Balance Me- Radiance Face Mask & Body Oil.

Balance Me Pamper

This is a first for two reasons, the first being I am featuring a new brand on the blog who hasn't been featured before now who are Balance Me and secondly the first time I am featuring a face mask within my blog, but this one is worth it so it's a new thing for me. I don't often review skin care based products in case I sound strange in my review, but there's a first time for everything.

Balance Me- Radiance Face Mask*;
This is perfect solution to exfoliate your face gently and at the same give yourself a bit of a pamper, I use a light covering of this mask and do it two to three times a week (I don't want to do it anymore as it'll start to hurt) the walnut shells are used to exfoliate the skin and remove dead skin. It comes in a squeeze-y, easy to use tube which makes it super easy to apply. I think it's great for sensitive skin like my own as it doesn't have any damaging ingredients in and it's gentle so perfect for that! I would recommend leaving on this mask around ten minutes, you can tell it is working as it will disappear slightly into the skin leaving it looking faded, this is just the mask working on your skin. Like all face masks remove with a clean flannel, with lukewarm water and gently pat your face. Then apply some moisturizer. I always notice the difference with this and my skin feels SO much cleaner.

Balance Me- Rose Otto Body Oil*;
Can I just start by saying this smells AMAZING and if you haven't tried anything from their Rose Otto range it's well worth it. I quite enjoy the packaging of this product as it's simple and isn't nothing too fancy but still does the job. The size of this product is 200ml meaning that it'll last a good length of time, although this product does cost £24.50 which is pricey for a body oil especially for us students! It's well worth it. So what is this product for you may ask? Well I apply this product after having a bath, as it's such a relaxing product, perfect before bed. Most people assume the word oil with greasy (me included) but this product was fabulous didn't find it to be greasy in the slightest which is also a mega bonus. It leaves your skin feeling soft, and smelling fabulous. With the summer fast approaching I think it's perfect for soft skin and that freshly shave feeling!

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