Start Now, Not Tomorrow- My Story Of Mental Health.

As I write these words on the page it's impossible to say how people are going to react when they read them, but I am going to talk about two words. Two words which nearly everyone has been affected with is too scared to talk about in case of being judged only to find out more people than ever are also suffering too. If you haven't figured it out yet, I am talking about Mental Health. I have wrote a smaller version of this post and some of struggles before, but I decided now is the time to get real and talk. So I've dealt with Depression since the age of 14, it's been hard always, I've always been the outcast, the weirdo, the freak for as long as I can remember I've always been odd. At first I just thought I was really sad a lot of time no-one talked to me about what I could of been dealing with but I didn't really let on how bad it really was, I was being bullied to the point where I could of taken my own life, I went to counselling and got put on medication many times but nothing seemed to get any better. Somehow for two years I managed to just "deal with it" I'd spend a lot of time eating and gained a lot of weight, but nothing made me feel any better.

Last summer I realized I couldn't go on how I was and ended up being re-diagnosed and further to be diagnosed with PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) due to things which have previously happened to me (don't feel right talking about them on here) some of you may of noticed my HUGE break from blogging, and it was all related I felt like I couldn't even get out of bed let alone, set up perfect pictures, go on the internet, join in with chats and write blog posts and if I did they just wouldn't been to my standard. But after a long break, I am happier than ever and glad to be back.

So why am I writing this post may you ask? Well I am writing this post to talk to you about the seriousness of Mental Health and how more people are struggling more than ever, people are scared to talk in case they get judged, you can't see Mental Health- who says it's even a thing to some people its not, some people will never understand, some think depression is sadness etc. But I'm here to say to you, you can do it whether you tell another blogger, a friend, a family member if you are struggling you can talk to people. At the end of the day Mental Health is a REAL thing, people are suffering with it, the same way they are Cancer, and it takes lives also. If you could talk to someone and help them through you could save someones life.

 I am lucky after many years of suffering I've got true friends, an amazing boyfriend and a support network behind me and one day I hope to beat my illness, I know I'll have down days and I'll never be the same again, but you know what? I'll probably be damn stronger than I have ever been when I come to terms with everything that has happened. Mental Health isn't something to ashamed of, it's not a dirty thing, it's not wrong. Some people will question why I put my business something as personal as this online, but why not? What's wrong with sharing something that could save someone else from suffering in silence. I'm not ashamed of my illness, who I am anymore and neither should you be.

The question on everyone's mind, why did I change my name? Or for those who didn't know I changed my name from Jessica Leigh to Olivia Jade, it's something I've thought about for a very long time, and I am SO happy I did it, it's made me feel like I can start over again as the person I've always wanted to be, I feel awkward when I am constantly being asked why so there is your answer, I picked the name because I like it and it makes me happy when people say they are proud of me for doing it or that I'm brave, I am actually starting to agree, it's a pretty big thing to do but I won't ever look back, I am Olivia and I am here to tell you, that no matter what you are struggling with, big or small. If you can't talk to someone you know in real life, you can always send me a message, whether this is appropriate to my blog or not, I don't even care this is something I feel passionate about and I won't be silenced anymore. Thank you if you took the time to read this entire post and I'd love it if you could share it with others as it's something we need to deal with now rather than later.
Olivia Thristan

Crazy about Pandora

I've wanted to own a piece of Jewellery from Pandora for as long as I can remember, walking past the shop, seeing all the pretty charms in the window, all the glistening earrings and lovely rings. Growing up I would never of been trusted enough with expensive Jewellery! Recently I was offered the chance to review some beautiful Jewellery from Joshua James, I was ecstatic. Joshua James Jewellery is an independent jewelers which stock the likes of Pandora, Thomas Sabo and Troll Beads. Although wanting a charm bracelet is something I have wanted for some time I decided against getting one, due to seeing this beautiful ring. The Pandora Silver & White Enamel Multulpe Flower Ring*.

