22 April 2015

What is obsession with body size?

I can't believe it's not even been that long since I wrote my last post about body shaming and it's happening again, the last time I wrote a post was about the skinny shaming and this time Jamelia deciding to say on Loose Women, plus sized clothing shouldn't be allowed on the high street as it's promoting unhealthy living.

Then afterwards to cover her footsteps she says the same with smaller clothing sizes, where I do understand that size 0 is classed as a dangerous weight, not all 'plus sized' people are a dangerous weight. I felt awkward watching Jamelia say those things, I get she is supposed to share her opinion but telling people they should be happy with the size they are THEN saying they shouldn't be allowed clothes in high street stores below or above a certain weight is not cool.

So why am I taking to my blog to write this post? I am writing this post to share my view on body size, and how everyone who is obsessed with it needs to get a reality check. I know people who are classed as plus sized and love it, and that's fabulous, it's their choice, or others who are ill and it has happened as a consequence of that. I know people who would be classed as underweight some who love their body like that, and others but can't help but have that body! When did a number become so popular to decide what people are like, just because someone is a certain size doesn't change who they are a person, and it's actually vile that people think it does.

I love the fact that people are individual and it sucks that a clothes size defines what is okay within society and what isn't. If you want to loose weight then that is your choice, but you shouldn't be told you must loose weight (unless of course it is a serious danger to your health, same with gaining weight). A clothes size is to get a size of clothing which fits and it's a way of measuring yourself. I think it's full on insane that Jamelia said that plus sized clothes shouldn't be sold in shops? Like what do you expect people who are over a size 18 to do, oh wait she said they must shop online meaning they shouldn't even have a right to buy clothes in a store. OR what about those who are unable to buy clothes of a certain size for naturally being skinny, it's awful to be judged for being too skinny especially when it is out of your control. People shouldn't be shamed or made to feel awkward about their size when shopping, I am pretty sure they probably already do to an extent when all of the clothes are either too big or too small. I think it's great when shops have sizes ranging to fit most people.

It's hard enough in 2015 with body confidence in a world where every single part of you is judged for not being perfect and it annoys me that people can never be happy with who they are as society ALWAYS tells them otherwise. Well I am here to say screw the media, and be who you want. Because honestly you are perfect that way! Today I am taking to twitter, to sharelove of other people and tell them how fabulous they truly are and how they should be proud.


  1. I don't believe in body shaming anyone or making them feel bad, but the truth is, being over a size 18 is bad for your health- increased pregnancy risks, higher risk of diabetes etc. I don't believe in promoting bring over a size 18 or under around size 8 either. I was a size 24 and it was unhealthy- I am now a size 18 and trying to get to a 16 to improve my life expectancy.

  2. It's a real shame that the world we live in is full of people body shaming and being unhappy. Sadly I'm one of those unhappy folk. This is a brilliant post, you ought to run for Prime Minister rather than those idiots.

    EL xx


  3. It's a really shame that body shaming seems to happen whatever size you are, I know how hard the battle is too lose weight as I have been trying for a while it's not easy.