Websites I've Been Loving!

Pinterest: After having Pinterest for over a year and not really knowing how to use it, I've actually fallen in love with and the content you can find on there. Anything from Cupcakes to Edgy Fashion you can pin it all, the reason I enjoy it so much is because you can show your creative side with pins of whatever you fancy. I am currently addicted to pinning cocktails and life quotes!

Pop Bubble Wrap: This website does exactly what it says on the tin, it is a virtual piece of bubble wrap which actually sounds like you are popping bubble wrap, great for taking out your anger and also fun too!

Opnlttr*: Open Letter is a website which features letters from lots of people about issues which concern them, there's letters about food, politics and even love letters, it's the perfect way to talk about issues which are important to you and those around you. I think it's a perfect way to tell the world how you're feeling about issues and sharing them in a productive way, people can vote if they are for or against issues giving them a vote per say.

Feel Unique: Although I have been aware of this website for some time now, I always go there for my beauty needs as they have all of the beauty products that I could possibly need in my life, and there's often fabulous offers on making my make-up needs more affordable.

Mink&Stone: I've recently come across Mink&Stone who are a gorgeous handmade jewellery company with a twist, as you get to create your own jewellery perfectly custom-made for you, I love how it's something you would of used when you were younger in regards to making jewellery on a game and wanting it in real life! Definitely worth checking out.

What websites have you been loving? :-) 

My Recent Victoria's Secret Haul.

Recently I visited Victoria's Secret in Birmingham (still SO happy that there is one!) I took a little trip to their beauty section and saw that they had a fabulous offer on, 7 for £30 instead of their usual 5 for £30 which is still pretty good. I dragged my boyfriend round for at least half an hour looking at all of the different bottles and smelling them and testing them! In the end I went for two body lotions, two body and hand moisturisers and three fragrance mists- despite already owning a ton of them!

I first received one of their gorgeous moisturisers in an a beauty swap I did last year, (which you can read all about here) it was Love Spell which is featured above, I smelt it and it just reminded me of being on holiday it's a very girly and pretty smell. All of their body moisturisers are filled with Avocado and Almond oils as well as honey. Amber Romance reminds of sun cream, but a bit of a sweeter smelling one I do love the smell of sun cream so it suits me just fine! Their moisturisers are fab for your hand as they're not too heavy and are in pretty lovely packaging, always worth carrying around!

Second I went for the body lotions this isn't a product that I had tried by VS before so I decided I would give them ago, they are fabulous for hydrating skin and also leaving them smelling gorge! I picked the two which I felt smelt the nicest, Endless Love and Such A flirt. Endless love has a much stronger scent to it, but smells sweet and girly and I am in love with it, and Such a Flirt is more subtle smelling, but still leaves a gorgeous scent, definitely one to go for if you aren't a huge fan overpowering scents.

Finally my favourite the Body Mists, I have been obsessed with these since I went to Manchester with Katrina last may (read about that here) I went to the states last summer and decided against buying more after finding out there was soon to be one built in Birmingham. I decided to go with Total Attraction, Pure Seduction Blush and Charm secret, although I am terrible at explaining scents I shall give it my best go! I was firstly drawn to Pure Seduction due to the different packaging, there are various colours with different fragrances, I went for this one as it's quite girly and I love pink, I feel it has quite a fruity scent about it. My favourite one is Secret Charm as I feel it is the most elegant smelling, it's fabulous to wear to work or just to university as it's not overpowering but still has a gorgeous smell about it. Finally is Total Attraction, which is very sweet smelling and can be quite a strong smell, so if you aren't one of those avoid this one. Out of the three I like this one when I am going for a strong perfume!

Have you treated yourself to anything from Victorias Secret since it's been in the UK?

It's the perfect night for a date.

I was recently offered a chance to review a date kit provided from the lovely people at Jacamo as part of their latest campaign, which is called "Let Your Shoes Do The Talking" in regards to helping men of Britain get off on the right foot. The was only one thing which was required of me in the evening which is to enjoy the night and let my boyfriend do the rest. I had no idea what was in the date kit and he was given an itinerary showing him the order of when to do things- which was super helpful because he probably would of been a little bit lost without it.

The night started out with me having a nice bubble bath, which was perfect as I had just finished a work out, so I sat in the bath whilst reading a magazine whilst Luke was downstairs preparing dinner which was Mushroom Risotto (My fave!) after about 20 minutes Luke came back with some massage oil and gave me a back massage! Following this he took me down for Dinner which I was excited about as I know he's a fabulous cook, although the kit had wine in, I don't drink wine so we left that out, also on the dinner table was a gorgeous vanilla smelling candle which made the atmosphere.

