# Trending Tuesday

Hi all, I have decided I would start a new segment sharing things which are trending and my opinion on them, as I quite like to share what I think of things and I think it's great to be able to do that.

 As my first topic I decided to go for the 'Madonna kissing Drake' situation as it's sent the world into some next level frenzy. If you haven't heard about this yet, I'll give you the low down, basically Drake was playing at Coachella festival over the weekend and as part of his set he had a song which he featured Madonna in, but he had no idea what was to come. Drake was sat on a chair as part of one of the songs and Madonna leans over and starts to make kiss Drake and rubs his chest.

As you could tell Drake was completely taken by surprise, he then turns to the audience and asks what the eff just happened as Madonna walks off the stage adding another to her kiss list. So what's the big deal? When searching a little more into this story, I found a lot of searches for both of their ages. If you don't already know Madonna is 56 and Drake is 28 which I guess was the first thing which set everyone off in frenzy in my opinion the age isn't really the problem as they are both adults. But the thing which I do think isn't okay is the fact she kissed him completely off guard, because if the tables were turned and it was a guy who kissed the woman the world would of been in even more of an outrage. Also if it happened in the a club or in the street people would not be okay with this. Now I can see the difference as obviously it was on stage, so who knows it could of been planned? But judging by Drakes face I'd say it wasn't. I've seen Madonna been called a lot of names from disgusting to a legend. People are even starting a hate campaign although I don't agree with what she did I don't think she needs to be hated for it. But in no means does that make her a legend either, as it should of had Drakes consent.

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