A Stationery Haul!

Stationary Haul

Some of you may know that it was stationary week recently and I ended up doing a little bit of hauling from a few different places, including Chroma Stationary, Smiggle, Getting Personal and Nu, I am actual stationery addict, the amount of notebooks I have is a crazy amount and I've never in my life filled one more than half way, whether they're in the sale or I spot a cute one in a shop it has to be mine, see my problem? I'm the same with cute erasers in Paperchase, I can walk into there and come out with cutest erasers ever. I do actually use pens which I buy as I like to write notes everywhere of posts to do, and make to do lists. So what is my in my haul?

First off a bundle of goodies from different places including an amazing and expensive pen from Sheaffer which is staying firmly placed in the box for now as knowing me I'll damage it. Secondly a few gorgeous pens from Zebra, they've always been a brand I love so I know they're worth the money,  next on to NU: who sell some really pretty, and gorgeous notebooks, I am in love with this leather one as it'll be perfect for next semester at university *she says before buying ten more* and a few more goodies which you can see pictured above. In the second picture are some adorable erasers from Smiggle, I can guarantee they will be used as desktop friends as I will never use them for their actual purpose as I am pretty sure I don't even own a pencil.

In the final picture are my favourites, as you can tell they're personalized to my blog which makes me super duper happy, the one on the left from Getting Personal who kindly asked me if I fancied having my latest header on a notebook so I said yes and it feels awesome to see your header on a note and finally the other personalized notebook is from the gorgeous Chroma Stationery, if you haven't come across them yet you are missing out, you design your own notebook from the inside out and even put something on the front, from your favourite slogan to your blog name (like I did obvs) the perfect present!

This post includes PR samples* 


  1. This is really cool, they look awesome! Well done!!!


  2. This is really cool, they look awesome! Well done!!!


  3. Those notebooks are ANAZING......, I had no idea there was such a think as stationary week . I got some pretty cool stationary as I've just gone back to college. I love my cute notebooks too :).
    I am a little obsessed :)


  4. As a self confessed stationary addict I LOVE these personalized notebooks!!! I gotta get my hands on some!!! <3 xx