20 February 2015

Body Shaming!

I am writing this post off the back of my hand after this morning seeing the stunt pulled by Taking Shape, their idea is to state how wrong it is to be skinny and how a size six isn't normal? Taking shape is a plus-sized company, therefore, they should know how wrong it is to body shame. People are usually "fat shaming" but in my opinion slating, people for being a certain size is wrong. I have been both ends of the spectrum, at one point I was a size 6, constantly being accused of not eating, asked why I'm so skinny, accused of having eating disorders and then also a size 16, getting called fat, disgusting and unhealthy. I found them both equally offensive as each other, in my eyes, it's YOUR body and you should be whatever size you wish to be.

I understand some weights are unhealthy, but that still doesn't deserve to be shamed. What I don't get about their campaign is how they are looking for skinny girls, calling it "#SkinnyBirdWatching" stood out in London looking for girls and shaming them for being too skinny! I think it's beyond disgusting and I don't know how they thought in anyway whatsoever that it's okay to make a campaign like that. Come on guys, it's 2015 and I don't understand how body shaming is still a thing. Does it make someone less pretty because they are a size 16? Does being a size 6 the only thing that makes you have a perfect figure? OF COURSE NOT.

 I think the fact that plus sized clothing in itself is pretty offensive I don't see why that's a thing either, a size should just be a size there's nothing plus about it. At the end of the day it's personal preference to be whatever weight and size you want, and it's wrong that it's forced upon you that skinny is always better. But what about those who can't help being that skinny or like their body like that, they most definitely DO NOT deserve to be shamed on their bodies either. So Taking Shape UK, although you're all about the plus sized, how about you consider how you would feel if people were fat bird watching?! It's exactly the same thing and it's most definitely not a compliment to be pulled up on the fact that you're skinny. At the end of the day, a size is just a number and we don't deserve to be defined by a number!

Is being skinny really that IMPORTANT? I wrote a post here


  1. Anonymous20/2/15

    Agree agree agree! Perfectly worded! :) x

  2. this is so awful! I had so many comments when I was a size six, people would stop in their tracks and loudly go 'she is WAY too skinny!' even my so called friends would say 'you need to eat some cake' the double standards are ridiculous! I can't believe a plus size company thinks this is ok!

  3. Oh my stars! As if this is a thing right now, how awful! I got shit for being skinny at school :/ girls used to poke me in the stomach while in the changing rooms before games and tell me to eat a McDonalds -_- not cool! xo

  4. Brilliant blog post, I completely agree. It's disgraceful and if it was the other way around, they would be one of the first to complain I'm sure.

    I don't really understand why we need plus size brands either, why can't all companies cater for all sizes?

  5. Great post, this definitely needed to be said! Can't believe a campaign like this was allowed to run. Body shaming is disgusting, whatever size or shape you are everyone deserves respect and to live without judgment.

    Roxie ♥

  6. I am really upset about this and tweeted them, I wasn't following anyway so didn't need to unfollow. It's shocking how they think they can justify it and say it isn't especially when you watch the video they posted. I am a size 6 and normal....even when I eat my feelings when I am depressed the biggest i have been is an 8 that is my normal size...naturally?!! D: xxx

  7. Fantastic post Jess! Couldn't agree more with you lovely <3
    It literally doesn't matter what size or end of the spectrum you are, shaming bodies like that is disgusting!
    Ahhh.. the world is disappointing sometimes!

    Jemma xx

  8. This post is great, I really never thought about it in that way before! Why should they have to define plus size, you're right it should just be a normal size! Your blog is great btw, will be following you on bloglovin!


  9. This is appalling! I didn't know about that campaign but I hate it when people think it's ok to body shame anyone, regardless of their size. After having Elsa I lost a lot of weight and got so sick of everybody constantly telling me I was too thin! No one would ever dream of telling an overweight person they were too big! It's so annoying.