Next it was time to settle down in front of the TV to watch a film, Luke put the chocolate and my little chicken under the covers so when I got into the bed which was a nice surprise. The film we were provided with isn't one I've watched but I've heard good things about, Love and Other Drugs. I loved the film because it had amazing elements of comedy but it was also romantic and had some heart wrenching moments in- I so did not cry. The final stage of the night was a book at first I was a little confused, The book is called "sweet nothings & pillow talk" which had chat up lines for just about every occasion and we had a bit of a laugh telling each other funny ones from within the book!

Thank you Jacamo for providing such an awesome date night kit, and remember it's important to get off on the right foot!

Idolization or Obsession?

Idolization or obsession?

This is a topic which affects celebrities and even some Youtubers' and now even bloggers. Throughout my time on social media I have seen this to a whole new level, obviously with a celebrity status comes a huge responsibility of a following but it can have a scary side which involves stalkers and people threatening to end their own life in regards to a twitter follow from their ideal. People crying about not getting a favourite or a follow, surely this is obsession? I can understand idolizing people, their are some fabulous people out there and deserve to idolized but their is a HUGE difference.

You can idolize someone and think they're damn fabulous, read/watch them. Comment on their youtube posts, write them nice things and even send them fan mail but where is the line between idolizing someone and obsessing over them?  Well in my opinion obsession is spending a majority of your day online tweeting/commenting and making accounts about your idol, tweeting them from it and sending SO many tweets until they notice you, but even if they do notice you it's probably for the wrong reasons, people need to realize that their Idol is also a lot of other peoples too and if they are all doing the same as you, the tweets will drown in a pool of tweets and they can't reply back to every or even follow them can you imagine how much of their day that would take up? I feel you can still be just as much as a fan with occasional tweets in reply to theirs and just watch their videos and read their blogs.

I don't think the extremes it has been taken to are okay.  imagine how the person on the other end feels, when people are trying to find out every single detail about them in regards to be a bigger than the next person. Following them after gigs or signings to try find out where they stay. The reason they do signings and shows is to get involved with their fans and even attempt to meet them but in a save environment for everyone. In regards to idolizing someone I get it, people do amazing things and deserve all the credit they get, but there's a fine line and you must not cross it. I have seen several Directioners who are a part of their fandom, on twitter threaten to end their own life for a follow, surely you can see how wrong this is. Because at the end of the day they can't follow everyone but threatening to end your own LIFE, do you know how bad and how much of a huge threat that is. It's not even a joke it's worrying and it's a serious thing to talk about, you can't just throw that out there. I hear people saying how they want to be famous but when you see the darker side behind it, would you still be the same? Celebrities love comments and feedback but where is the line of taking it too far and what is acceptable as far it goes.

My Visit To Handmade Burger Co.

Handmade burger Co chips

handmade burger co

 As a bit of a treat to ourselves me and Luke decided to head to Handmade Burger Co, in Birmingham it was Lukes first time of visiting the Handmade Burger Co, but when he saw all of the different options of burgers on the menu, he's now decided we shall be making many more visits. With me being vegetarian I was pleasantly surprised with their extensive choice of veggie options, rather than their just being one or two. I went for the Cajun vegetable and bean burger and Luke went for the Chilli Extreme Infusion after it was suggested as a good choice to him by the server. We also had a side of Cajun chips (Cajun overload for meeeee!) and Peri Peri Chips- yum!

I love the Handmade Burger Co, as the food is fresh, made quickly and the staff are ever so lovely. After a bit of a misjudgement of the size of chips, with our burgers we were a bit full to eat all of the chips so ended up leaving some of them, but it's always a good thing when you're extremely full after a meal! My burger was lush, I added some mozzarella as I am addicted to the stuff at the moment, due to being a bit more spicy than I thought because I am a bit silly with a spice over load, it took me a fair while and a few (dozen) glasses of diet coke to eat my burger, but it was beyond yummy! Luke demolished his in a matter of minutes, and said it wasn't even that spicy... is he broken?! It was such a lovely meal together and we will definitely be taking another visit!

Why I'm Against 'A fine line, what is plus sized?'

Some of you may find this strange due to my boyfriend writing the original post which has got everyone annoyed this morning- for those of you who don't know what I am talking this is the post. Although I adore my boyfriend, I think he has been incredibly stupid in writing this post and asking for what he has been given. I am extremely confused by this post due to also being counted as 'plus-sized' and when he met me I was actually very overweight. I think that at the end of the day happiness, is what is important e.g.what was mentioned in my skinny shaming argument. I would like to point out to those who think I am anything to do with it, you are VERY wrong. Not only do I think Lukes post is disrespectful and sexist, it also to me comes across, that everyone who is plus sized is also being called obese.

