Maybelline Dream Wonder Foundation

Before I went to the USA and bought The Dream Wonder foundations,  I had read and watched mixed reviews on them, from them being not enough coverage to being up there with other top drugstore foundations, but of course I had to try them for myself.  when I opened them they have a bit of a strange applicator which is a stick with a tear drop shaped applicator on, I assume it's due to the foundation being fluid. I got this foundation in two shades due to being more tanned on holiday and then how pale I am usually. I was unsure after my first use as I didn't feel that it lasted as long as I thought it would do, but I did like how light it felt on my skin so I decided to try the foundation again, after using it a couple more times I learnt to love the foundation for an everyday foundation with less coverage. I enjoy the glass bottle as I feel it gives it that bit more of a high end product feel, rather than your average drugstore one. My favourite thing about this foundation is the fact that it blends in perfectly and looks great when first applied. Although I am not a fan of the applicator at all, it won't put me off of the foundation, and the chances of me repurchasing this is unlikely due to that fact I won't be going near the USA for quite sometime *sad face*
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MAC lipstick review// Saint Germain & Candy Yum Yum

 It has happened once again, I went on the MAC website and ended up purchasing myself two lipsticks that I have wanted forever and a day, but have never been able to justify buying them out of the blue, so I decided it was finally time and although they are quite bright and summery I am one to wear bright lipsticks all year round so this doesn't bother me.

 Saint Germain isn't as bright to wear as Candy Yum Yum, but it is such a pretty light pink colour which looks amazing on, it can be worn to work and university and still stand out, I am used to wearing brighter colours so this is a bit different for me but I loved it all the same! Saint Germain is an amplified creme lipstick makes it more shiny and feels lovely on the lips. The pink of this lipstick reminds me a bit of Barbie, a very girly colour!

 Candy Yum Yum is a bright pink and it is a matte lipstick which I do enjoy but its not overly drying which I have found previous matte MAC lipsticks to be! The colour is vibrant and perfect for a night out or a day when I am feeling extra daring, as I am sure most of you will know MAC lipsticks have a massively long staying power and smell like vanilla which I love, and it just tells me it's a MAC lipstick. I love this lipstick and I am sure I will be repurchasing!

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Universal Essentials!

I have a bit of a university theme within my blog at the moment that and the USA anyways, so basically I thought as a lot of my friends are heading to university this week and I start back in a few I would share with you my "must haves" for university studies! 

None of the images belong to me or my blog*
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USA Snacks!

A bit of a weird but yummy type of post and I am in no means suggesting this is what Americans eat on a daily basis or even at all! So during my recent trip to America I supersized a lot of the food I ate, got stacks and stacks of pancakes and coated them in syrup, brought the brightest most unhealthy cupcakes that I could find and had my fair share of fast food, and why on earth not! Everything food wise is so much more fun than in the UK and I was going to enjoy my USA experience by being as unhealthy as possible, I just thought it would be fun to share with you lovely lot some of the awesome food I ate during my time in the states!

Did you see my full review of Universal Studios here
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Sephora favourites eyeliners!

During my recent trip to the states I obviously headed for Sephora (on more than one occasion may I add) the first thing that went straight in my basket is something I saw online which was the Sephora favorites kit, I purchased that on the fact it has 6 mini eyeliners in from high end brands (within a few days I had gone back and bought a couple of the full sized eyeliners as I loved them so much) The set was made up of an eyeliner from; Marc Jacobs, NARS, Urban Decay, Kat Von D, Stila & Sephora (the perfect brands for us bloggers hey?) There is a mix of pen eyeliners and pencil ones, and I can't faullt any of them, the kit cost $30 dollars which is an amazing price as it has $75 dollars with of product in. 

I dived straight in trying the MARC JACOBS liner which is beyond amazing, I didn't get a chance to go back and purchase a full sized liner, but hopefully I will be able to get my hands on one eventually, I used the eyeliner to do my waterline as it is a pencil one, it is very easy to apply and doesn't smudge leaving the perfect line which is long lasting also. The liner is a twist up one and is small and stores easily within a purse, perfect for eyeliner top ups! Secondly I tried the Kat Von D eyeliner which I purchased a full sized one of after applying it once, it applied easily and lasted all day and looks dark! The eyeliner is a liquid one in a pen form which I am instantly attracted to.

