Product of the week Lasting Perfection.

Collection Mascara

I can't believe it's Sunday again already? Where has the weekend gone, as you know I've turned Sunday blog posts into sharing love to my favourite product of the week, this week I have gone for a favourite of many. It's the Collection Lasting Perfect Concealer- I heard about this product from SO many other bloggers and youtubers and went out to get it, but after looking in many different shops I couldn't actually find my shade as it seemed to be the most popular so they were always snapped up and if they weren't they were covered in mess which sucks. But finally I found a shop which sold them and stocked up and I am in love.

 For the small price tag of around £4.00 (dependent on where you shop) it's in a high place within my concealer loves. I find it easy to apply with the brush which is inside and stays put after being blended and I find it actually does stay on your face. I feel although it only looks like a small tube it actually lasts a long time, I've had this around 2 months now and haven't needed to buy a new one yet, I think it is well worth buying and great for a cheaper on budget version compared to some more high end products. I love the packaging of this product I think it looks simple, clean and shows the colour through the packaging to give you more of a clear idea.

If you haven't already purchased this product already I think it's a great staple piece for you to have within your make-up bag as it's small, easy to use and the perfect concealer.


  1. The Lasting Perfection Concealer is a big favourite of mine as well, the quality is very impressive considering the small price tag x

  2. I have never used it and I would have to see if they have it in my shade.

  3. Love this concealer defo up their with one of my faves too x


  4. God bless this product. X
    Love Vicki | victoriajanex

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