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Being a blogger isn't just as easy as writing a few words on a webpage and taking a few pictures of the latest lipstick release or of your new outfit, there is so much more to blogging than meets the eye. Social media is something that is a part of most peoples everyday lives whether you use facebook, twitter, instagram or pinterest they all have their positives and negatives.When it comes to your blog what can you do promote yourself and your blog through these websites?
 Twitter: is the main one I use for blogging, I use it to promote my new posts and to talk to other bloggers who are just like me, it's a great way to get in touch with companies and set up relationships with them. When promoting your latest posts make sure you hashtag the relevant tags to your post e.g. #bbloggers for all things beauty, #lbloggers for lifestyle things & #fbloggers for those cheeky OOTDs. They create links to your post and help you get views! 

Facebook: this isn't something I really use for my blog but I can see why people do use it, it is great for making a page of your blog and sharing all your new posts with your likers and they can keep up to date with ease, facebook is great for sharing your blog pictures also.

Instagram: is a great one for taking pretty pics and I am one of those bloggers who do think of Instagram in my mind when I get a new lipstick or a lovely drink but it is also great for using a picture from your new blog post to promote it to a different audience, similar to twitter it is important to hashtag what you are looking to aim at, for example #beauty, #summer #life etc and it'll reach a wider audience if you comment under the photo your blog link although you can't click the link it still promotes it back to your blog and if your photos are good it is going to make people want more. 

Pinterest: although I don't personally use this on my blog I think it makes a great place for inspiration whether it's nails to cakes they are all super inspiring when it comes to writing a blog post of your own it gives you ideas of new things to write about or different backgrounds you could use for your photos, I am addicted to staring at all of the pretty nails I can find, so many different pretty ones!
Olivia Thristan

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