The SOS kit.

Emma Lomax SOS Kit

A little bit of something different on the blog, but when I received one of these cuties in the post the other day, I had to write about it on my blog! So the SOS Kit* from Emma Lomax , is one of the sweetest things I've ever laid my eyes on. It came in a huge box (like a shoe box) so I was a little confused as to what it could be. when I took this out I thought it was so lovely, it's a little mini SOS kit for a every woman to carry in their hand bag, when first seeing it I was curious to know what was suggested as an SOS item for a woman.

Challenge Rebrand!

Pink Fashion

Girly Style

Forever 21

Dr Martens

I was recently set a task by Clarity Travel Management to undergo a style re-brand, as they've recently re branded their image as a company. My first thought was where to start with my own personal rebrand? I am usually one for jeans and t-shirts with boots, so I decided I would mix it up a little as the important part of this task is to rebrand whilst still keeping the true you. I feel like heels or girly shoes are not me at all, so I decided to stick with the boots as you can still wear dresses and make the look a bit more me with the added touch. P.s. who doesn't love a pair of Dr Martens? So for my rebrand I went for two gorgeous items to wear, one being a dress and the other a playsuit. A playsuit is something I haven't worn in years, throughout summer I've turned to shorts and vest tops, I saw this and fancied the challenge I love the pink flowers on it an white isn't usually a colour I would go for. The shoes which I would put with this outfit would be these as they're not completely out of my comfort zone as they still have an element of my style. I decided I would stick with my current bag as it's bright and girly and matches the look well, I went with a lovely pastel nail varnish and a nude lipstick to finish the look off!

For the second look I went for a dress, I have been one to wear dresses but I feel this is quite a different style to what I usually go for, if I was to wear this dress I would go all leather on top of it with dark lipstick, but for the challenge I decided to go for a blazer instead which keeps the girlier element of the outfit, I had to add my Dr Martens in there or I would of felt completely out of my comfort zone, to match with the outfit I decided red make-up would go best, I decided to go with a bright red nail varnish and a red lipstick from Rimmel, I have previously tried this lipstick a few years back when I was more girly so I thought it might bring back that side of me! If I was to add a bag to think look I think I would go for a little bag such as this as it's small and doesn't attract the attention away from the outfit.

I think this summer I will be attempting to steer away from the jeans and aim for the dresses and skirts as I loved it when I was younger and used to be girly, I just seem to have lost some confidence along the way, thanks so much Clarity Travel Management for setting me this challenge as it's really brought out a different side in me and given me the confidence to try something new!

* I was sent vouchers for this post!

15 things I wish I had known as a teenager!

*Que the teenage photos of me* 

Hello all! Today I thought I would write a post all about things I wish I had known as a teenager, so basically everything I know now. I thought it would make this post a little bit better if I shared some pictures of myself as a teen to show how cool I really was. 

1. Ease of on the dark eye make-up, I know you want to make your eyes as defined as possible but drawing around your eye with black pencil liner will not achieve that, plus it creates major smudge-age and maybe learn what concealer is too!

2. Back combing the crap out of your hair doesn't even give it that much volume and actually ruins your hair completely, there's difference between volume and ragging your hair out!

3. It's okay to eat more, I know being skinny was everything to you but trust me you'll feel a lot better in yourself if you actually eat properly.

4. Your 'friends' at high school are not actually your friends and you can a lot better than them!

5. Don't let the bullies ruin your entire time at school, you deserve to be able to learn without being bullied and taunted. You're fine the way you are.

6. Your body will go through changes, good and bad. These are nothing to worry about, if you are worried, ask. becoming a teen has all of the answers. 

7. Shorts and leggings/fishnets does not make a great outfit and when it's freezing in winter it's not really a great choice to make, stick to jeans.

8. You can leave your bedroom for longer than just to eat, there is a world outside of MSN and bebo, there is actually things outside. 

9. When you get told you need to wear glasses, actually wear them! I am paying for that one now.

10. Revise for your exams, you may have thought you were amazing sitting online instead of revising but you're not too happy about it now.

11. Listen to some happy music, the music you used to listen to must of put you in the worst mood ever, it was awful.

12. Be confident, you can do it.

13. I've got to say this your best hair look, a full fringe definitely suits you more than a side fringe. 

14. In winter, wear a coat!

15. Boys aren't everything, and you'll meet so many toads before you meet your prince.

What things do you wish you could tell your teenage self? 

Dress Ready!

