24 April 2015

The Smaller Bag Challenge

I was recently set a challenge by Debenhams to downgrade my handbag from a large Ted Baker bag to a smaller bag of my choice, I chose the Bailey & Quinn* bag in a beauty lilac colour, when I was first asked this I thought there's no way I can fit all of my stuff into a bag that small! I am forever carrying around so much make-up, my notebook, purse and a few other little bits. Although it did involve me downgrading my notebook in size to make it fit within the bag, everything else fit really nicely! I took this challenge for a week to discover whether I could live with a smaller bag.

I was excited to try out my new handbag as my big one is forever weighing my down and also hurting my shoulders (gorgeous as it is) there were times when I was struggling for space within the smaller bag as I am used to being able to put my make-up bits which I buy inside of my bag whereas in my new bag everything has to placed in an order. As my purse is pretty big it's the most difficult thing to get in and out of the bag without pulling other things out with it and as I need my purse out pretty often this can become annoying. I began to remember the positive sides of the bag when I can walk around for hours and not even notice the bag on my arm. Another perk of the Bailey and Quinn bag is all of the little pockets around the bag, making it easy to store different items separately so they are less likely to get in the way. My favourite part of the bag apart from the colour is the fact it actually zips up the middle compartment something my current bag doesn't do, making me feel a bit conscious of people stealing items out when I am not looking. 

Although I enjoyed using the smaller bag there is no way it would work for university as there is nowhere for me to put any of my books or hard drive, but as far as shopping days and meals go this is the perfect bag. I do love my Ted Baker bag but I feel it is a little on the large side and maybe I should look at investing in a bag which is between both of the sizes. I also think dependent on what you have planned for the day, the size and type of bag you have can vary, you don't want a teeny tiny bag when going to university or school but you don't want a large bag for when you are going out for a meal as it just looks out of place. I couldn't downgrade as my everyday bag as I feel I need more space and my Ted Baker bag currently provides this for me.  


  1. Tiny bags are adorable, but I'm a grown up.. so I have to take ATLEAST the kitchen sink with me on my travels :) They're beautiful though.

  2. I have so much stuff I carry around with me every day I don't think I could manage to downsize!

  3. That's a cute bag, you do need to minimise your essentials though to pack it all in

  4. I need to do this challenge, I love bigger bags but they're really starting to make my back and shoulders ache, I just need to find a small bag that I love x

  5. Cute bags - I always carry so much stuff around with me that I probably don't need...ever x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness x