Be proud of who you are!

I'm pretty sure everyone has heard the 'news' former athlete or better known for being on Keeping up with the Kardashians came out to the world last night as being a woman. It was known earlier in the week that Bruce was seen wearing a dress. So why am I writing this post about something everyone already knows? I am writing this to share my views about how brave coming out as transgender on television is and also how living with something like that throughout your life is such a struggle. I know that people have to deal with being the wrong gender on a daily basis, and when they come out it's not a big deal to the world. But it shouldn't be, not where anyone is concerned, I am glad in 2015 there is more understanding of Transgender people and they aren't frowned upon as much as they would of been years ago.

The worst part is the lack of understanding that people can be born in the wrong body and just because they are born with the parts of a female or male doesn't necessarily mean that's what a person actually is. I think it's amazing to anyone who is brave enough to admit to themselves and others who they really are because there is nothing worse than fighting a battle with yourself trying to be someone that you're not. It's such a shame though that people still aren't always as understanding as others, I saw just from looking through the Bruce Jenner has tag a lot of homophobic and disgusting comments which is not cool. I mean how do the people who have had their life turned upside by this feel, do they really need everyone else being horrible about it. It's a shame that it'll never be fully accepted within society, the same way as sexuality probably won't. But why not? People are different and that's amazing, I think it's awesome that people are different the world would be a pretty rubbish world.

For the people who are still fighting this ongoing battle and struggling to be who you are hang in there you can do it. I know there are people out there going through the same thing who turn to drugs and even sadly suicide but that's not the way, I feel for those who won't get the same support Bruce and others have because it must be awful to have no one understand who you really are. But it's 2015 and things are becoming a LOT more accepted within society, so there's hope for the future. I wish Bruce Jenner the best and hope it all goes well!
Olivia Thristan

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