Halloween & Christmas Haulin'

I can't get over the fact that it is coming up to Christmas and Halloween once again! My two favourite occasions, I love Halloween for all things dark, the makeup looks, the costumes and creativity and who doesn't love Christmas! Recently Lush and Yankee Candle have launched this years seasonal stock, although it is still a fair while off of Christmas, I love buying all of the Lush Christmas bath bombs and bubble bars and then the Candles from Yankee! Although Lush don't have a Halloween range I found some of the Yankee candle samplers for their Halloween Candles! (I always buy the candle samples first to see if I like them before investing in a full sized one!) I bought a range of different bath melts and bath bombs, I will probably repurchase most of them before Christmas is out as I think they all smell super pretty and I enjoy them more to other products they have throughout the year! I have already started to use the Halloween Samplers as that is coming up and plan on buying a big version before they get rid of the stock.
Olivia Thristan

Hippie Chic

I've always been a fan of chunky bracelets and during my teen years I used to wear them a lot, I usually end up buying a watch and wearing it for a few days then taking it off and it never seems to return to my wrist! Recently I was offered the chance to review a gorgeous watch/bracelet from Hippie Chic. I chose this gorgeous boho watch and bracelet combination and I think it looks super cool, it's not like just a watch as it is on a bracelet strap and attached to several other beaded bracelets. I think it's quite different to other things on the market as it is quite unique and hippie like. The beads are a lovely pretty colour and with the browns and the thread they all blend well together. I've found it useful to have something which is a bracelet with a watch face on! This watch comes in at £22 which I think is great, but they have many other different ones that start from £15 and they all unique and look great on! 

Olivia Thristan

Kat Von D Ink Liner!

I'm still making my way from the products I bought whilst I was in the states, but the other day I popped onto to Sephora to look... and ended up placing an order, my bad! So I have another one of these beauties on the way, which I am super excited about. I have always been a fan of pen liners as I am useless at drawing on my eyeliner with the liquid ones which you used to get more of a few years back and since these pen liners have become popular I can finally do eyeliner even the cat eye which I never thought I would be able to do! This eyeliner is a particular favourite of mine because it literally lasts for days (I haven't obviously tried) but I have worn it on a night out and then it was still exactly the same in the morning (tut tut for not taking off my make-up) In fact I know this eyeliner has long staying power due to the length of time I take when it comes to scrubbing it off before I go to bed! I guess that's why it is called the the Ink Liner. The eyeliner is easy to apply and doesn't dry out after a few uses FINALLY an eyeliner that lasts. It's pretty pricy for an eyeliner as far as I usually pay around £2 for mine, but it's worth the money for it. I have a couple of mini ones on stand by for when this runs out and I can hopefully beg my dad to make a trip to Sephora in the future!  I enjoy the packing as to which this eyeliner comes in as it is simple and very Kat Von D like with the stars. I am super excited for my Sephora order with the Kat Von D studded lipsticks in to arrive!

Olivia Thristan

September Favourites!

  I don't think I can get over the fact that today is October, where on earth is this year going? I am excited for the next few months as it is Halloween at the end of the month (which I love!) and obviously the build up to Christmas. So September out of the way what did I love during the month, this is my first favorites post and if it goes down well I will be doing more of them! 
This month I've been loving:  

Make Up Revolution  I finally managed to get my hands on some of their make-up this month after months of meaning to place an order I went into three different towns/cities and they had Makeup Revolution stands, I bought 10 lipsticks and a couple of the eye palettes. My favourite lipstick was this purple lipstick in the shade Scandalous. It's only recent I have been getting into purple lipsticks but this is perfect for autumn and only £1. 

MAC Candy Yum Yum I have wanted this shade for sometime, but never got around to picking it up whilst online shopping I decided it would be perfect time to add it and a couple of others to my basket and I have fell in love with it (you can read my review here) although it is quite a summery colour I think it's really girly and pretty and right up my street!

Marc Jacobs Rollerball Daisy I have wanted some Marc Jacobs perfume for sometime, and when I saw this rollerball perfume in Sephora for $25 I had to buy it, it's super handy for my handbag and when going on nights out to refresh your perfume and it's also a good way to see if you enjoy it enough to buy a full sized one.

Smash Box Full Exposure Mascara This was my first Smashbox product that I have tried and I have fell in love with it, the mascara is such good quality and long lasting and I haven't found problems with it, I will be repurchasing a full sized one and using this in my handbag as it's super handy!

Naked 3 Palette This is the most exciting thing I have ever won in a giveaway and my favourite eyeshadow pallette that I own, it has such a range of shades (as I am sure most of you know) and it's awesome to create different eyeshadow looks and I have used it a hell of a lot throughout September.

Maybelline Dream Wonder Foundation After buying this foundation I wasn't really sure what I thought of it, but after using it several times I have decided it's a great lightweight foundation and one of my make-up staples (you can read my full review here)

Olivia Thristan