India Benjamin 'Beauty Crimes' Guest Post

Hey everyone! I'm India and I blog over at Touchscreens & Beautyqueens. I'd like to thank Jessie for letting my guest post, I love Dungarees and Donuts and the fact there is a huge variety of posts, including lifestyle posts which lets me have a sneak peak into her life! I'm a 90s baby, which naturally means that during my teens in the late 2000s, I committed tons of beauty crimes. It kind of comes with the territory, and I know we've all made some serious beauty faux pas but here are the major ones that have graced my life.

Over plucking my eyebrows. This was pretty much compulsory when I was fifteen. Within weeks of first picking up the tweezers, the ends of my eyebrows were one hair thick and were basically one hair thick. Awkward.

 Wearing way too much pencil eyeliner. Possibly something to do with the fact that being an emo was in when I was fourteen, and the fact that I just didn't get liquid eyeliner, but the entire bottom lid of my eye was crayoned around in thick black kohl eyeliner, with nothing on the top lids. Eventually, this lessened to thick eyeliner from half way around my bottom lid but still. It wasn't pretty. Picking my mascara off. There is something really satisfying about picking mascara off, although it leaves me looking like a panda afterwards. Satisfying as it is, this seriously wrecked my eyelashes.

Each night, I'd lose a few lashes and the lengths started to really suffer. I ended up switching to makeup remover and coconut oilling my lashes back to full health, so thankfully there is no damage anymore! DIY bleach job. I started dying my hair brown when I was 16 and it got out of hand until my hair was super dark. I figured I'd fix it myself with an at home bleach kit, and ended up with orange hair and white roots. Clearly, this didn't teach me my lesson as I bleached it again two days later, turning it banana yellow. I eventually conceded and went to the hair dressers, who turned it white after openly laughing at my stupidity.

 Wearing foundation way to pale for me. At school, I was so conscious of all those orange skinned girls that I went the polar opposite and managed to convince myself that ivory was a perfect match for me. Cue ridiculously pale skin that made me look a bit ill. I'll admit, these aren't the only mistakes I've made in the past, and I've had a few dubious choices even recently, including growing my eyebrows into thick bushes, way too dark fake tans and frying my fringe on some dodgy straighteners. I'm only just getting really good at makeup, although I'm still learning how to accentuate my eyes in the best way possible. Onwards and upwards though, right? What are you biggest beauty mistakes? I'm sure some of these will be familiar to a few of you! 
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