Rings aren't something I usually wear but I made an exception for this beauty, I love the flowers on the ring they look so elegant and it's the sort of ring which would go with anything and with Spring approaching I think it would perfect alongside outfits. It's girly and a few years ago if you had told me I'd love anything flowery or girly I would of laughed, but since growing up a little all I can think about is pretty jewellery!

I like the idea of wearing a ring because for me, it's something different, I am usually more of a necklace kinda girl and will always be on the lookout for a new necklace, so it does makes a change. When it arrived it's pretty white packaging and had the word Pandora on the box, the box was a black velvet inside (posh stuff!) I was stunned it looked even more gorgeous than it did on the website,


Olivia Thristan

His Say, Her Say- Is online the 'new' way to date?

I never thought I'd be one of the people who blog with their other half but me and the boyfriend decided that we would join up and post a feature about a topic with both of our opinions included. We've decided to call it His say, Her say and make it a monthly feature on both of our blogs! If there is any future topics you want to see in the future tweet one of us! This weeks topic is online dating the 'new' way to date? By this we mean the way most people in 2015 start dating or meet people, With so many ways to meet online e.g. Social Media (Facebook, Twitter etc.) Dating Sites ( & Plenty of Fish) and even more recently dating apps which I'm sure you've heard of like Tinder.

She Says:  I'd agree that is the new way to date, I mean you can meet people who have similar interests to yourself, you get to talk to them beforehand getting to know what they're like more, and you can even pick and choose what you want in a person by selecting certain things for example age, location, job. Things in real life from meeting a person in a bar, at work or wherever you meet you don't know before hand, people say online dating takes the excitement out of dating, being chatted up and flirting but I don't think it does. Based on my confidence level there's no way that I could go up to someone or be able to cope with someone flirting with me on a night out, I'd think they were joking or be so shocked that I wouldn't be able to comprehend any form of answer. Although being online does give you a false sense of confidence that you may loose when you meet the person face to face, but it also gives you the advantage of previously having being able to think about topics which you can talk about on the date.

You have somewhat of an idea of who they are, what they look like, what they do as a job that sort of thing can go along way. I do have my doubts about online dating as much as the next person after watching countless episodes of Catfish, I mean the whole crazy idea pops into my head like me on Catfish after talking to this 60 year old man or even someone who doesn't like any of the things we've spoke about and is a completely different person, now that puts me off. None the less I've been on dates via Tinder and even though some of them weren't exactly how I pictured, they had the interests, looks and did what they said online. The only thing which I found people lied about would be their height, due to them being short they'd add a couple of inches. Me and Luke met online, at first we would tell people we met through university because we were scared of our families reactions but it turns out there's no need to hide it, it's 2015 and online dating is just something that happens whether you're 20 or 60, anyone can online date. Although it's only been 5 months I find myself a lot more attracted to him and have a lot more in common than him than previous boyfriends who I've met through friends or at college, so in my eyes online dating is the new and best way to date.

For 'His say' click here
Olivia Thristan

The Oscars 2015.

Like most of the world today I am pretty damn obsessed with all of the stunning gowns as to which were worn at last nights Oscars, all of the celebrities who attended were dressed to perfection and looked gorgeous! I love the variety of styles and colours and how their dresses were spot on for their figures, and the colours went perfect with their style! 

I decided I would share with you my personal favourites today and why I like them: 

One:  Rosamund Pike- This is such a classic elegant number, I love great her body looks just 12 weeks after giving birth! The fact that shoes match with the dress I think looks great, the way it is cut at the top looks great for her shape and the slit in the side still gives some leg on show but the red carpet look of a long gown! I love that Rosamund went with basic make-up for the look, it complimented the outfit and the red well! 

Two: Emma Stone- Emma has always been one of my favourite actresses as she just plays any part so well with her quirky and unique style and personality! I love this dress on Emma, it looks beautiful and compliments her hair really well. This gold dress is different from any others which were seen at the Oscars and as you can tell Emma isn't too full of herself which is always cool! 