 I may not be the exact healthy weight for my height, but I have been both ends of the spectrum, and I actually prefer myself with more weight than not. I constantly looked ill when I was 'skinny' but then again it depends on who you are, what you are doing etc. If you are "overweight" and love your body then go you! If you are skinny and love your body also go you! I am against any kind of shaming because at the end of the day just because you are a bigger/smaller clothing size doesn't mean you are unhealthy in all accounts. Not everyone who is overweight is going to get ill from it also the same with skinny people. But obviously, there are extremes which need to be considered for example if it is seriously damaging your body to the point where you may actually die it should be considered to take action. Some of you may have seen She Might Be Loved post opposing Lukes view if you haven't feel free to click here to read. I actually agree with her and in fact, she is one of my role models because she is BEAUTIFUL and more importantly happy and I am so proud of how far as a blogger she has come and that she has been signed as a face of a brand is fabulous!

I know some people are extremely overweight and this can be a problem, but if it isn't affecting you and you are happy with yourself, then stay who you are. Besides what even is a healthy weight, just because the NHS says what is healthy and what is not, I don't think it is what we should exactly live by. I believe that if you are happy with yourself then that is fabulous I don't think weight comes into what makes you beautiful, a personality can make you beautiful, you can still be 'overweight' and incredibly beautiful.

My Hair Care Essentials.

Something new to the blog, hair care! It isn't something I've really featured on my blog before due to not using that many hair products, but I have decided I need my hair to be in better condition and there's way to make it better without damaging it! The amount of times I've gone through straightening and colouring my hair I don't know how it's still in a pretty good condition. It's always important to look after your hair, and there's SO many products out there to help you do this, I thought I would share them with you today. 

  First I thought I'd share with you my two picks from Lee Stafford Argan Oil from Morocco and The Fizz off spray. I'll start with the Argan Oil* there are hundreds of different versions of this product on the market so why did I pick this one? I went with this one because Lee Stafford is a brand I've always been aware existed and they have some amazing products, the way to apply this is by applying to wet/damp hair, rubbing it in from the mid of your hair to the ends, dependant on the thickness you may need more or less and then you can dry it off leaving with lightweight beautiful smelling hair, with that perfect shine. Just remember not to add too much or it can leave your hair looking greasy, which is something nobody wants you can always add more but once it's in that's it!

Argan Oil Lee Stafford

Secondly is Frizz Off* which you haven't already guessed is for helping you with your frizzy hair needs.. something I need for sure and it's super easy to apply, just spray on wet hair and comb through, and then dry! Giving you a silky de-frizzy look, which is what I am aiming for, it again leaves your hair smooth and smelling luscious! Another pro of this product is it protects against heat, for all of those massive straightener users *raises hand* it's an amazing product because it does more than one job, and it's all in one product, well worth a purchase in my opinion! 

Lee Stafford Frizz Off

Next is my love the Revlonnissimo* 45 days total colour care for red heads (which I spend about 70% of my time being some kind of red..) This product is a two in one shampoo and conditioner which isn't something I would usually go for as I usually only condition a few times a week else I find my hair gets greasy! But I actually am getting on well with this product and has found that it has made my hair stay brighter than usual! I think it's time to go a few shades brighter though, in time for summer! Apply to wet hair whilst in the shower, leave for two minutes then wash out, repeat as feel necessary. The glorious thing about this  product is it leaves your hair brighter until your next colour! 

Revlon 45 day colour

Fourth is one of my fave hair products out there the Umberto Giannini Tousled Sea Spray my fourteen year old self would LOVE this product, due to being able to great a messy look which still looks fab without feeling the need to back comb my hair like crazy... poor hair. I love the after smell of this product as it reminds me of the beach, I have seen many more high end versions of this product and although this isn't the cheapest of products it does the job perfectly! It's great for times at the beach and festivals (a bit early... but no harm in planning ahead) The best way to use this product is to spray lightly through damp hair and then do with at as you please to create your own look! 

Umberto Giannini Sea Salt Spray
Finally is the Straight N' Go* now there are things I love about this product but also things I am not 
too keen on, I love how compact the product is, it's a lighter alternative to straightening by using a two side brush which you put your hair in and brush down whilst drying still giving it the heat to straighten! It's great for travelling with instead of your hair straighteners but I did find it pretty difficult to do the back with, but it did the front parts perfectly fine! Although I am not ready to completely give up my straighteners yet, I will be using this product as an alternative and it's a LOT less damaging to your hair! 

Straight N Go

The Misconceptions of Sexual Abuse.

This post is by far one of the hardest ones I've had to write but it's a post I've always wanted to write and it will get a lot of my chest, it's something that is close to my heart. Some of you may disagree with me sharing this kind of post but I guess as I always say, it's my blog and I feel like this is an issue which effects more people than anyone realize and we need to talk about it. SO today's post is all about the misconceptions which go with sexual abuse. I hear so many things which are wrong about rape in just passing comments and I just don't understand how people have got it so wrong.

A few I've heard are: 

"She was wearing a short dress"
How does someones outfit choice determine what rights a woman has over her body, a woman should be able to wear what she wants without the idea of what she wears making her a target to sexual abuse.