George at Asda Summer Fashion
Seaside Print Dress
Gladiator Sandals
Small Tote Bag  

Spectrum Brushes

Spectrum Brushes

I recently was a runner up in a competition on twitter of a company I'd been recommended to in a beauty blogger chat, Spectrum Brushes. I was originally drawn to their amazingly bright brushes and was instantly drawn to the purple and blue brush head and thought they gorgeous and had heard from a few sources that they are amazing quality and great value for money, so when I won some I was over the moon and couldn't wait to put them to the test!

Tips to happier skin this summer!

I've always been one who has rubbish acne filled skin, but this year I've aimed to make some changes so I can have fabulous skin this Summer. On my quest to get summer perfect skin I learnt a few tips which I thought I would share with you lovelies!

Happier Summer Skin

These Images Are NOT my own. 

Tip One: 
This a pretty simple tip which a lot of people neglect, the tip is to drink lots and lots of water. As well as being great for your body and keeping healthy, water helps you have clearer skin and makes it a lot more healthy!

Tip Two:
Use a face mist, I've been loving one from The Body Shop which is the Vitamin C Energising Face Spritz*, the reason I am in love with this one so much is due to it's gorgeous smell, the benefits of it being Vitamin C, and it always makes my face feel so much better especially when it's hot outside, it's a great way to keep moisture in your face and keep you cool. The size is awesome too, very handbag friendly.

Tip Three:
Have a cold shower, now this one does sound a little odd but there's actually a reason behind it. The reason is because when you've been sweating it builds up whereas if you have a cold shower to remove that it unclogs your pores and leaves less break outs and better skin overall.

Tip Four:
Try cleanse as often as you can, I never used to do this as much as I should but since I've been doing it, it's made my skin a hell of a lot better. I recently got a cleansing brush and it's a godsend for quick but effective cleansing.

Tip Five: 
Switch moisturisers in the summer season and get a lighter one, in winter you need a heavier moisturiser as your skin is often dry and flaky as opposed to summer. You can also get ones with SPF included which is great for extra summer protection.

What are your tips for better skin? Tell us over at #HappySkin

In Collaboration With The Body Shop*

Blogging on a budget!

A few people I've spoken to when asking if they have blogs have come out with 'can't afford one' which shocked a little as when I started my blog I had 0 money and was blogging about make-up I already owned or writing about random different pieces. When has blogging become a thing which you need money to start up? I guess to an extent if you plan on reviewing a lot of restaurants or high-end beauty then yes you will need a budget to blog but for most blogging is an escape or simply looking to build something from it. I decided to write a post about how to blog when you're on a budget and still have a fabulous blog!

1. This is probably one you've all heard a million times but review products you are already have and are using, share your first impression, if you've re-purchased it why have you?, sharing the price and pros and cons of the products as when you bought it you had no other agenda so people can't say in anyway it's bias either.

2. Do an empties post- if you're running low on products, wait until they are completely empty and keep the packaging that way when they are empty you can make an empties post sharing your views on each and also whether they were worth the money.

3. DIY beauty, you've all seen the different ways to make a homemade lip scrub right? There are SO many different ways as to which you can DIY products at home, do a post of an at home spa night for £5 or something simple like that, it's creative and yet at the same time makes amazing content.

1. Do a room tour, this is such a popular post and video which I've seen around there, simply take a camera to your room and photograph that way it gives an insight to who you are personally but also again shows of your creative side.

2. Local places, they may seem boring to you but to others who don't know where you live may be interesting, just snap away and write a post such as things to do in this area or gorgeous places to visit that kind of thing once again it's free for you but still makes great content.

3. A lifestyle based post about yourself, I love these the most if I am honest I love reading the 25 facts about me or even the 100. It's a great way to learn more about the blogger behind the blog and at the same time make a great post!

1. A wardrobe makeover, take some of your current clothes and give them a make-over whether it be a dye job, or even take some scissors and revamp it, it's creative and fun to do and can sometimes have a fab result.

2. An OOTD, whether you have new clothes or not is regardless, you can do any kind of OOTD it doesn't matter if the clothes are new, just do a simple one like park OOTD with shorts and a tee shirt on and some pretty shoes, that way it shows your unique style too!

3. A fashion wishlist- I think it's a blogger thing to spend countless hours online gazing at the items we would buy if we had the money, so this is a great to make it a little more productive. Make a wishlist of items you'd buy if you had the money, that way it's building on the content of your blog and also making some companies aware of you!

Looking for ways to save money? I did a post here

Diet Coke & L'Oreal Regret Nothing!

