Bag Lusting!

I have such a strange taste when it comes to bags, I am forever being told that my bags are bright and summery, and I love that they are. So I decided to make a little bit of a wishlist of the bags as to which I am lusting over at the moment.

First is the orange over the shoulder bag from Dorothy Perkins, I spent ages in the store the other day trying to decide if to purchase it or not, it looks a bit more bright and vibrant in the flesh, I love it but I am not sure if it would go with many of my clothes, so this one is on hold at the moment. But the size of the bag is ideal as I always carry a ton of stuff around with me. 

Secondly is this gorgeous satchel-styled bag from House Of Fraser, it's such a small bag compared what I am used to, but it's perfect to pair up with dresses- like floral ones so it doesn't clash with the colour. I like the fact it's small and easy to carry around, perfect for lunch with friends. 

This bag has been on my wishlist forever, I have ALWAYS wanted a Michael Kors bag, and one day will be able to afford one, but for now, it can stay on my wishlist and I can dream, it's such a gorgeous bright colour perfect for this time of year and great for size!

Finally is this gorgeous satchel from New Look, again not the usual size I would go for, but pretty all the same, I like the buckle on the front I think it gives it a bit of an extra touch. I love that you can also hold it by the top if you fancy a handheld bag! 

None of these images are my own and belong to where the bag came from *
Olivia Thristan

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