"She's a 'slag' she probably wanted it"
You can't make that assumption about anyone, it doesn't matter how many men she may or may not have slept with still does not give anyone the right to do anything she doesn't want.

"She was out on her own at night she was asking for it"
I completely forgot the part of where a woman walking out on her own at night-time meant she was asking for sex, it's sick that a woman can't even go out on her own without having the fear of something bad happening. So wrong.

"She was drunk, she didn't know what she wanted"
Have sex with someone who is drunk they can hardly function probably isn't the best idea, I mean obviously one night stands happen as a consequence of alcohol which is fine. But as long as both parties are consenting, any hesitation means no.

"She led me on, she wanted it!"
Just because someone was flirting with you/ kissing you does not give you any right for you to take it any further, if the person walks away or says no. That means no.

Common misconceptions of Sexual Abuse:

"Most people are raped by strangers"
Almost 90% of sexual abuse is committed by a person the victim actually knows, e.g. a boyfriend, an ex boyfriend, a friend or even a family member. Even if a person is in a relationship they have to consent, a relationship does not give you an automatic right to a woman.

"Only forced sex is sexual abuse"
Any amount of touching, kissing which is unwanted is sexual abuse. Touch someone who doesn't want it, that counts. Pressuring someone into sex, that also counts. If someone has said NO, there shouldn't need to be any convincing, no always means no.

"Once you've said yes, you can't change your mind"
Of course you can, it's NOT a contract, if you change your mind at any point, say so and if the person doesn't stop that still counts as sexual abuse, just because it's started never means anything.

"You didn't say no, so that was a yes"
Sometimes a personal is unable to say no, but if a person is uncomfortable, distressed or scared in any shape or form you should always stop.

Sexual Abuse is never the fault of the victim, and the way people choose not to believe people is sick, just because someone doesn't feel like they can go to the police doesn't mean they are lying. Just because the accused person is nice to other people you don't know what they are like underneath- you can never judge a book by a cover. Sexual abuse can happen to anyone of any age, it's not just the pretty, skinny people it happens to, it can happen to anyone. Instead of telling your daughters not to go out late at night or on their own or even in short clothes how about telling your sons that NO means no, and if someone says no, don't pressure them. It's their choice not yours. No-one asks to be abused, it's never the victims fault, blame the abuser not the abused.

If you want to talk to anyone about the issues in this post, I have put some websites below:

All things girly wishlist!

Girly wishlist

//Erasers//Mug//Ted Baker Notebook (Similar here)//Tango Handbag //
Bracelet//Headband (Get similar here)//Phone Case (Similar available from Forever21)//
//Rose Petals// Perfume (similar here)//

Bit of a random collection of things for this wishlist, I went for the theme girly and decided to share with you all of the 'girly' things currently on my lust list! 

Iwako Erasers- Aren't these just the cutest thing you've ever seen?! They actually look edible, I could imagine these in a little tea party, as far as erasers go I love that there isn't just one type any more of boring block in a few colours I love that it's something that's expanded into this, they are pretty good erasers too (not like those ones which leave horrible marks on the pages) perfect for art students or school, I haven't used the Doughnut one as it can be my little desk mascot! 

Cat Unicorn Mug- I am currently on the lookout for gorgeous mugs, plates and bowls for my upcoming move-out, I found this online and think it is just adorable, I think mugs are the perfect way to show personality in the kitchen! 

Ted Baker Notebook- I love the design of this notebook it's so girly and has some gorgeous features to it, like inside it has white pages but from the outside, they look bright pink and it even has a cute front cover where you can write your name and address in case the book gets lost! 

Jones Bookmaker Bag- It's not often I'd go for a bag like this, but it looks so gorgeous I couldn't resist adding it to my list, I have recently become more of a handbag girl and I am looking to expand out my collection and this looks perfect for my next statement piece. 

Pandora Bracelet- A girls dream right? To own something from Pandora- I adore this bracelet one because it's Pandora and two because of the infinity symbol, which has a significant meaning to me, I how elegant this bracelet and how you can wear it without it being heavy or the way! 

Floral Headband- I've had a bit of a love-hate relationship with these over the years, and I've decided I prefer the ones which are on actual headband as they seem to stay in my hair better, I love the colours featured on this beauty, and it is definitely something I would wear this summer! 

Watermelon Phone Case- Now this is something that I need in my life, I love phone cases which stand out, I think they look epic and create an awesome statement, the only problem is needing to always carry a bag due to it not being able to fit in your pocket, still fab though. 

Rose Petals- I thought these would make a little bit of a change for my bath from all of the products I've currently been using, gives your bath that extra girly touch and would go perfect with some candles and a bottle of wine, or a nice book! 

