Pretty in pink.

Although it may be winter and the dark colours are still in full motion I am always a big fan of pink lipsticks whether it be summer or any other season. I own more pink lipsticks than I really should, but there's always room for one more right? I do like a variety of shades of pink, bright pink is usually the one I go for. Also with valentines day coming up it's the perfect time to crack out the pinks and be adventurous. The lipsticks I am loving currently are (from left to right): 

Mineralogie- Tourmaline*: 
Mineralogie aren't a brand I've heard very much about but as I was offered a chance to try them out and I am always on the hunt for a new lipstick, why not? The colour is toned down to what I usually wear but it's more suitable for family outings and university. The shade itself is quite shimmery and looks nice on, this lipstick comes in at £11 which some people may think is a little steep but it's long lasting and I would consider repurchasing one of their lipsticks.

Bourjois Rouge Edition- Rose Neon:
Out of the ones in this post this is one of my favorites, this product is long lasting, stands out and is something suitable to wear on any occasion, I love the way it's easy to apply and is a pretty bright colour, although this lipstick is still fairly new to me, I think it is one I would repurchase. This lipstick is currently priced at £7.99 which I think is a good price. 

GOSH- Temptation*:
Now this lipstick is one of the brightest pinks I own and I love it, it stands out and is a great price for the product, although it isn't as long lasting as others it's easy to reapply and stays bright for a good few hours, I have tried many different GOSH lipsticks in a variety of colours I am yet to be disappointed with one of their products, these lipsticks come in at £6.49 and are a great staple lipstick to have as part of your collection.

Sleek- Amped:
I've been known not to enjoy matte lipsticks as much as other lipsticks, but when I tried this sleek lipstick is changed my opinion, it's long lasting and super standout pink lipstick and it's perfect for me. Although it's not as long lasting and I do find myself reapplying this lipstick quite often I do love it and would buy other lipsticks from within in their range, which comes in at £4.99.
Wet n Wild- Don't Blink Pink:
This is one of many purchases which I made during my stay in the USA back in the summer but I haven't really used it much until recently, this lipstick is semi matte so suits me quite well, I do have to say this colour wouldn't suit everyone and some people wouldn't enjoy it but think it's a quirky out there shade and if we had Wet N Wild in the UK they would be my first port of call due to their cheap prices. 

Revlon- Sultry Samba:
Another lipstick I purchased during my stay in the USA, although this particular colour isn't available in the UK there are others similar, out of all of the lipsticks in this post this is my least favorite as it looks the brightest but is actually really light and doesn't show up like I assumed it would, I do enjoy the matte factor of this lipstick but I would be less likely to repurchase. 

Olivia Thristan


  1. You can't go wrong with a pretty pink lipstick! x

  2. I love pink lipsticks! My favourite one from this list is the Gosh one. It's such a perfect pink. :)
    Girl in a Whimsical Land

  3. I must get my hands on that Sleek lipstick, I own quite a few already from them and they're amazing!

    Frankie x

  4. Im obsessed with really bright pink lipstick and that Sleek one looks amazing! Think I need to go give boots a visit!

    Eloise x