13 August 2014

Nivea Cleansing Water

When I saw this beauty on offer in Wilko for £2.00 I went straight to the til to buy it, although I have never tried it I have used similar in the past and thought it was worth definitely the money even if I disagreed with the product. On my first use I fell in love with it, for removing make-up I would give this product a 10 it removes even the toughest of mascaras which other cleansing waters struggle with, I love how clean it left my face feeling and it also left it feeling very smooth which is always a bonus right? The claims of this product are that cleanses deeply, removes make-up and moisturizes  and I can that it does all three of those things and this will be a product that I plan to repurchase even when it returns to it's full price of £4.00 as I feel it is worth every penny. Considering I have been using it for a week and it has only used the slightest bit suggests to me that this product will be long lasting and has 200ml in the bottle so it should last me at least a month if not longer. Another thing which I enjoy about this product is that it is aimed at people with sensitive skin which is something I have always had so it's great to have a product that goes hand in hand with that! Quick get your hands on it whilst it's only £2!


  1. I've been using the garnier cleansing water they last so long don't they!!

  2. Need to try thaat asap


  3. Sounds great and such a bargain! This is going on my wish list :)