Harajuku Perfume- I think the design for these perfumes is fabulous, so many different little personalities and each perfume bottle matches the scent inside. It's like matching your personality with a perfume, I've found these are lightweight, cute and smell luscious and would also look amazing all lined up on a shelf next to each other, I went for the pink ones as it's girly and smells fruity and gorge. The best thing about these perfumes is that they are purse friendly!

What is on your wishlist at the moment? 

The perfect spring MAC lipsticks

MAC lipsticks

L-R Saint Germain, Miley Cyrus Viva Glam, Candy Yum Yum, Style Surge & Pink Pigeon. 

A bit late jumping on the spring bandwagon, but it's Spring yay! So far we've actually had some pretty sunny days which means it's time to start changing up the make-up from dark to light. Which involves lipsticks ranging in all bright colours. I thought I would share with you my top five favourite MAC lipsticks for Spring. I am in love with the pink lipsticks which they have at MAC as they're all so bright and stand out, I am occasionally torn to a bit of a cheeky orange too! 

Saint Germain: One of my favourite lipsticks out of the 5, it's a very pale looking pink but it sure does stand out, before I owned this lipstick I had previous dupes of this which look similar but I love the amplified MAC lipsticks as I feel they give a bit more of a glow, but I have found they don't last as long as Matte. But still a great all round lipstick. Full review here

Viva Glam Miley Cyrus: Such a bright stand out lipstick, not for those who are afraid of bright coloured lipsticks, another amplified lipstick which is easy   to apply, I was tempted by this lipstick just because it was from Miley Cyrus and part of the MAC Viva Glam collection.
For the full review click here

Candy Yum Yum: This my favourite MAC lipstick that I own, until recently I was convinced that I was not a fan of the Matte range but I found out that certain lipsticks are more drying to your lips than others, I love the colour of this and how long lasting it is on your lips! Full review here

Style Surge: This lipstick is perfect because it gives an amazing glossy finish but isn't sticky in the slightest, although it doesn't last on my lips as long as I would like it's easy and quick to reapply and is a gorgeous light orange colour which I think is perfect for Spring.

Pink Pigeon: The newest addition to my MAC collection another bright pink matte lipstick I find the colour is fairly similar to the Miley Cyrus one, but I love the texture of this lipstick and the staying power of it is great and can last for hours, yay! Full review will up soon!

Which is your favourite MAC lipstick for SS15?

Fashion Week Inspiration.

I was recently contacted by Avenue 32 about creating a post about inspiration for Fashion Week, as there's so many taking around the world I thought it would be a perfect post to show off the gorgeous clothes which are being featured in the Designer world but also to put my own personal style stamp on it. In my post I have featured some gorgeous designers which are Frame Denim, Alexander Wang, Culter and Gross 3.1 Phillip Lim and Paul Andrew.  I picked these items featured due to loving them and being something that I think I would wear in real life (these may slightly be out of my price range at the moment for a broke student!) I love the bags by 3.1 Phillip Lim they are some of the most stunning and bright bags I have ever seen and I just want them all! Alexander Wang has always been one of my favourite designers so I had to feature one of his gorgeous pieces on there!

I love how simplistic the outfit it is, but it still stands out with the contrast of the blue bag against the other items. I always see sunglasses at Fashion Week so they needed to be on there, I went for the round framed ones as they are awesome and suit a lot of face shapes, I love the Leather jeans they are gorgeous, and I would quite happily wear these as part of an everyday outfit as they are comfortable and bang on trend. I never thought the day of me loving a white shirt would come after having to wear them at school for so long- but I actually love this I think the two look great together. Finally the shoes are gorgeous and I think just tie up the outfit, giving it a classy feel which is stylish and at the same time provides that comfort and is also perfect for any weather which may come your way as it isn't too cold or too warm, win all round!

Avenue 32 wishlist

#ShareLove Campaign.

Some of you may be aware of my #sharelove campaign which I started on Tuesday on twitter, it was originally started as I couldn't go into university due to anxiety and felt like I was wasting the day, but couldn't motivate myself to blog. So instead I decided I would make someone else feel better about their day, it started with a few and then I had this amazing idea to do it for 48 hours with anyone whose ever inspired me, who I think is fabulous or I just saw somewhere on twitter. I decided to share a compliment with them, each one was personal and before I knew it, it had been two days and over 800 tweets later, I had attempted to make people have a better day.

The idea behind the campaign was to show people that there is always love to give and it doesn't take much to say something nice to brighten someone elses day. You have no idea what that one compliment could do to someone, they may really need cheering up and just by taking the time out of your day to share something nice you've put a smile on someones face. The best bit about the campaign is being told how many people I made smile, I can honestly say that made me feel crazy happy, knowing that I was bringing happiness to someone else! I am sorry I couldn't tweet everyone I really wish I could of tweeted everyone something nice, but I attempted! I am very surprised I didn't get blocked from twitter at all! Apologies to anyone who got annoyed by my 'spam' but my heart was in the right place. I got so many lovely replies back, from my favourite bloggers and even my favourite documentar! Although I couldn't share of all the lovely replies with you, I thought I would make a collage of my faves/the nicest ones!