Three: Margot Robbie- It took me a while to figure about where I had seen Margot from, then I realized it was from Neighbours! She looks so stunning, I love the neckline on her dress and the necklace as to which she is wearing with it, compliments well. The gathered fabric of the dress and colour makes her look classy and she's got the dress perfect for her shape! I love the fact that is one of the few dresses which features sleeves also, gives it a bit more of a 'gothic' look. 

Four: Chloë Grace Mortez- Now Now Chloe haven't you grown since 500 days of Summer? I can't get over how grown up she looks considering she's younger than me, her dress is beautiful and suits her personality well, it's a gorgeous champagne colour and the dress has oversized pockets (practical choice there!) The floral on this dress just looks fabulous and still has the sense of innocent about it with the full length choice. 

Five: Jennifer Aniston- I swear no matter how old Jennifer Aniston gets she still looks exactly the same as she did back in friends, except with maybe a bit hair style now! Jen always looks fabulous at any event and especially with this dress, I love the sparkle on it, looks red carpet ready but at the same time not over the top!

Six: Reese Witherspoon- A lot of people have commented about how she Reese played her outfit safe, which is fine but I think none the less she looks as stunning as always and despite going for a simple cut dress which is the typical one you'd wear on the red carpet, she pulled it off well and looks as gorgeous as ever! You go Reese! 
Olivia Thristan

Blogs I've Been Lovin'

As I've been enjoying so many amazing blog posts this week,  I thought I would share them with you lovely lot, they range from beauty, fashion and lifestyle I have loved a lot of posts so I couldn't feature them all *sad face* but I picked some really awesome ones, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I did! 

Crazy Blonde Gal: Rainbow Sourz Inspired Make-Up! I think this post is so amazing, firstly because of the colours used in the eyeshadow and the skill it took to create such a great unique look! Plus Frankie has an overall fabulous blog and I think you should just check it out! 

Victoria Jane:  5 Everyday Make-up Products Such a simple post idea, but I love to see what other people use to create their simple everyday looks with affordable high street products, and the fact that features a picture of Vicki with her awesome personality shinning through is amazing! 

Moon Face Blogs: Makeup Revolution Lip Lavas I love reading product reviews, especially of upcoming products and also ones which are affordable (so when I crack and buy it, it's not as bad on my bank balance!) This review says all you need to know about the product, with swatches and pretty pictures!

Not your average nerd: Tattoos part 2 Probably a teeny bit biased as this is my boyfriends blog, but he's been blogging for a few weeks now and I think he's writing some great quality posts of different varieties and I think you should check his blog out

Erica Rose: Sephora Luster Mulberry This is a blog I've just discovered this week and I love it, Erica reviews some seriously awesome products including a ton of MAC lipsticks which I want to steal her collection, this week I've enjoyed reading her  Sephora Luster Mulberry review and all of the MAC ones! 

Dorkface: Get to work on your blog! One of my all time favourite blogs! Featuring so many different types of post, this week my fave was get to work on your blog featuring simple tips and codes to help you with the layout of your own blog, which I think is super helpful, plus Jemma is beyond lovely so check her out! 

Hannah Marie: Pulp Fiction Palette This is one of the blogs I have just started reading this week and I am in love with it, it's such a great blog and easy to read and features a wide range of things such as Yankee candle and other pretty things I've wanted to invest in this palette for some time and now I think I will! 

Charmed Charlee: NARSissist Dual Intensity Eyeshadow Palette I do love reviews of higher end products as it makes me lust for them but it also gives me some kind of idea what product they are before I purchase! I love this review because it includes swatches of the colours and it looks like a great palette! Check out Charmed Charlee for lots of makeup reviews! 

Olivia Thristan

Body Shaming!

