Festival Fever!*

Throughout summer there are so many festivals in the UK to attend and although there are so many I want to attend there a few factors stopping me, the first being work and the second being money although every year I do normally attend Leeds Festival but for the first time in a few years this year I won't be attending Leeds but this is for good reasons as I will be sunning it up in Florida! Although I am not going to a festival I love the fashion that goes with it and recently decided to challenge myself to find a full outfit for a festival for under £30 on House Of Fraser which was actually easier than I thought! So what did I get I hear you ask, well I bought a pair of shoes which were £12.00, a pair of shorts which were £12.80 and a vest top which was £4.00 and they were all gorgeous I couldn't believe they were in the sale considering how much they were original. I love shorts and although they aren't something I would usually go for I think they are perfect for a festival. Although I would normally just go for the wellies look at festivals I do feel those shoes are gorgeous and would keep your feet nice and cool and the vest top is exactly what I would wear to a festival!  

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