I think I might start #sharelove as a weekly or monthly thing just so people can share compliments with other bloggers who they love, but wouldn't usually tweet what do you guys think?

Why is bullying still a thing?

Why is bullying a thing?

I've been one of those people from the age of 8-16 who was bullied for every little thing, it started being about me being ugly and weird (this is coming from other 8 year olds!!). I didn't like the same things everyone else did, I was shy and hardly spoke this made me fall victim to their torment. Years went to by and as we got older the insults got worse, in high school boys would take it in turns to ask me out for a joke and then see who could 'pull me' I was scared after that of any guy who would talk to me in case it was just a joke. I got a lot of acne through high school and you'll never guess what happened? Yep I got bullied for something completely out of my control, things like the equator were called to me and even one time it got as bad as one guy drew me on the whiteboard and labelled it me. I would never tell anyone except my friends because you know the way it goes, if you open up to an adult about it, the chances are it'll get worse. I'd get insults from girls too about the fact I didn't wear make-up simply because I didn't own any and this is still something that stays with me when I don't wear make-up. There's loads more but I don't want to bore you with my story...

So in 2015, bullying is just as bad, in fact it's worse due to current technology, you used to be able to escape school and hide out at home. But now the bullies can follow you home, on your phone, computer and other technology devices, on any kind of social media, they can leave you comments and even if you block and report it, it still doesn't stop. It's got to the point where more young lives are being taken due to this factor, I mean how on earth could someone as young as 8 take their own life, it's beyond sick. What I'll never get is the reason people think it's okay to bully others? I understand bullying is a thing which is never going to stop, in fact it will probably get worse. What I'm curious to know is why do people think it's okay.

 I've got several theories about bullies, who knows if any of them are even true, the first being pack mentality this is something I have recently thought about. When people are in a group they think they are untouchable especially to one person on their own, because lets face it one person isn't going to fight with a group of 4 plus people. Second being to make themselves feel better, which is one that has always gone around, e.g. jealously but I am not sure that's it anymore, seems more than that. Thirdly, because it's happening to them, they feel the need to make someone else feel how they do just like the food chain, see someone who is below you (check out this video to see an example of this! ) Finally just out of boredom, I mean you're bored why not make someone else feel like crap? (Note the sarcasm)  who even knows which is right, if any of them?

I hear about so many people being bullied and I know personally how it can effect you long term, I mean those memories may never leave you, but when someone calls someone a name, or torments them I doubt they even think of the long term consequences which they really should, it may make you look cool at school, or whatever but think of what it is doing to the person you are doing it to? Will they recover from that? Will they always think that? At the end of the day I know one post or even 1000's won't stop bullying, but if you are bullying someone I'd recommend taking a long hard look in the mirror or at this post and think again, and for those who have been bullied or are being bullied, don't let the bullies win, you're better than that, don't forget it.

The Bra Edit

Bras isn't often a subject which I see covered on Blogs, I am unsure as to why this is, but I am pretty sure it's due to the fact that it is deemed as personal, which to be fair it is. But we as women buy them like jeans, t-shirts etc, so why not share our faves with other bloggers? I thought I'd share with you my favourite bras today, some of you may not like this kind of post and I do understand that but I decided against wearing them as that is not something I feel comfortable doing. 

 Claudia Satin Balconette £28.00

I saw this bra during a recent shopping trip, and I had to have it, it's such a luxurious product. As my bio says I love anything pink, this includes bras! It fits perfectly and feels good on and doesn't dig into you like some bras (mean bras...) I like the look of the straps on this bra as they aren't plain like some bras and they match the bodice. I find the little bow adorable between the cups and think it ties in the black from the top of the bra to the rest of the bra, the back of the bra is also black so it compliments it well. 

A longline bra is a style of bra which I have heard of many times but never personally bought one, after seeing this gorgeous Elle Macpherson longline bra on Bras & Honey, I decided I would try a different style for once and I am glad I did. I feel like it gives me tons more support than any other bra I've tried previously. The cups look elegant and gorgeous with the black sunflowers. This bra is so comfortable to wear. I love the fact it's long and I find it strange girls out on tops as long as this bra.. call me old fashioned I guess? The straps are easy to adjust and I can see a treat of some longline bras coming up very soon, especially perfect for when I loose the weight I want to loose! 

Primark £3.00 

I hear you, Primark bras can sometimes be awful quality and last about two weeks, but I am actually impressed with this bra, it cost £3.00 in their sale which is pretty awesome. I'ts a lovely bright bar and perfect whilst I am loosing weight, the only problem I have with it is the colour does come through some of my t-shirts and it doesn't have as much support as other bras but for £3.00 I can't really complain and I always use Primark to stock up on bras.

