15 things I wish I had known as a teenager!

*Que the teenage photos of me* 

Hello all! Today I thought I would write a post all about things I wish I had known as a teenager, so basically everything I know now. I thought it would make this post a little bit better if I shared some pictures of myself as a teen to show how cool I really was. 

1. Ease of on the dark eye make-up, I know you want to make your eyes as defined as possible but drawing around your eye with black pencil liner will not achieve that, plus it creates major smudge-age and maybe learn what concealer is too!

2. Back combing the crap out of your hair doesn't even give it that much volume and actually ruins your hair completely, there's difference between volume and ragging your hair out!

3. It's okay to eat more, I know being skinny was everything to you but trust me you'll feel a lot better in yourself if you actually eat properly.

4. Your 'friends' at high school are not actually your friends and you can a lot better than them!

5. Don't let the bullies ruin your entire time at school, you deserve to be able to learn without being bullied and taunted. You're fine the way you are.

6. Your body will go through changes, good and bad. These are nothing to worry about, if you are worried, ask. becoming a teen has all of the answers. 

7. Shorts and leggings/fishnets does not make a great outfit and when it's freezing in winter it's not really a great choice to make, stick to jeans.

8. You can leave your bedroom for longer than just to eat, there is a world outside of MSN and bebo, there is actually things outside. 

9. When you get told you need to wear glasses, actually wear them! I am paying for that one now.

10. Revise for your exams, you may have thought you were amazing sitting online instead of revising but you're not too happy about it now.

11. Listen to some happy music, the music you used to listen to must of put you in the worst mood ever, it was awful.

12. Be confident, you can do it.

13. I've got to say this your best hair look, a full fringe definitely suits you more than a side fringe. 

14. In winter, wear a coat!

15. Boys aren't everything, and you'll meet so many toads before you meet your prince.

What things do you wish you could tell your teenage self? 


  1. I did the whole eyeliner overload thing! It didn't work for me since I have small eyes and I cringe when I look back at pictures.
    The thing about high school friends not really being your friend is so true! I've been taken advantage of so many times by people I thought were my friends.
    I love these kinds of posts! It's good to know that we're all similar in a way. :)
    Aria | Girl in a Whimsical Land

  2. I wish I'd told myself to hold back on the black liner, no one needs that much liner at 14! x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

  3. Omg I love this post! Number 9 is totally me! The worst time I was told to wear glasses I never did, I have to wear them all the time now 😂

    Thrifty vintage fashion