Diet Coke and L'oreal regret nothing
You might be thinking what a strange combination, liquid lipstick and Diet Coke? There is a reason the pair are together and that reason is for an exciting promotion at Boots where if you purchase a 500ml bottle of Diet Coke you receive £5 off one of a L'Oreal liquid lipstick which is better than half price! You may of seen my previous campaign with Diet Coke about regretting nothing which this campaign is also part of, the aim of Regret Nothing is to encourage women this summer to be more bold and regret nothing! I've set myself some amazing goals I want to complete this summer and can't wait to try tackle them head on, one of mine is to be more confident and to venture out more and with this gorgeous lip colour behind me, giving me the perfect confidence boost. As well as this I want to pass my driving test, loose weight and try to build on my social media business!

What do you want to try to be confident this summer?  

*In Collaboration with Diet Coke

My MAC lipstick collection!

MAC lipstick collection SS15

Last year for my 19th birthday, I was bought a MAC lipstick after seeing countless blogger reviews of them and wanting one so bad! This shade was Dangerous, after falling crazy in love with it I ended up buying a few more and keeping them as my treasured lipsticks.

Magnitone Lucid Cleansing Brush!

Magnitone Lucid

As you may of seen on Twitter, some bloggers were offered the chance to review one of these beauties. The Magnitone*, this is something I've wanted this last August when I was in the States and they had them in Sephora and the lady did a little bit of a trial on me and I was shocked at what dirt came out of my skin! So now with my own (a pink one may I add) I am ready to see what all of the fuss is about!

Be Club Savvy!

As the weather gets warmer, I know a lot more people tend to go out clubbing with their friends especially during the summer months! Clubbing is great way to enjoy a night out with your friends, take pictures, dance and enjoy drinking. But the problem with clubbing is also the mass amount of drunken people being taken advantage of, which is awful due to people not being in control of their body. Whether it's theft of items, spiked drinks or going home with a random, these are all VERY real dangers which occur when on a night out. Most people just assume it won't happen to them, and are more concerned about drinking, which I have to admit I've been there and you don't think the horror stories will happen to you, or are far too drunk to notice, which is awful because it can have real devastating consequences.

Be club savvy

Make sure you keep watch of your drink at all times;
This one seems like a bit of a silly one, but it's the most common thing to happen- people can spike your drinks for unknown reasons so it's important to never put them down or give them to somebody you don't know. Keep your drinks with you at all times.

A Stationery Haul!

Stationary Haul

Some of you may know that it was stationary week recently and I ended up doing a little bit of hauling from a few different places, including Chroma Stationary, Smiggle, Getting Personal and Nu, I am actual stationery addict, the amount of notebooks I have is a crazy amount and I've never in my life filled one more than half way, whether they're in the sale or I spot a cute one in a shop it has to be mine, see my problem? I'm the same with cute erasers in Paperchase, I can walk into there and come out with cutest erasers ever. I do actually use pens which I buy as I like to write notes everywhere of posts to do, and make to do lists. So what is my in my haul?

Is University for you?

From any early age university is always on the cards, and seems like it's the option you must take to get a job, throughout college I was unsure about what I wanted to do (still am now) so decided to do a foundation degree which is a follow on from the college course I was doing. I am doing my final year at the university and am ready to progress to that level. But from knowing people who took the university route and dropped out or who took a different route e.g. getting a job or an apprenticeship you can succeed in whichever route you take.

Spring Cleaning With George!

Spring Cleaning with George at Asda
Spring Cleaning with George Asda

After a few years of having the same boring room, I finally decided to upgrade a few things and get some new bits and bobs to make it look a little more pretty! If you know me you know I am a huge girly girl, who loves all things pink and heart related. But my room felt a little childish and was in a serious need of a revamp and a more of an adult touch!

Product of the week- The Library Of Fragrance.

The library of Fragrance

A little bit of a different product this week, but still amazing all of the same! If you haven't heard of these little beauties you are missing out that's for sure. These are perfumes from The Library Of Fragrance, there is something so unique and special about this brand and their amazing range of perfumes, and that being the creative scents and despite their name they all smell delicious. I have looked at their range and some of the stranger sounding scents include Dirt, Leather and even Play Doh (I do LOVE that smell though).

Hungry For A Review.

Howdy Guys, what a strange way to start off a review hey? Well anyways I thought as it's a Friday you guys would enjoy a review of one my favourite apps around (minus twitter of course) in case you didn't already guess it's something to do with food. More precisely TAKE AWAY FOOD! The best kind of food in my opinion on a Saturday night sometimes it's just gotta be done.

Balance Me- Radiance Face Mask & Body Oil.

Balance Me Pamper

This is a first for two reasons, the first being I am featuring a new brand on the blog who hasn't been featured before now who are Balance Me and secondly the first time I am featuring a face mask within my blog, but this one is worth it so it's a new thing for me. I don't often review skin care based products in case I sound strange in my review, but there's a first time for everything.