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Hi I'm Katie from Katie's World Of Beauty and Jess has asked me to guest post for her whilst she's off on holiday, I hope you enjoy my post and be sure to check out my blog!
I know I am getting ahead of myself as its in the middle of summer but, I made a tweet a couple of days ago saying I couldn't wait for the weather to get cooler so I could whip out my darker lipstick shades. Don't get me wrong I love summer! I love the whole idea of looking like a bronze goddess, demolishing countless amounts of ice creams and wearing less clothing. But, I am starting to think about winter and chucking on some big, thick, fluffy jumpers - which gave me an idea of writing a post on getting prepared for winter in advance..really is in advance!

Get started on writing those endless lists!
I am a big list writer so when it gets near Christmas time my notebooks are always covered in writing! Start jotting down some lists on what you want off Santa this year! - my list usually contains a lot of makeup! Also get writing down who you are buying for this year: family members, friends, boy/girlfriends etc etc..then maybe you could start picking some pieces up now before it gets too busy! I also tend to make a lot of beauty lists over Christmas period too on things I need to stock up on. It seems like I go through a lot more essentials in winter than any other season! Its always good to get planning in advance so you're not rushing around Christmas Eve!

Moisturize till your hearts content
One thing I dread doing a lot more in the colder months is moisturizing. Not just talking about face I am talking about body - I just get super lazy in the winter. Our faces/bodies always tend to need that extra TLC in the colder months. I've discovered the Garnier oil beauty body moisturizer few months back and have been loving it so I've decided to stick with using this throughout winter too. Therefore I won't be dreading or putting off moisturizing my body and should have smoother skin!

Stock up on LUSH bath products
Over the colder months I have realized bloggers go crazy over LUSH products *myself being one of those*. So its good to stock up on some bath products around October/November so you are picking up the festive ones too! I am a sucker for a long hot relaxing, candle lit baths when its winter so I seriously can't wait for winter just for these moments! You get fed up of quick cold showers to cool down in the summer very fast!

Get the dark shades out
I always feel weary to wear dark reds or purples in summertime not that the is anything wrong with that just they on not my 'go to' shades. I feel like I have abandoned all my darker colour lipsticks so I cannot wait for the cooler months so I can get back into wearing my purples! I am sure a lot of other bloggers can't wait for this too!

Pamper evening face masks
I go through a lot more face masks in winter time referring back to the LUSH bath treats - when relaxing in the bath I usually have a good 10-20 minute face mask on too. These are a few I use frequently and will most likely be stocking up on again sometime soon. My skin always needs that extra care in winter so face masks are a must for me to keep those pesky breakouts, dry skin problems away.

Put your shades down and get your socks out
We have to all admit when it gets colder we will always at one point at least pick up one big pair of chunky fluffy socks. As it gets colder our feet get a lot more colder too so big fluffy socks are a must! I actually wear a lot of mine for bed too which some people find too hot - but, my feet do get really cold. Not just socks we all need to get its jumpers and scarves and thick boots! all of these things are what we will be stocking up on when winter arrives. I always get new coats around September/October time.

That is mostly all of the getting prepared for the colder months essentials I can think of. Probably stocking up on candles is another but these are what stand out to me at the moment!

What are your preparations for the colder months?

Olivia Thristan


  1. Such a great post! I can't wait to also get the fluffy socks out as well as spending way too much money in Lush! hah!

    Rachel xx

  2. I have those fluffy owl posts! I can't wait for the colder months, pjs, hot chocolate and candles.

    Jegz xo