Christmas Jumpers!

Who can believe that Christmas is less than a month away? I love everything about Christmas from the present wrapping, to the seasonal drinks and the way everyone just seems that bit more jolly around festive times! One of my favourite things in the run up to Christmas is jumpers especially the festive ones, and if you don't own one or have never owned one you haven't lived. As I love Christmas jumpers SO much I actually decided to make a wishlist of the ones which I want and probably will end up going out and buying (too cool right?). I love Christmas jumpers which are sparkly and like nothing else you'd wear at any point of the year and it's only acceptable due to Christmas. 

One//Two//Three//Four (No longer available) 

 Let me know which your favourite one is in the comments below!

Olivia Thristan

Silver Tree Wishlist!

As Christmas is fast approaching, presents are on most peoples minds including mine and as you get older you turn to more "grown up" gifts such as jewellery and watches and what better way to look at amazing products and share what I love with you guys than a wishlist post! So in an ideal world where money isn't an object these are some of the amazing things I'd love to get my hands on! 

1. Michael Korrs Rose Gold Parker Watch// This watch is something I've wanted for a good few years now and I always see it pop up around Christmas time as lots of boyfriends seem to buy their girlfriends these (I wouldn't complain) but I think they watch itself looks classy and elegant and I love the colour and the watch face. 

2. Thomas Sabo Rebel At Heart Skull Bracelet// I love this bracelet so much it reminds me of something which I would of worn back in my alternative days, but with the twist that it is £300 more than the ones I used to buy back then, It suits me down to a t with the skulls and the silver looks classy, this bracelet is something I'd love to get my hands on one day! 

3. Swarovski  Love Pendant// I am such a big fan of heart necklaces as I think they're super cute, I have been wearing the same one for a while now and it would be nice to treat myself to a nicer one, this is one of the cheaper things on this wishlist at £79.00, it's simple yet very elegant and pretty! 

4. DKNY Silver Chronograph Lexington Watch// Who doesn't want a DKNY watch, or anything from DKNY for that matter. I love this watch because it's so simple, and such a pretty design, this is something I would definitely love to get in the future. 

5. Links Of London Love Note Sapphire Earrings// Now these Earrings are worth as much as an IPAD mini and they're most beautiful things I think I may have ever set my eyes on, they are Sapphire earrings and beyond lovely, these are something I can only dream of having in my ears (then again I don't think I'd trust myself to wear them!) 
Olivia Thristan

Milani Lipstick & Eyeshadow Review.

I've had a huge stack of photos which I have had building up since early August and although I keep taking blog photos I haven't gotten around to writing up posts for all of the products I've been buying over the last few months! These are two products that since I have bought them they have both been used a lot and I thought it was about time that I shared them with you! Some of you may of heard of Milani, others maybe not. 

We can't actually purchase Milani products in the UK, but they are great quality for the price that you pay for them. I picked up one of their lipsticks and eye shadows whilst I was in the States, I found their eyeshadow quite interesting as it looks fairly different to most other eye shadows. Their eyeshadows feel and look differently to normal eye shadows in the fact that they're not as powdery, but when you use a brush on them they apply exactly the same as any normal eyeshadow. I love the packaging as I feel it looks quite upmarket fort the product and I love how light they are to carry around. If I ever venture to the states again or I can convince my dad to go on a little shop for me I'll be asking him to get me a range of colours!

 The lipstick was a strange one at first when I applied it I'll admit I wasn't a big fan of it as it's quite glossy and shiny, but once I used it a couple of times I felt it growing on me and it's a nice pink colour for when you fancy something a little more simple as opposed to a bright in your face pink, it gives a lovely tint on your lips and smells good too. It's definitely something I'd recommend to any of you in the US (and anywhere else which these products are available to purchase)  

Olivia Thristan