Ciate Pillow Fight- Guest Post Away With The Fairies!

NOTD: Ciaté ‘Pillow Fight’

There are some brands that get so much hype, that you’re not sure if they’ll live up to the pedestal they’ve been put on. This was the case with me and Ciaté. I’d heard so many good things about the brand, but it wasn’t until I received my first bottle in a goody bag that I really got what everyone was going on about.

I mean, who can’t resist a bow? On anything?! You can spot a Ciaté bottle a mile off and I just love the slightly curved bottle. The long tapered top means you can hold the brush securely when applying, and more control = prettier nails!

The colour is so flattering; I don’t any colour like it in my collection and I have a pretty big collection! This dull lilac goes with more things than I thought it would, and is a great colour to wear all year round- not too bright for winter and not too dark for summer. Two coats are needed to make the most out of the colour, but I was surprised and impressed at how quickly it dried! It doesn’t brag that it dries quickly but they should! Let’s just say it dried quicker than some of the 30 and 60 second polishes I own! Once on your nails it stays put; it lasted a week on my fingernails and 3 weeks on my toenails before it started chipping!

I can definitely say that I’m really impressed with my first Ciaté paint pot! Have any of you tried Ciaté, and if so, what’s your fave colour?


Olivia Thristan


  1. I love these little bottles, they are so pretty but it is the colour of this I love - it is perfect for now - I am reluctant to wear winter shades just yet but am so over the summer brights.

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  3. I have this polish and it's absolutely beautiful! :)