Disney Inspired Fashion- Amy guest posts!

Hi there, my name is Amy Marie and I blog over at Cocktails in Teacups. Olivia has been kind enough to let me guest post for her while she's off on holiday to Florida. I don't know about you but I can't wait to read all her posts, mainly because I'm off myself in April!

Anyway, since she'll be in the land of make believe, I've put together a few outfit ideas inspired by some of my favourite Disney Characters since I like to have a little Disney in my life every day and when I can help it, I like to channel my inner heroine. Even though giving the time I could probably do one of these for every princess, I've chosen a few of my favourites for this post and I really hope you enjoy them!

Lets start with The One That Started It All, also known as Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. I have always had a soft spot for Snow White, not because I'm particularly a fan of Snow White himself more of what the movie stands for and the whole Fairest of Them All thing. To dress like Snow White you obviously need the iconic yellow, blue and red combination. At the moment H&M has the most amazing Yellow Pleated Skirt in stock for £19.99. It's a nice length too so while you're frolicking with the birds you won't be indecent. Speaking of birds, I found the most Snow White top ever, it's blue with a bird print, and lets not forget the cut out neck. It's the Bright Birdy Blouse by Sugarhill Boutique and is available from Scarlett Fashion for £29.99. Now to accessorise, red is the main colour i'm going for, with one of the gorgeous Medium Glitter Hair Bows from Crown and Glory and some red Seaside Lace Up Cut Out Shoes from Topshop. And lets not forget about the ultimate Snow White accessory, the Disney Couture Fairest of them All necklace.

Next up is my current favourite Disney character, Ariel from The Little Mermaid. Although I personally favour her blue town dress, I've decided once again to go with the iconic colours which for Ariel are the green of her tail and purple of her shell bra. Of course I don't recommend you going out in either (unless like me you're a little bit of a cosplay nut!) So instead how about some b.Young Ricco Shorts in Beach Glass (how appropriate is that name?) currently on sale for £23.99, teamed with a Purple Peplum Top that almost has that shell bra shape! Continuing the shell theme, how about an ASOS Shell Shaped Bag? To accessorise, although Ariel doesn't really accessorise (hence why I couldn't find any Ariel like shoes) Sugar & Vice have a whole mermaid selection of goodies, including these fab Shell Hair Clips! And finally the outfit wouldn't be complete without a bit of Authentic Disney Couture, obviously I've picked out the Ariel Cameo this time! 

Finally, we have Tinkerbell. Tinkerbell is another character I've only just got into, mainly because my daughter is HUGE fan of the movies and now I've watched them all through, I definitely have a soft spot for Tink. She's all sass which is something I love! Even though dressing like Tinkerbell may seem daunting I've found the most perfect dress that won't have you showing your bottom, b.Young Bay Long Dress, the ombre effect just screams fairy to me. Teamed with these ASOS Lazy Bones Ballet Flats in an almost matching green, all you need is to glue a pom pom on them! To jazz up Tinkerbell's famous top knot, I have found a beautiful Sunflower Bun Crown on Roses and Clementines. To complete the Tinkerbell look I have chosen a couple more Disney Couture pieces, first up is one of the pieces from my own lust list, the Believing Message Tinkerbell Bangles. And finally the Disney Couture Tinkerbell Silhouette Necklace.

Do you think these outfits really capture the essence of each character? Would you wear them?

Thank you so much Jessie for letting me guest post, I hope you're enjoying your holiday! Please check out my blog Cocktails in Teacups or you can follow over on Bloglovin.
Olivia Thristan


  1. Love this post! I think Ariel's is my favourite. I love the Disney Couture Jewellery x

  2. Gorgeous outfits!

    Jegz xo // http://jegz-loves-tea.blogspot.co.uk/

  3. I would absolutely love to see a post with loads more disney inspired outfits these are awesome!!! :)

    Stacie xoxo

  4. This is such a cute post! Out of this post Ariel is my favourite :)


  5. This was adorable. Absolutely love Tinkerbells outfit, That sunflower headband is to die for !.

    cait || http://caitrionatighe.blogspot.ie/

  6. The snow white outfit is gorgeous. I would totally rock that!



  7. Love this post! I actually have the black shell bag and its one of my faves!