I am writing this post off the back of my hand after this morning seeing the stunt pulled by Taking Shape, their idea is to state how wrong it is to be skinny and how a size six isn't normal? Taking shape is a plus-sized company, therefore, they should know how wrong it is to body shame. People are usually "fat shaming" but in my opinion slating, people for being a certain size is wrong. I have been both ends of the spectrum, at one point I was a size 6, constantly being accused of not eating, asked why I'm so skinny, accused of having eating disorders and then also a size 16, getting called fat, disgusting and unhealthy. I found them both equally offensive as each other, in my eyes, it's YOUR body and you should be whatever size you wish to be.

I understand some weights are unhealthy, but that still doesn't deserve to be shamed. What I don't get about their campaign is how they are looking for skinny girls, calling it "#SkinnyBirdWatching" stood out in London looking for girls and shaming them for being too skinny! I think it's beyond disgusting and I don't know how they thought in anyway whatsoever that it's okay to make a campaign like that. Come on guys, it's 2015 and I don't understand how body shaming is still a thing. Does it make someone less pretty because they are a size 16? Does being a size 6 the only thing that makes you have a perfect figure? OF COURSE NOT.

 I think the fact that plus sized clothing in itself is pretty offensive I don't see why that's a thing either, a size should just be a size there's nothing plus about it. At the end of the day it's personal preference to be whatever weight and size you want, and it's wrong that it's forced upon you that skinny is always better. But what about those who can't help being that skinny or like their body like that, they most definitely DO NOT deserve to be shamed on their bodies either. So Taking Shape UK, although you're all about the plus sized, how about you consider how you would feel if people were fat bird watching?! It's exactly the same thing and it's most definitely not a compliment to be pulled up on the fact that you're skinny. At the end of the day, a size is just a number and we don't deserve to be defined by a number!

Is being skinny really that IMPORTANT? I wrote a post here
Olivia Thristan

MAC Viva Glam Miley Cyrus!

Viva Glam!

I love that MAC done a various amount of collaborations with different celebrities such as Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga and Fergie, to create the VIVA glam collection. The difference between this collection from MAC and the others are that all profits from this collection go to the Aids fund, which I think is amazing as it supports others and you get an amazing lipstick out of it. I've got to say this is the first VIVA glam lipstick that I've bought as soon as I heard it was available, As I just love Miley Cyrus, could be the fact that I grew up watching her in Hannah Montana or something to do with the outrageous woman she is now! I love the colour of this lipstick as I think it suits her personality quite well as it's bright and in your face!

The Miley Cyrus lipstick is amplified creme which is my favourite type of MAC lipstick formula compared to matte as it never leaves your lips feeling too dry although I've found this can mean it lasts longer or even just Amplified as it has that creamy feeling to it, but still quite a matte texture. I think the bright pink colour isn't as bright as it what it looks in pictures and it's a bit more toned down than what I originally thought it was going to be, but I think it looks great none the less. You don't need to apply much of the lipstick for it cover your lips which is great as it means more for your money. I did find the staying power on this lipstick to be quite long, it does last throughout the day and only needs to be reapplied when colour needs brightening, it also passed the drink test and stayed on throughout me drinking through the day.

 The packaging for all of the VIVA glam collection is different to normal lipsticks with a red inside and also on the outer packaging. It still has the same black outer packing which we all know and love as MAC. As well as featuring the celebrities signature, on the inside also, which gives the lipsticks that bit more of a personal touch, I love the signature done by Miley it's so swirly and pretty and I only wish I could make myself a better signature (must practice this!) Finally this MAC lipstick is no exception to any others and it still has that amazing vanilla scent which you get which you open the lipstick- giving you that full experience.

Love MAC lipstick? I wrote a review of Candy Yum Yum!

Olivia Thristan

DiVA Straighteners

When I saw the DiVA* range of straighteners and that they had a huge range of bright coloured ones, I was drawn in instantly. I've been in need of a good pair of straighteners for sometime but it's whether to take that jump from my current ones to the all amazing GHDs which is something  I'm not sure I have the money for! I didn't really have many expectations for DiVA being a range I have little to no knowledge about. Except that they are the 'intelligent digital styler' I couldn't wait to test them out after having some fairly rubbish straighteners for a year or so.  