 The Sephora eyeliner was the one I liked least from the set, it is a pencil liner which I found harder to apply and it smudged whilst applying, although it was long lasting it isn't really anything special. The Stila eyeliner is amazing for the fact it applies perfectly and is long lasting but the colour it came isn't really for me, as it is brown although it is a great product! NARS eyeliner, I thought I would love this to the moon and back and although I like it, it's nothing special for the money it costs which is a shame as it is easy to re-purchase, it didn't apply as easily as the others and wasn't that long lasting but when first applies creates a lovely dark eyeline and is great if you top it up often. The final eyeliner which was a full sized one is the Urban Decay one, I haven't even attempted to use the purple side yet, but I have used the black one and love it, and will be repurchasing, another long lasting one which is easy to apply. I shall be using the purple one for a makeup look or maybe for halloween?

I have done a full review of the Kat Von D liner here.
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Freshers & Giveaway!

It feels like only yesterday I was starting at university and now I am going into my second year! For those of you who are just starting there is no need to panic although everything is different (the environment, the work etc.) Uni is pretty amazing and you'll have an awesome time. The main reason for this post is to chat to you about one of the main things of student life which everyone looks forward to, FRESHERS. So what is freshers? Basically its a week or two of getting very drunk and meeting new people who are at your university. 

For this post I have complied my top tips for getting through freshers and having the best time: 
1. Drink a lot of water, if you drink a lot although alcohol is a liquid it actually makes you more dehydrated which usually leaves you feeling worse than ever the next day!
2. Plan in advance, this is a strange one but what I mean by that is see what different theme of nights there are going on and if you don't think you hack them all go to the ones which are recommended or take your fancy, or go to the ones at the start of the week as you'll feel rough by the end.
3. Eat before a night out, being a student myself I am aware that if you eat a lot before you go out it takes longer to get drunk, but it's a good idea to eat something light beforehand.
4. Make up a hangover kit: mine consists of hash browns (always something which helps me when I feel rough), paracetamol, pepsi max and vitamin tablets.

Intellicig are giving you lovely readers a chance to win your own kit of everything pictured below by following and entering via the giveaway below: 

I was provided with my own freshers kit and one to giveaway* 
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Universal Studios!

Most of you are aware that I have just been on a two week trip to Florida, and during my time there I went to a lot of different places including Universal Studios which I was most excited about, although I am not a big fan of rides (understatement) I found some different things which I went on! The park was a lot bigger than I thought it would be and rammed as we decided to go on labor day weekend as we didn't think it through! The park consisted of different things made by universal including Despicable Me, Harry Potter, The Simpsons, A Tornado Simulator & ET.  There's not really much to say about it, apart from if you visit Florida take a trip it's well worth the money and get a toffee apple they're amazing! Just a little warning this post consists of a fair few photos! 

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Katies World Of Beauty Guest Posts!

Hi I'm Katie from Katie's World Of Beauty and Jess has asked me to guest post for her whilst she's off on holiday, I hope you enjoy my post and be sure to check out my blog!
I know I am getting ahead of myself as its in the middle of summer but, I made a tweet a couple of days ago saying I couldn't wait for the weather to get cooler so I could whip out my darker lipstick shades. Don't get me wrong I love summer! I love the whole idea of looking like a bronze goddess, demolishing countless amounts of ice creams and wearing less clothing. But, I am starting to think about winter and chucking on some big, thick, fluffy jumpers - which gave me an idea of writing a post on getting prepared for winter in advance..really is in advance!

Get started on writing those endless lists!
I am a big list writer so when it gets near Christmas time my notebooks are always covered in writing! Start jotting down some lists on what you want off Santa this year! - my list usually contains a lot of makeup! Also get writing down who you are buying for this year: family members, friends, boy/girlfriends etc etc..then maybe you could start picking some pieces up now before it gets too busy! I also tend to make a lot of beauty lists over Christmas period too on things I need to stock up on. It seems like I go through a lot more essentials in winter than any other season! Its always good to get planning in advance so you're not rushing around Christmas Eve!

Moisturize till your hearts content
One thing I dread doing a lot more in the colder months is moisturizing. Not just talking about face I am talking about body - I just get super lazy in the winter. Our faces/bodies always tend to need that extra TLC in the colder months. I've discovered the Garnier oil beauty body moisturizer few months back and have been loving it so I've decided to stick with using this throughout winter too. Therefore I won't be dreading or putting off moisturizing my body and should have smoother skin!

