NYX Xtreme Lip Cream

NYX is a brand that keeps popping up on my blog from time to time and I am sure after my trip to the states it will more than definitely be popping up again! Today I am going to review the Xtreme lip cream! When I first heard about this product I didn't think there would a lot of difference between that and the butter gloss, but I was wrong! The butter gloss is just a divine lip gloss whereas the lip cream applies like lip gloss but is a liquid lipstick and it keeps your lips feeling soft and not sticky like some lip products can. I have the product in Natural which isn't often a colour I will wear as I am usually a bright lip kinda girl, but I actually quite liked this, it's simple but still gives your lips the right amount of colour and they look pretty, it would be great for somewhere like work as it is toned down. I love how the packaging of this product says it's not a lipstick nor is it a gloss, which makes you curious as to what this product is! You can purchase NYX from your local Next store if you are looking to purchase some of their products, I will be treating myself to some of the Xtreme lip creams in more colours!

*I was sent this to review, all opinions 100% honest. 

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