The first thing I noticed about them is how quickly they heated up, I usually use the highest setting on Straighteners due to have thick hair which takes forever and a day to get straight. It took them 30 seconds to get the highest setting which is 220 Degrees which is pretty fast compared to my previous ones, and I know from using GHDs they do take around the same time to heat up. There are 6 heat settings on the Straighteners which are turned up and down by simply click an up and down button, the lowest they go down to is 120 and that heats up in 10 seconds, win! 

If the pink isn't to your standard they offer lots of other colours, such as lime green, sky blue and purple haze, which is something different from your everyday black straighteners although they do come in Black. 

The one bad thing I did notice about the DiVA straighteners was that they were quite stiff to start with and took a good week to 'wear them in' but I'm not sure if that's the case with all straightening irons?  But none the less, they retail for £69.99 which I think is a middle of a road price for straighteners as you can get them for as cheap as £20.00 up to 100's or even thousands depending on the brand, but for the price I'd say these are a cheaper alternative to GHD straighteners and I will definitely be using them for a good while! 

 DiVA Straighteners* £69.99

Olivia Thristan

The Boots Edit

Although the end of Winter is fast approaching, I am a boots kinda girl, 3 quarters of the year. So I always have a few staple pairs which I match with my outfits, the good thing I find about boots is that they match with just about anything, I even wear some boots with dresses (not as weird as it sounds..) to give it a more casual look. The first pair of boots are perfect for everyday looks with jeans and t-shirt, I personally wear the second pair on special occasions or when it's not slippery (read further down to understand) and finally the last pair of boots I wear with just about everything to just about every place and I am surprised they are in as good condition as they even after 6 months! 

Clarks*- No longer on sale

I don't often shop in Clarks, I used to when I was I was younger, like most kids for my school shoes, but I was offered the chance to review a pair from their womens range and I decided to go with these beauties as they're right down my street, I love boots which have a bit of a heel on and are chunky and have some kind of spikes on them. I've had some boots similar in the past but these ones are the best because they have a zip on the side but still have the effect that they are laced up, the only problem I have found with these boots are the material they are in is hard to clean, but other than that I love these boots and wear them everyday.

 Kurt Geiger now £49.99

When I bought these they were officially the most expensive boots I've ever owned and I love the fact how much this style suits my look. The spikes are an added bonus, I love the buckles and the way they hang down the boots. I often find myself nearly slipping over when I wear these boots, but even if I don't wear them, I love to look at them... *I'm weird okkkkk*  these are a different style than what I would usually go for and a bit less 'gothic' as opposed the other boots I've had previously, but I do love them and would happily keep them forever and ever and ever etc.

 River Island- No longer on sale
I saw these boots the day after I bought my Kurt Geiger ones and kind of regretted spending that much money on the KG's as I like these the same if not more and they only cost £50 and they're everything I usually go for in a pair of boots, plus they have a bit more of a heel on them which gives me a few more inches considering I'm only 5'3 (short alert!) I get a lot of compliments on these boots, probably because they stand out half way across town but I will keep wearing these until they wear down or I pull out the sandals whichever comes first! 

Olivia Thristan

Healthy Life!

Some of you may know back at the start of January I became a vegetarian again after being one for five years from the age of 13 and then eating a cheese burger (long story). Anyways along with being vegetarian I decided it was time to loose some of the weight I'd put on over the last three years, 3 stone to be precise and after trying countless diets last year e.g. slimming world, 5:2 and weight watchers which work perfectly for some people I just couldn't stick to them, so I set my self a target to loose that weight and be happy with my body once again. 