Room Tidy Up!

So recently I sorted out my room and by sorted I mean threw away a LOT of stuff, I am a bit of a hoarder considering I found Birthday Cards from years ago, clothes which definitely do not fit and shoes I would not wear again in this lifetime ever. After clearing out my junk for about 3 hours I finally had space to make my room how I want it to be, so I decided I would sort out my huge collection of make-up and make my draws look a bit more presentable! First off I started with my shelf which was filled with perfume, foundation and hand sanitizers (bath and body works ftw!) I used to have the flowers underneath the shelf but I thought it looked pretty cute next to the Russian Dolls. Talking of the Russian dolls, they were a present from my dad who works in Russia, and I love them even though I lost the two bigger ones for ages.. and they also appeared during my bedroom clean up! The draws were from Muji and I love them, I think they're perfect for storing my favourite lipsticks which I would name but that would take a fair while and would be boring for those none lipstick lovers.

On the top of my drawers it was covered in make-up, random bits of paper and other strange things.. BUT now it looks pretty, and even after it being two weeks since I did this, I think it looks exactly the same, I love this Frosted Flakes* make-up bag, I think it's awesome because it's retro and just suits my style. Next is my Stackers Jewellery Box which I love it has so many compartments and looks lush on the outside and it's made from leather. In front of that is my new favourite thing, a Romantic Handheld Mirror*. I know some of you will be thinking it's just a mirror, but to me it reminds me of a Disney Princess mirror and it looks great, it's different and unique to any normal mirrors you can get especially if you put it in your bag. The best thing about it is, it looks heavy but is actually really light! Finally the Make-up Brush Pot, I am pretty sure it was supposed to be a plant pot when I got it from Ikea, but who wants a plant pot when you can store your make-up brushes in it? It comes in pink and white and I think it looks elegant and dainty! The best thing is it looks like it costs a bit but it only cost £1.90, gotta love those bargains!

The final thing in my room clean up is this super cute Binkie Elephant* Lamp my old lamp was getting on and it was about time I got a new one, I went with this one because it's pretty unique and you are able to draw on it what you want, so you can personalize it. I am yet to personalize mine but I am thinking Doughnuts are the way forward, bright pink ones! The lamp is quite big and does take up a bit of space but I think it suits my little corner and fits with the theme of the rest of the room well.

Happy International Women's Day!

Apologies that there is two blog posts live today, but this one a bit of a spur of the moment thing! Most of you will know today is International Women's Day! I love the fact there is a day to celebrate Women. It's a great day because we can appreciate each other and instead of being against people remember we are women and how far women have come in achieving equal equality! This years theme is to 'make it happen' so whatever you dreams are, whatever you want to achieve no matter how long it takes or how hard it is, you can do it and I am proud of you! It's awesome that women are being seen for more than just their beauty and actually for their brains, courageousness, strength and many more things! We need to remember there are still things which are standing between women being equal, maybe not as much in Britain as other countries, but we need started having no rights against men, and now it's about the celebration of being equal to men, we are all human and it's about time we started to all get treated the exact same, because at the end of the day no-one is higher than anyone.

Just thought I'd show you my favourite inspirational women's day images! 

Blogger Tips 101

I just thought I'd start out by saying these tips are my own opinion, I am not suggesting they are all correct, it's just my opinion and useful things that I've been told by other bloggers and picked up during my year and a bit journey of blogging. They don't even just have to be for start out blogs they can be for any bloggers looking to improve.

ONE. Taking Pictures:
I have no problem with what device a photo is taken on, if it's clear I don't think it matters what a person uses to take their pictures, but what I do think is that it is important as often as you can to take a picture landscape as it fits so much better into the layout and looks so much nicer than different shaped photos all over the place. Sometimes a portrait picture can't be helped and that's fine, but just for the general gist of blogging, I know people prefer to see pictures landscape. Also make your pictures x-large, there is nothing worse than a tiny image in the middle of the screen.

TWO. Clean and Clear Layout:
There is ways to make your personality shine through your blog without using a bright coloured background or loads of random widgets and images everywhere. I think your header is your time to be creative, you can use all the colours in the world, stand out fonts and even pictures. I love backgrounds which are white with black font I just think it's much clearer to read and looks nicer too.

THREE. Header:
I think a good header is a huge part of a great blog, if your header is small or even of the wrong dimensions it doesn't look right, you need a header which fits perfectly and looks awesome to show of who you are and what your blog is about, even have a tagline stating what niche you are e.g beauty and fashion blog. If you are unable to make the header yourself there are lots of pre made examples online on sites such as Etsy.

FOUR. Twitter;
It's always great to have friends within the blogging community one due to them having similar or the same interests as you (they actually get your 200 lipsticks!) but also because it's great to make yourself known and connect with other bloggers. The best way to do this is via the twitter chats which take place daily, if anyone wants a post making on the days and times I can do that, let me know in the comments. Even if you just have random chats with people and follow them it makes you build up the amount of bloggers you have in your circle! Also #FF (Follow Friday) is a great way to show love to other blogs that you've been enjoying.

