Blogger Tips 101

I just thought I'd start out by saying these tips are my own opinion, I am not suggesting they are all correct, it's just my opinion and useful things that I've been told by other bloggers and picked up during my year and a bit journey of blogging. They don't even just have to be for start out blogs they can be for any bloggers looking to improve.

ONE. Taking Pictures:
I have no problem with what device a photo is taken on, if it's clear I don't think it matters what a person uses to take their pictures, but what I do think is that it is important as often as you can to take a picture landscape as it fits so much better into the layout and looks so much nicer than different shaped photos all over the place. Sometimes a portrait picture can't be helped and that's fine, but just for the general gist of blogging, I know people prefer to see pictures landscape. Also make your pictures x-large, there is nothing worse than a tiny image in the middle of the screen.

TWO. Clean and Clear Layout:
There is ways to make your personality shine through your blog without using a bright coloured background or loads of random widgets and images everywhere. I think your header is your time to be creative, you can use all the colours in the world, stand out fonts and even pictures. I love backgrounds which are white with black font I just think it's much clearer to read and looks nicer too.

THREE. Header:
I think a good header is a huge part of a great blog, if your header is small or even of the wrong dimensions it doesn't look right, you need a header which fits perfectly and looks awesome to show of who you are and what your blog is about, even have a tagline stating what niche you are e.g beauty and fashion blog. If you are unable to make the header yourself there are lots of pre made examples online on sites such as Etsy.

FOUR. Twitter;
It's always great to have friends within the blogging community one due to them having similar or the same interests as you (they actually get your 200 lipsticks!) but also because it's great to make yourself known and connect with other bloggers. The best way to do this is via the twitter chats which take place daily, if anyone wants a post making on the days and times I can do that, let me know in the comments. Even if you just have random chats with people and follow them it makes you build up the amount of bloggers you have in your circle! Also #FF (Follow Friday) is a great way to show love to other blogs that you've been enjoying.

If you are doing it for the freebies, STEP AWAY.
I've heard of people trying to be a blogger so they can get freebies from companies, but that's not the way to do it. A lot of work goes into a blog, including taking pictures, talking in chats, writing posts, making a design. It's not just as easy as you make a blog talk to a couple of people and you'll get the freebies rolling in, you need to passionate about your blog and niche and that's when the companies start to follow, also solid stats to back yourself up is great to send if a company asks you for them I put mine in a Media Kit, so they are all there and I can send it with a click of a button and I update it montlhy.


  1. These are such good tips, I've been out of blogging for such a long time I honestly don't think I know where to begin! It's definitely given me a place to start again.

    Maxine xo.

  2. YES! Love these.
    Great helpful tips especially for people starting out - Hit the nail right on the head.
    Charlotte x


  3. Ooh great tips thankyou... am just starting out and it's exciting but a lil bit scary too ... just like starting a new job... " Eek...What will people think of me?" etc.. Defo going to have to stop in on the twitter chats though, that sounds fun! xo

  4. Some great tips here :)

  5. Great tips here. Twitter has been amazing for promoting my blog/post and I've loved meeting people with the same interests and made some lifelong friends!

    Ami xxx

  6. It's been fab, I am glad I met you through blogging you're such a sweetheart! xx

  7. Such a true point, love the clean and simple layout! :) x

  8. Hey! Love your tips, I just want a little bit more info on the twitter chats? Never even heard of them.. I'm very bad at using twitter! hahah how do I do it? Thank you :) xxx


  9. Really helpful post, thanks for writing it. These are all great tips for me and with the help of these I hope to improve my blog x


  10. Some great tips, thankyou for sharing these! Great post :)


  11. I took your advice about keeping my blog simple and easy to read - white backgrounds etc and although I loved my blog before, it now feels so much more professional and enjoyable to look at! Thank you so much!
    Imii // nettleandblackberry.com

  12. Hi, thanks for the follow and thanks so much for writing this post. As a new blogger it's nice to have as much information as possible 👏🏻. I have read posts similar to this one but you also added a bit more to your post so thanks so much for that 💕.