So I decided that I would use the app my fitness pal which some of you may of heard of, which basically counts your steps, you add your food to it by scanning or typing in the amount of calories and also by exercise. When you set up the app you put your target weight in and put how many lbs a week you want to loose, which I put 2lb leaving me with 1200 calories and more if I exercise and burn them off and I'm not going to lie I've had a few slip ups Pizza hut and Chinese *ahem* but that's okay I've worked extra hard the following day to sort it out, as I felt extra guilty. In my eyes it about enjoying things you like e.g. chocolate but in smaller amounts or different forms, or making homemade pizzas which still give you the same amount of pleasure but with fewer calories. 

I've been making a lot meals and experimenting with different things and I am not saying any of these foods are the healthiest or anything like that but they work for me and compared to the countless Mcdonalds, KFC, takeaways and junk food I was eating before I think I've done pretty damn well. I've already dropped a dress size and I have lost 8lbs which makes me on target so far, I'm excited to see what the future holds and what is like to be the skinny girl I used to be. If you are interested in keeping up with daily pictures of my meals check out my instagram

Olivia Thristan

Impress Nails!

Call my agent- £5.99*

As everyone on the planet knows, this weekend it's valentines day! For those who are loved up it's a day to dress in red and go on dates and for those who aren't a night in with the girls or a pizza and netflix day which both seem pretty good to me! I always love painting my nails but I am pretty terrible at it to say the least, I always tend to use fake nails of some sort, I have been aware of the brand Impress for sometime as I've bought their nails previously and although they don't stay on for aslong as I'd like they look great for the time as to which they are on and can get them in so many designs and colours. I think the colour 'Call my agent' is perfect for valentines day and who says you can't have pretty nails whilst having a pizza and netflix day! I am forever trialling different brands of fake nails, whether it's ones with nail glue or stick on glue, I have to say these are one of the best for the stick on ones as you peel off the back, press down on your nail and hold! They are also on the cheaper end of the scale as far as fake nails goes as I've paid up to £20 just for drug store ones!  
Olivia Thristan

Pretty in pink.

Although it may be winter and the dark colours are still in full motion I am always a big fan of pink lipsticks whether it be summer or any other season. I own more pink lipsticks than I really should, but there's always room for one more right? I do like a variety of shades of pink, bright pink is usually the one I go for. Also with valentines day coming up it's the perfect time to crack out the pinks and be adventurous. The lipsticks I am loving currently are (from left to right): 

Mineralogie- Tourmaline*: 
Mineralogie aren't a brand I've heard very much about but as I was offered a chance to try them out and I am always on the hunt for a new lipstick, why not? The colour is toned down to what I usually wear but it's more suitable for family outings and university. The shade itself is quite shimmery and looks nice on, this lipstick comes in at £11 which some people may think is a little steep but it's long lasting and I would consider repurchasing one of their lipsticks.

Bourjois Rouge Edition- Rose Neon:
Out of the ones in this post this is one of my favorites, this product is long lasting, stands out and is something suitable to wear on any occasion, I love the way it's easy to apply and is a pretty bright colour, although this lipstick is still fairly new to me, I think it is one I would repurchase. This lipstick is currently priced at £7.99 which I think is a good price. 

GOSH- Temptation*:
Now this lipstick is one of the brightest pinks I own and I love it, it stands out and is a great price for the product, although it isn't as long lasting as others it's easy to reapply and stays bright for a good few hours, I have tried many different GOSH lipsticks in a variety of colours I am yet to be disappointed with one of their products, these lipsticks come in at £6.49 and are a great staple lipstick to have as part of your collection.

Sleek- Amped:
I've been known not to enjoy matte lipsticks as much as other lipsticks, but when I tried this sleek lipstick is changed my opinion, it's long lasting and super standout pink lipstick and it's perfect for me. Although it's not as long lasting and I do find myself reapplying this lipstick quite often I do love it and would buy other lipsticks from within in their range, which comes in at £4.99.
Wet n Wild- Don't Blink Pink:
This is one of many purchases which I made during my stay in the USA back in the summer but I haven't really used it much until recently, this lipstick is semi matte so suits me quite well, I do have to say this colour wouldn't suit everyone and some people wouldn't enjoy it but think it's a quirky out there shade and if we had Wet N Wild in the UK they would be my first port of call due to their cheap prices. 