Stock up on LUSH bath products
Over the colder months I have realized bloggers go crazy over LUSH products *myself being one of those*. So its good to stock up on some bath products around October/November so you are picking up the festive ones too! I am a sucker for a long hot relaxing, candle lit baths when its winter so I seriously can't wait for winter just for these moments! You get fed up of quick cold showers to cool down in the summer very fast!

Get the dark shades out
I always feel weary to wear dark reds or purples in summertime not that the is anything wrong with that just they on not my 'go to' shades. I feel like I have abandoned all my darker colour lipsticks so I cannot wait for the cooler months so I can get back into wearing my purples! I am sure a lot of other bloggers can't wait for this too!

Pamper evening face masks
I go through a lot more face masks in winter time referring back to the LUSH bath treats - when relaxing in the bath I usually have a good 10-20 minute face mask on too. These are a few I use frequently and will most likely be stocking up on again sometime soon. My skin always needs that extra care in winter so face masks are a must for me to keep those pesky breakouts, dry skin problems away.

Put your shades down and get your socks out
We have to all admit when it gets colder we will always at one point at least pick up one big pair of chunky fluffy socks. As it gets colder our feet get a lot more colder too so big fluffy socks are a must! I actually wear a lot of mine for bed too which some people find too hot - but, my feet do get really cold. Not just socks we all need to get its jumpers and scarves and thick boots! all of these things are what we will be stocking up on when winter arrives. I always get new coats around September/October time.

That is mostly all of the getting prepared for the colder months essentials I can think of. Probably stocking up on candles is another but these are what stand out to me at the moment!

What are your preparations for the colder months?

Olivia Thristan

The Beauty Baker Guest Post!

Hiya sweet peas!

It's Siobhan here from The Beauty Baker and I'm lucky enough to be guest posting for Jess today!

My skin is not being kind to me at the moment and it seems to love just breaking out in spots and going really red and pink everywhere, not very attractive if you ask me! So since my skin has been messing up I remember how much I love Angels On Bare Skin by Lush which is a cleanser which you can use on your face and body I've only ever used it on my face though.

Unlike other cleansers I've used this one is more solid and you just mix it with a little bit of water in the palm of your hand and scrub it all over your face which is one of the main reason I like this I just hate having liquid on my face so I can make mine into a paste which I don't mind being on my face. Another thing which I absolutely love about this cleanser is the smell though, it has extracts of lavender in it which I find so refreshing and also makes me ready for bed so I tend to use this later on in the evening just before I go to bed so I can have a good nights sleep.

After using this for a bit I've seen a massive difference in my skin it was no longer patchy or discoloured, my spots had disappeared and my face just looked healthier in a whole! I use this around 3 times a week and I don't find that it dries out my skin since I also use a hydration cream on my face.

You can buy this face cleaner for £6.40 which I think is really good value for the fact a tub lasts me a long time and is amazing on my skin, luckily though I haven't ever had to pay this since I got my first tub free at a blogger meet and then when that one run out I was lucky enough to get it again at a different blogger meet, score!

What's your favourite cleanser?

Olivia Thristan

Beautrina Guest Posts!

 Hi I'm Katrina and whilst Jess is on holiday she asked me if I would do a guest post for her so here it is; Ever since I saw Gabby (velvetgh0st) raving about the Kiko Long Lasting Eyeshadow Sticks, I really wanted to try one for myself. They looked so lovely, and known as a potential dupe for the By Terry Ombre Blackstar, I thought how amazing is it that they’re only a fraction of the price at £6.90 compared to £28. To me a £21.10 difference does make literally all the difference, especially when you can buy 4 of the Kiko Sticks for just under £28!

Recently, me and some friends headed to London and we were on Oxford Street when my friend pointed out the Kiko Cosmetics store! I didn’t even know we had one of these in the UK so I was super excited and we obviously headed in. I had a look around everywhere, but I was searching specifically for the Long Lasting Sticks. I spotted them and I picked up the shade Bright Ivory because I wanted to go for a fairly light, neutral colour as it is still technically summer.

