad idea as you don't know what could come of it.

Finally, know your limits;  
So now I sound like my mother, but it's a key one when going out I know everyone is there to get very drunk and enjoy the night, but if you drink too much you can get end up in hospital needing your stomach pumped or even do something stupid whilst not aware what is happening.

I'd just like to add going out can be a lot of fun and a great way to socialize but it's good to remember your limits and take care when you're out!


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  2. Knowing your limits is a very good piece of advice! If you're going to test your limits, at least make sure you're sing a good group of people, or in a safe environment such as a good friend's house party. You'll only have a good night if you get home safe, that's my motto! ❤️❤️