Revlon- Sultry Samba:
Another lipstick I purchased during my stay in the USA, although this particular colour isn't available in the UK there are others similar, out of all of the lipsticks in this post this is my least favorite as it looks the brightest but is actually really light and doesn't show up like I assumed it would, I do enjoy the matte factor of this lipstick but I would be less likely to repurchase. 

Olivia Thristan

Valentines Day Wishlist

As most of you will probably know that Saturday is Valentines Day, love it or hate it is celebrated in most places in the world, and even if you're single I still think it's nice as it's a day of love and people showing their love for others, look at me getting all soppy. If you're in a relationship a lot of the time gifts are exchanged, from pretty flowers to the huge heart balloons. But now as well as those things other things are being bought which some people think is great, such as clothes, jewellery and even stationary, everywhere you go there are gorgeous things to show your loved ones that they mean the world to you! I thought I'd make a wishlist of all of the cute things I've seen around and which would be perfect for valentines day or the perfect gift.  

Pandora Ring*- As soon as I saw this ring I fell in love with it, there's just something about it which says elegance to me, the flowers make it so it is able to worn all year round, which to me would be perfect and symbolize your love and lets face it who doesn't want a Pandora ring? I reviewed the Pandora ring here.

Jimmy Choo Perfume- This bottle of perfume looks super girly and fits in with the theme of valentines day and also with diamonds are a girls best friend, this is a lovely smelling perfume which I think most women would enjoy and great for date nights.

Jane Norman Dress*- This is perfect for valentines day night itself, if you plan on taking your other half out for a meal, this would give her the chance to feel glamours and not have to stress about what she is going to wear, I went with this one as it's elegant and I love the pink colour as it fits very well with the theme of love and valentines day. 

Love Hamper- If you want to spoil your other half with chocolate and romantic treats this is the thing for you, with an already built hamper and it looks luxurious, and it's great for the perfect night in with netflix and cuddles.  
Olivia Thristan

Snacks Under 150 Calories!

Hey, hows it going? I'm back after yet another long break from blogging, but this time I actually plan to stay, full of fresh ideas and in a better place I'm ready to relaunch Dungarees & Donuts better than ever. At the start of 2015 I started a healthy eating and fitness journey and I have previously tried all of the diets out there and given up after about 2 weeks so this is the longest yet, and although it doesn't seem like very long to some I'm really into it and already lost 8lb of my 4 stone goal. I started my fitness journey weighing 12 stone 4 lbs and hope to end up around the 8 stone mark with a better healthier body. I also started at a size 14/16 and I am now also a 12/14 so I'm making progress, although I am currently using things at home to work out, I plan to invest in a gym membership later on in the year. I also post daily photos of my food on Instagram

So I thought I would start by blogging about snacks which are under 150 calories, there are the obvious ones like, bananas, apples and carrot sticks but I thought I would show you ones for people who have busy lives or have trouble completely removing crisps and chocolate from their diet. I am currently calorie counting eating 1200 calories a day with a half an hour work out daily, so these are handy for me when I get peckish. 

Some snacks which I have found to taste yummy and also to be quite filling are below: These include the boots shapers range which includes their healthier versions of crisps and they're all under 150 calories, good for us crisp lovers. Next is Propercorn, I have done previous posts on Propercorn as they are a brand I support and enjoy muchly, they have a range of flavours including sweet & salty, sour cream & chive and even sweet vanilla coconut and they're healthy and you get a huge portion size for the calories, I've found it great for snacking when I am in front of the TV. Finally my new love which is bars, I haven't always been a big fan of cereal bars but now their is such a big variety they've grown on me. I recently tried the Nakd bars and they're something I can't live without as they're so tasty and cure my chocolate cravings, these are good for breakfast on the go or even after a workout. 

Olivia Thristan