25 Blog Post Ideas When Stuck In A Rut!

We all have those times when no matter how hard we try we just can't think of anything to write about, which I know is frustrating especially when you are so keen to get some posts up. I decided I would share 25 ideas for posts with you lovely lot and hopefully find one that inspires you.

1. A 50 facts about me post- it's not often we get to see the blogger behind the blog, I always enjoy finding out fun things about the person behind the blog I didn't know previously.

2. Day out- Whether it's to the local park or another town, it's a great time just to take some snaps and just show off your local area!

3. A list of blogging tools- e.g. software, cameras and equipment.

4. Top 10 blogs- Share the love with your favourite bloggers!

5. A review of a product- It's always great to read reviews, whether it's about a new product or an all time favourite it's great to hear other opinions!

6. Your tips- Top tips for newbie bloggers, people love to read tips about what you think and how to do things within the blogging community.

7. Friends and Family- It's great to share posts about your friends and family so we get to know them a little bit more.

8. A recipe post- I enjoy reading posts about new recipes especially when I am stuck in a food rut also, I think it's always interesting to see what other people enjoy.

9. An empties post- Got a lot of empty products? I always enjoy empties posts and I can see what products as I love to see what products are hit and miss.

10. Wishlist posts- These are always a winner in my eyes, it's a way to lust over pretty things and share them with the world.

11. Weekly Summary- I love reading posts on Sunday full of pictures, I love seeing what people are up to in their weeks and show a bit more info their life.

12. Tag posts- Seen a new tag floating around? It's always fun to do the latest tag that everyone is doing, it's an easy but fun post to do.

13. Share your views- I always love to read posts which other people are passionate about it's great to see some fire within a post and read about an issue.

14. Music- I love seeing songs which people are currently listening to it's always a great way to find new things for your playlist.

15. Outfit Post- Been loving an outfit lately, whip out your camera and get someone to take some snaps of you, wearing the outfit. Always an easy post to write about as it's mainly full of pics!

16. Interviews- It's always a great way to share another persons blog within yours, it gives them a chance to gain some views and also a chance to introduce their blog.

17. Review the latest book you've read- It's always great to come across book reviews as people are always on the lookout for the next thing to read.

18. Inspirational- A post full of inspirational pictures and quotes to inspire others!

19. Make a blogging goals list- Share all of the things you want to achieve by the end of the year!

20. Travels- Write a post about all of the places you've been when you traveled and where you want to go in the future!

21. Top 10 blog posts you've written post- Share links and little bit of a recap of the top posts you've written whilst blogging, this is great for new readers too!

22. Get some guest posters- It's great to see another person write content on a blog as it gives you their views and how they write a post.

23. Recap your blogging journey- Talk about where and why you started and also how far you've come it is great to know how peoples successes are going.

24. Ask on twitter for some questions and do a Q&A on things on people want to know about you or your blog!

25. A discounts post- I love seeing posts which share the latest discounts with others.


  1. I always mean to do an empties post - but I forget and throw them away! I must be more organised!

  2. What a fabulous list of ideas. I have never had anyone do a guest post on my blog and I have only done one myself.


  3. Ah I really needed some inspiration today! Thanks!

    Milli xx

  4. Fabulous ideas for when I need some inspiration x


  5. This is a wonderful post for blog inspiration! I really could have done with it yesterday, haha. I'm going to save it so it's there for any down days :). Such a helpful post. I hope you are doing well!

    Best wishes and positive vibes,

    Nicky xx | www.curious-journeying.com

  6. Some great ideas here, personally I love when people share recipe posts and also posts about their favourite bloggers!