Kat Von D Ink Liner!

I'm still making my way from the products I bought whilst I was in the states, but the other day I popped onto to Sephora to look... and ended up placing an order, my bad! So I have another one of these beauties on the way, which I am super excited about. I have always been a fan of pen liners as I am useless at drawing on my eyeliner with the liquid ones which you used to get more of a few years back and since these pen liners have become popular I can finally do eyeliner even the cat eye which I never thought I would be able to do! This eyeliner is a particular favourite of mine because it literally lasts for days (I haven't obviously tried) but I have worn it on a night out and then it was still exactly the same in the morning (tut tut for not taking off my make-up) In fact I know this eyeliner has long staying power due to the length of time I take when it comes to scrubbing it off before I go to bed! I guess that's why it is called the the Ink Liner. The eyeliner is easy to apply and doesn't dry out after a few uses FINALLY an eyeliner that lasts. It's pretty pricy for an eyeliner as far as I usually pay around £2 for mine, but it's worth the money for it. I have a couple of mini ones on stand by for when this runs out and I can hopefully beg my dad to make a trip to Sephora in the future!  I enjoy the packing as to which this eyeliner comes in as it is simple and very Kat Von D like with the stars. I am super excited for my Sephora order with the Kat Von D studded lipsticks in to arrive!

Olivia Thristan


  1. this sounds so amazing!! need to make a sephora order! I haven't heard great things about their lipsticks, I hope the colours you bought were the good ones of the bunch!x

    The little things in life

  2. I have never tried this brand before and it sounds great! ^^ Lovely blog & blog name too! you have a new follower!


  3. Thank you for writing this post AND ordering Kat Von D cosmetics. I absolutely adore Kat and I am tempted to purchase some of her products after your review. I am the same, I tend to pay under £5.00 for my day-to-day eyeliner but I have been thinking about purchasing a high-end eyeliner at some point! I am excited for your future Kat Van D cosmetic reviews! xx