If you are doing it for the freebies, STEP AWAY.
I've heard of people trying to be a blogger so they can get freebies from companies, but that's not the way to do it. A lot of work goes into a blog, including taking pictures, talking in chats, writing posts, making a design. It's not just as easy as you make a blog talk to a couple of people and you'll get the freebies rolling in, you need to passionate about your blog and niche and that's when the companies start to follow, also solid stats to back yourself up is great to send if a company asks you for them I put mine in a Media Kit, so they are all there and I can send it with a click of a button and I update it montlhy.

Mothers Day Gift Guide!

One*. This isn't something I ever imagined myself putting jeans into a gift guide, but my reason behind it is, the fact that parents don't usually get much money to treat themselves (especially when your kids are younger) so why not treat your mum to a new pair of designer jeans? It might seem like a boring present but they'll last longer than most other presents and it shows you've thought about her. Depending on your mum's style it would depend on the type of jeans but I think my mum would personally love these and they're perfect for spring/summer!

Two. I think I added this to the gift guide because if my mum had it I would definitely be borrowing some of these yummy fragrances, from Jo Malone. It's a cute little box filled with the most loved fragrances from Jo Malone! I love the idea of the different choices you get with this box rather than one perfume that you get someone. Especially as a present, I think it's great with the various boxes of perfumes, it gives the person receiving a choice of different perfumes and even if they don't enjoy one of them there's 4 more to choose from.

Three. Who doesn't love an adorable cute teddy? I am pretty sure it's like a standard thing to give your mum on mothers day with a box of chocolates right. There are so many teddy bears out there but I went for this one because it looks extra fluffy (that's possible riiiiight?)

Four. Speaking of chocolate, another standard thing to buy for mothers day, there's so many choices in Thorntons for lots of different price ranges, there is personalized chocolate, to boxes and even to giant hampers! The best bit is... you can get them pre-gift wrapped. I suck at wrapping.

Five: Now I'd love to receive a Yankee Candle for a present but everyone likes different scents so I guess it depends on what your mum likes, it's great if you know what she likes or she buys candles herself, but if she doesn't I think this gift set is perfect to experiment with lots of different ones and then in the future she can go on to buy bigger versions, it's also purse friendly!

Six. Now, this is pretty adorable right? It's taking over your normal jewellery box and giving you somewhere great and nice to store your rings, these also come in different animals so you can get your mum whichever you think she would like the most. I like that this gift looks elegant and pretty and yet doesn't cost the earth, it's only costs £8.75!

What is to blame for our misconception of love?

When growing up girls are taught to believe they will find that one guy who will sweep her off her feet and they will ride away together into the sunset on a white horse, the price being tall, and wearing a suit, with no imperfections basically. Whether it's in films such as Disney with all of the princesses, or even more 'real' films such as 10 things I hate about you, p.s. I love you or Valentines Day, even though they have different story lines they all feature the same thing, girl and boy fall in love, have such a romantic time, have a huge fight which determines the fate of the couple and then they end up all happy in each others arms with a huge romantic gesture!

 It's the same with books we are shown these stories about people who fall in love and end up at the end happily ever after. Which when all you read and watch it becomes what you believe in, no-one shares the darker side of relationships, the break ups, the divorces, the unhappiness- but I guess that's the way they sell the produce right? But the parts where it just shows guys to be perfect or if he makes a mistake to make it up with flowers, jewellery or other gifts which has put men in a position which they feel they need to do those things. 

I love the film 500 days of summer because it shows both sides, it shows the romantic love stuff but it shows the end product which is them not ending up in the end together and the woman gets married to someone else! A difference with this film is the boy being heartbroken after the girl who was messing him around, which is not something which is ever portrayed in films either. Especially since we usually know the plot which is going to happen but we still watch them anyway. 

Another thing which I've found to be missing from film and books is relationships about homosexual people, it's great to see a love story between a woman and a man, but it would be nice to show the 21st century side of things which shows that people are gay and it's a real thing and they can have their happy ending too, it would be a new awesome thing to see and for people to watch to get that same enjoyment they get out of a heterosexual love story but with a difference.   

I hate the way that love is made up to be perfect ALL of the time, else it's not true love or whatever but that's so not true, you can love someone with all of your heart, doesn't mean you won't fight or argue or have bad stuff happen because this is real life and nothing is perfect here. I'm not saying there is anything wrong with a bit of fantasy which books and films give us an escape to, when real life does get too much but sometimes it would be great to see a film which doesn't end with happily ever after, because life is no fairytale.

If you're stuck in a relationship which you aren't sure is working check out to find out what is on offer for couples counselling online.