The Oscars 2015.

Like most of the world today I am pretty damn obsessed with all of the stunning gowns as to which were worn at last nights Oscars, all of the celebrities who attended were dressed to perfection and looked gorgeous! I love the variety of styles and colours and how their dresses were spot on for their figures, and the colours went perfect with their style! 

I decided I would share with you my personal favourites today and why I like them: 

One:  Rosamund Pike- This is such a classic elegant number, I love great her body looks just 12 weeks after giving birth! The fact that shoes match with the dress I think looks great, the way it is cut at the top looks great for her shape and the slit in the side still gives some leg on show but the red carpet look of a long gown! I love that Rosamund went with basic make-up for the look, it complimented the outfit and the red well! 

Two: Emma Stone- Emma has always been one of my favourite actresses as she just plays any part so well with her quirky and unique style and personality! I love this dress on Emma, it looks beautiful and compliments her hair really well. This gold dress is different from any others which were seen at the Oscars and as you can tell Emma isn't too full of herself which is always cool! 

Three: Margot Robbie- It took me a while to figure about where I had seen Margot from, then I realized it was from Neighbours! She looks so stunning, I love the neckline on her dress and the necklace as to which she is wearing with it, compliments well. The gathered fabric of the dress and colour makes her look classy and she's got the dress perfect for her shape! I love the fact that is one of the few dresses which features sleeves also, gives it a bit more of a 'gothic' look. 

Four: Chloë Grace Mortez- Now Now Chloe haven't you grown since 500 days of Summer? I can't get over how grown up she looks considering she's younger than me, her dress is beautiful and suits her personality well, it's a gorgeous champagne colour and the dress has oversized pockets (practical choice there!) The floral on this dress just looks fabulous and still has the sense of innocent about it with the full length choice. 

Five: Jennifer Aniston- I swear no matter how old Jennifer Aniston gets she still looks exactly the same as she did back in friends, except with maybe a bit hair style now! Jen always looks fabulous at any event and especially with this dress, I love the sparkle on it, looks red carpet ready but at the same time not over the top!

Six: Reese Witherspoon- A lot of people have commented about how she Reese played her outfit safe, which is fine but I think none the less she looks as stunning as always and despite going for a simple cut dress which is the typical one you'd wear on the red carpet, she pulled it off well and looks as gorgeous as ever! You go Reese! 
Olivia Thristan


  1. You can always count on The Oscars to be filled with lots of eye candy in the dresses department! I absolutely adore Rosamund Pike, Emma Stone and Chloe Graze Morez's dresses. They are absolutely divine, and each have a very flattering, feminine style. Uhhh I wish I could attend The Oscars, just as an excuse to wear an utterly divine dress!
    Tasmin | Grandiose Days

  2. I love Margot Robbie and her dress was stunning! She always looks stunning though and I absolutely love Emma Stone's dress too! Fantastic picks!

    Eloise x

  3. Emma Stone looked gorgeous. Reckon she could pull anything off. Totally agree with these x

  4. I agree - Chloe Moretz was one of my absolute favourites! Can't believe she got into so many Worst Dressed lists. I thought the fabric was gorgeous and I liked the style for being a little bit different. She has some great style!

  5. emma's dress was gorgeous!

    from helen at