Mothers Day Gift Guide!

One*. This isn't something I ever imagined myself putting jeans into a gift guide, but my reason behind it is, the fact that parents don't usually get much money to treat themselves (especially when your kids are younger) so why not treat your mum to a new pair of designer jeans? It might seem like a boring present but they'll last longer than most other presents and it shows you've thought about her. Depending on your mum's style it would depend on the type of jeans but I think my mum would personally love these and they're perfect for spring/summer!

Two. I think I added this to the gift guide because if my mum had it I would definitely be borrowing some of these yummy fragrances, from Jo Malone. It's a cute little box filled with the most loved fragrances from Jo Malone! I love the idea of the different choices you get with this box rather than one perfume that you get someone. Especially as a present, I think it's great with the various boxes of perfumes, it gives the person receiving a choice of different perfumes and even if they don't enjoy one of them there's 4 more to choose from.

Three. Who doesn't love an adorable cute teddy? I am pretty sure it's like a standard thing to give your mum on mothers day with a box of chocolates right. There are so many teddy bears out there but I went for this one because it looks extra fluffy (that's possible riiiiight?)

Four. Speaking of chocolate, another standard thing to buy for mothers day, there's so many choices in Thorntons for lots of different price ranges, there is personalized chocolate, to boxes and even to giant hampers! The best bit is... you can get them pre-gift wrapped. I suck at wrapping.

Five: Now I'd love to receive a Yankee Candle for a present but everyone likes different scents so I guess it depends on what your mum likes, it's great if you know what she likes or she buys candles herself, but if she doesn't I think this gift set is perfect to experiment with lots of different ones and then in the future she can go on to buy bigger versions, it's also purse friendly!

Six. Now, this is pretty adorable right? It's taking over your normal jewellery box and giving you somewhere great and nice to store your rings, these also come in different animals so you can get your mum whichever you think she would like the most. I like that this gift looks elegant and pretty and yet doesn't cost the earth, it's only costs £8.75!


  1. Cant beat Yankee Candles..... x

  2. Another great post and some original ideas there! I like the idea of designer jeans so thoughtful. I think any Mum would love something by Jo Malone. I might have to look out for that candle set, such a cute gift! :-) xx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog

  3. Some fantastic ideas there, I love that cute bear.

  4. I was thinking of a candle as part of my mums present. But I can't decide between a Jewel Candle or a Yankee Candle. Jewel candles are gimmicky but they do seem fun and get good reviews. But then Yankee candles are the ones for quality. Maybe both!

  5. yankee candle lovely for someone like me or mum whose never tried before as often hear friends moan they wished they bought tartlet as just wasted £20 on large one and now they dont like

  6. I bought my mum that Yankee wax melt set for her birthday last month and I've been lusting after it myself ever since! I would be over the moon if my brood presented me with it on Mother's Day!! :D

    Louise x

    With love from Lou

  7. I hope I get a pair of designer jeans from my children this mother's day, unlikely though! My mum always love a bit of Jo Malone and i'd do the same as you and borrow them.

  8. I was so stuck this year on what to get! My mum would love the Jo Malone set, then again so would I... haha. I love the bunny ring holder too!