Natural Cosmetics (Harlequin Cosmetics) Guest Post!

Reasons to love Natural Cosmetics (ft. Harlequin Cosmetics)

I’m Becky from geekgetsglam and I was over the moon when Jess asked me to guest post on her blog! Today I’m going to chat about why I am obsessed with natural cosmetics. When I was 14 years old I started making lip balms. To be honest with you, they were pretty rubbish. In fact they were awful but it began a journey that would eventually change my life as I’m now starting my own natural cosmetics business (with a changed lip balm recipe).

I personally believe that natural cosmetics are the best way to ensure that your skincare is having a beneficial effect.  The most obvious benefit of going natural is that you know you aren’t using any harmful chemicals that your body isn’t used to. Natural ingredients have been used for thousands of years, dating as far back as 4th millennium BC in Egypt, and we can still use the treatments for various skin types today! With the help of a few of my products from Harlequin Cosmetics, I’ve put together a small guide of some of the more popular natural ingredients you probably see on many cosmetics products in shops at the moment. 

Coconut Oil
I think you may be living under a rock if you haven’t already heard about the amazing moisturising properties of coconut oil. Coconut oil, contrary to its name, is actually a solid butter type product and it comes from the white, fleshy bits of a coconut. Coconut oil is a brilliant moisturiser and can be used to balance and moisturise skin and hair. We use it in the Harlequin Cosmetics Supernova Body Butter – it provides great moisturisation without causing any skin irritation.

Aloe Vera
Fun fact: At one point I had almost 20 aloe vera plants growing in my house. I started running out of room and plant pots so we had to reduce the number however aloe vera still remains one of my favourite natural products. Aloe Vera grows in desert areas (like a cactus) and the clear gel we use in skincare is found inside the leaves. It is best known for soothing properties which makes it great for after sun care but also for intensive moisturisers, like the Harlequin Cosmetics Hand Haven Hand Cream. We also use it in our shower gels to make sure your skin is soothed whilst enjoying a hot shower!

Cocoa Butter
Cocoa butter is found in the best of things, such as chocolate, which means it must be a heavenly creation. Apart from being in some of our favourite sweets it’s often found in cosmetics meant for intensive moisturising. It has a low melting point so glides into the skin and provides moisture exactly where we need it! It is one of the main ingredients in the lip balms we make at Harlequin Cosmetics to make sure your lips are super soft and supple!
I hope you’ve enjoyed this rather brief introduction to the brilliance of natural cosmetics! You can check out Harlequin Cosmetics at their website.

Leave a comment if you have any amazing natural beauty tips you can share with us all ;)
Olivia Thristan

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