Idolization or Obsession?

Idolization or obsession?

This is a topic which affects celebrities and even some Youtubers' and now even bloggers. Throughout my time on social media I have seen this to a whole new level, obviously with a celebrity status comes a huge responsibility of a following but it can have a scary side which involves stalkers and people threatening to end their own life in regards to a twitter follow from their ideal. People crying about not getting a favourite or a follow, surely this is obsession? I can understand idolizing people, their are some fabulous people out there and deserve to idolized but their is a HUGE difference.

You can idolize someone and think they're damn fabulous, read/watch them. Comment on their youtube posts, write them nice things and even send them fan mail but where is the line between idolizing someone and obsessing over them?  Well in my opinion obsession is spending a majority of your day online tweeting/commenting and making accounts about your idol, tweeting them from it and sending SO many tweets until they notice you, but even if they do notice you it's probably for the wrong reasons, people need to realize that their Idol is also a lot of other peoples too and if they are all doing the same as you, the tweets will drown in a pool of tweets and they can't reply back to every or even follow them can you imagine how much of their day that would take up? I feel you can still be just as much as a fan with occasional tweets in reply to theirs and just watch their videos and read their blogs.

I don't think the extremes it has been taken to are okay.  imagine how the person on the other end feels, when people are trying to find out every single detail about them in regards to be a bigger than the next person. Following them after gigs or signings to try find out where they stay. The reason they do signings and shows is to get involved with their fans and even attempt to meet them but in a save environment for everyone. In regards to idolizing someone I get it, people do amazing things and deserve all the credit they get, but there's a fine line and you must not cross it. I have seen several Directioners who are a part of their fandom, on twitter threaten to end their own life for a follow, surely you can see how wrong this is. Because at the end of the day they can't follow everyone but threatening to end your own LIFE, do you know how bad and how much of a huge threat that is. It's not even a joke it's worrying and it's a serious thing to talk about, you can't just throw that out there. I hear people saying how they want to be famous but when you see the darker side behind it, would you still be the same? Celebrities love comments and feedback but where is the line of taking it too far and what is acceptable as far it goes.


  1. This is very interesting and true. You just need to look at 1D fans on Twitter to see the extent of it! xx

  2. What an interesting post and I'm not sure I understand when idolisation turns into obsession but it can't be healthy for people to be obsessed with one person or a group x

  3. As a directioner myself, I can confirm most if us are CRAZY

  4. This is something I think about on a regular basis, I would definitely HATE to be famous.



  5. You only have to look at the fact that MIND were putting out notices in the wake of Zayn leaving 1D to see how much of a problem this kind of thing can be. I'm so glad social media wasn't as much of a thing when I was a teen xx


  6. This is a totally relevant post for today after the news that Zayn has left 1D. It's quite scary the lengths these fans go to to get noticed and how obsessed they get. xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

  7. I guess with social media, people can feel that they can get closer than ever to their idol. www.thediaryofajewellerylover.co.uk

  8. I think this is probably a symptom of their age - saying you're going to end your life if Niall from 1D doesn't follow you smacks of being a teenager to me, they're still young and their value on life isn't the same as when you're older and you have a real life to lead. When I was a teen I also followed the latest band and had their posters on my wall but back then there was only the medium of TV (watching my idols on Going Live on a Saturday morning) or reading interviews with them in Smash Hits. It's a lot crazier now.

  9. It was strange I wrote this post to go live yesterday weeks ago! Totally good timing I guess... :') x

  10. I think this is more evident only due to social media. You only have to read up on what Beatlemania was like and it becomes apparent this is something that has happened for many many years. Having more access to the bands has definitely made this more obvious though. I remember as a kid hearing that Childline had set up a special phone line for fans when Robbie quit Take That and it seemed really odd. I have fangirl tendancies and always have, I think the relationship between a celebrity/band and their fans is really special and for many people it helps them escape from their everyday life and immerse themselves in somebody elses. It is a bizarre relationship for somebody to try to understand who has never experienced it and don't get me wrong, things like #cutforzayn are absolutely ridiculous but I think it is something that has happened for a lot longer than we realise. Great timing on the post by the way!

    Charlie x


  11. This is so true! The crazy lengths that people go to now is just upsetting. They could be using their time and energy to do something great and instead they're using it crying because their idol didn't favourite their tweet. I know that it's usually the younger generations that this affects, but they really need to grow up. At the end of the day they are just people and some people don't get this. 1D fans specifically are terrifying! Cutting themselves because Zayn left is sickening, I wouldn't have even thought to do something like that when I was their age. Obviously this has always existed to an extent (the helpline that had to be set up when Take That broke up, Beatlemania etc.) but my GOD social media has made it so much worse because of the level of closeness the fans now feel.

    Rhianna | robowecop

  12. This post could not have come at a better time. With Zayn leaving 1D, the fans have literally lost their minds! It's truely terrifying the lengths some fans will go to nowadays. I agree with the other commenters, it's all down to social media. I feel so sorry for the celebrities who have to cope with these sort of issues. Sarah xx

  13. I completely agree with you post!
    But I do just want to point out (especially after reading the other comments) that for example most of us One Direction fans don't go such crazy lengths. There's SO many of us that when a small group of the fandom does something everyone who isn't in the fandom thinks that all 1D fans are the same even though that's far from the truth. Most of us are just teenagers who love the boys dearly and make accounts dedicated to them but there's no harm in that isn't there?
    When a small group of the fans decides to cut themselves for what's happened (and most of the pictures are actually just from Google or photoshopped you've no idea how good we are at that) then suddenly we all do that.

    And the only reason we tweet to them is because some of us may never have the chance to see them in a concert etc so we just want to get noticed, it makes us happy. As a 1D fan I can say that yes saying that you're for example going to to cut yourself if they don't follow you etc is upsetting and not right but those people really aren't the Directioners everyone thinks they're talking about.
    There's so many things that people think they know about fandoms even though it's completely different when you're in one
    I hope you can make any sense from my long comment, I don't mean to be rude or anything if something I've said seems like that :)x

    Anu | My life as Anu | bloglovin

  14. This post is deep. So true, you only have to see the extremes since the 1D break up thing.
    Idolising a person is great if you don't cross that line. You can follow their videos etc but keep it safe.
    These are people too, they don't need the pressure of thinking someone will end their own life. It's unfair and scary to think of.
    Interesting topic hun.

    Bex x

  15. Totally agree with everything! It terrifies me the lengths some people go to in order to get closer to their idols. I certainly do not envy those stars!