Phone case love!

Up until recently I had never owned a phone which had any awesome phone cases for it (or any for that matter), until recently I finally bought an Iphone 5c and although the cases are still pretty limited there's a lot more than my previous phones, I am forever looking for cute ones online and even in shops, and get compliments on them especially the giant fox.. don't know why (wink wink) but I thought I'd just share some phone case love with you today especially for those Iphone 5c lovers with limited choice on cases! 

Phone Case Of The Month $10*

I love the idea of this phone case and the case itself, it's from a company called phone case of the month and they send you a unique designed by them phone case every single month- like a beauty box but better?! Never time to get bored of your current case hey. I love how they only make 200 of each case worldwide so the chances of someone having the exact phone case as you is very very unlikely. The best thing is if you keep the subscription going for a while you'll build up a huge collection of pretty and unique cases. I find this phone case adorable and it's not my only phone case which has a fox on (theme going on here!) the case is to my taste, not too girly but shows a pretty side! The phone cases come in a cute white bag which has the brand name on with a card inside about your phone case! Mine says keep calm and love foxes. I would definitely set up a subscription with this company as it's a great deal and your always getting a new phone case! #FeelingFoxy

This phone case is HUGE and looks so cute, it's kinda annoying because it doesn't fit into my pockets but I keep it in my bag and I love it, I think it's my second favourite phone case it's stand out (ish) and looks adorable as it has moving eyes, It's a soft case so if you drop your phone it has more chance of surviving the fall! If you're looking for a huge adorable case, which is pretty much impossible to loose (great for someone like me!) check out Claire's they've got loads! 

 Black Heart Cutout Textured- £8.00
I love this case so much as it feels so cool and looks amazing, and then when I put my phone in someone told me it looks like it says 'heart apple' which I guess is fair, but you know despite that I think it's cool because it still shows off the colour of your phone (the best part of a 5C) but at the same time protects it and actually fits into my pocket *double win* it's pretty different as far as phone cases go and I also get lots of compliments on this and asked where it came from so I guess that's always good, and for £8.00 can't really complain! 

 Swallow Case- No longer on sale
This was the first phone case I bought for my Iphone, it is from paperchase and I was over the moon when I finally found an Iphone 5c case which wasn't just clear, it's a lovely case and I always bring it out on my girly days, I love things with swallows on as I think they look super pretty and the case is just a bonus for me as it's a lovely pink colour! I think it was £12.00 when I bought it which was more expensive than the others but I love the mix of cases which they have at paperchase and I plan to get one of their cute cat ones next! 

Olivia Thristan


  1. I collected so many cases for my 5c and now I upgraded I'm left with them all haha! That fox is adorable
    Love Vicki | victoriajanex

  2. Im obsessed with foxes at the minute, those cases are so cute! haha

  3. Aww these cases are all so lovely! :D

  4. This one with birds looks so cute :) x

  5. I love these, especially the fox but can see the problem with it fitting in a pocket

  6. I love that fox phone case! So cute! Shame it's too big to put in pockets etc though xx Sophie/

  7. I have a really bad obsession with all things "fox" and those two cases are by far the cutest things!!! I love this post :)

    Kalee |