The matte black packaging reminds me a lot of the Nars packaging, and before I headed into the store in London I thought Kiko was a high end brand. Imagine how pleased I was when I saw the prices were more purse friendly! They definitely fooled me with their luxurious packaging. The shade I have (Bright Ivory) brightens up the whole eye area and just makes you look so much more awake. I love how easy they are to apply; you literally draw with the stick onto your eyelid then get your finger and blend out the edges. You have to work quickly though – once they are on they stay in place!

They claim to last for 8 hours, and they certainly do, I’d say they last even longer! I apply mine in the early afternoon about 12pm and it still hasn’t worn off by about 9/10pm. When I swatched the stick as well it took a while to get off my hand, that was with soap and water! I have to say I’m thoroughly impressed with the Kiko Long Lasting Stick and I can’t wait to try more colours, maybe straying a bit away from neutrals for something different. In Winter I’ll definitely be picking up some darker colours to wear, I have my eye on Burgundy already.

Olivia Thristan

Disney Inspired Fashion- Amy guest posts!

Hi there, my name is Amy Marie and I blog over at Cocktails in Teacups. Olivia has been kind enough to let me guest post for her while she's off on holiday to Florida. I don't know about you but I can't wait to read all her posts, mainly because I'm off myself in April!

Anyway, since she'll be in the land of make believe, I've put together a few outfit ideas inspired by some of my favourite Disney Characters since I like to have a little Disney in my life every day and when I can help it, I like to channel my inner heroine. Even though giving the time I could probably do one of these for every princess, I've chosen a few of my favourites for this post and I really hope you enjoy them!

Lets start with The One That Started It All, also known as Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. I have always had a soft spot for Snow White, not because I'm particularly a fan of Snow White himself more of what the movie stands for and the whole Fairest of Them All thing. To dress like Snow White you obviously need the iconic yellow, blue and red combination. At the moment H&M has the most amazing Yellow Pleated Skirt in stock for £19.99. It's a nice length too so while you're frolicking with the birds you won't be indecent. Speaking of birds, I found the most Snow White top ever, it's blue with a bird print, and lets not forget the cut out neck. It's the Bright Birdy Blouse by Sugarhill Boutique and is available from Scarlett Fashion for £29.99. Now to accessorise, red is the main colour i'm going for, with one of the gorgeous Medium Glitter Hair Bows from Crown and Glory and some red Seaside Lace Up Cut Out Shoes from Topshop. And lets not forget about the ultimate Snow White accessory, the Disney Couture Fairest of them All necklace.

Next up is my current favourite Disney character, Ariel from The Little Mermaid. Although I personally favour her blue town dress, I've decided once again to go with the iconic colours which for Ariel are the green of her tail and purple of her shell bra. Of course I don't recommend you going out in either (unless like me you're a little bit of a cosplay nut!) So instead how about some b.Young Ricco Shorts in Beach Glass (how appropriate is that name?) currently on sale for £23.99, teamed with a Purple Peplum Top that almost has that shell bra shape! Continuing the shell theme, how about an ASOS Shell Shaped Bag? To accessorise, although Ariel doesn't really accessorise (hence why I couldn't find any Ariel like shoes) Sugar & Vice have a whole mermaid selection of goodies, including these fab Shell Hair Clips! And finally the outfit wouldn't be complete without a bit of Authentic Disney Couture, obviously I've picked out the Ariel Cameo this time! 

Finally, we have Tinkerbell. Tinkerbell is another character I've only just got into, mainly because my daughter is HUGE fan of the movies and now I've watched them all through, I definitely have a soft spot for Tink. She's all sass which is something I love! Even though dressing like Tinkerbell may seem daunting I've found the most perfect dress that won't have you showing your bottom, b.Young Bay Long Dress, the ombre effect just screams fairy to me. Teamed with these ASOS Lazy Bones Ballet Flats in an almost matching green, all you need is to glue a pom pom on them! To jazz up Tinkerbell's famous top knot, I have found a beautiful Sunflower Bun Crown on Roses and Clementines. To complete the Tinkerbell look I have chosen a couple more Disney Couture pieces, first up is one of the pieces from my own lust list, the Believing Message Tinkerbell Bangles. And finally the Disney Couture Tinkerbell Silhouette Necklace.

Do you think these outfits really capture the essence of each character? Would you wear them?

Thank you so much Jessie for letting me guest post, I hope you're enjoying your holiday! Please check out my blog Cocktails in Teacups or you can follow over on Bloglovin.
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