Cats and Vodka OOTD Guest Posts!

Hello there Jess's lovely readers, I hope you're doing wonderfully well. I'm Alex, I plan to make every cat my best friend whilst endeavoring to try every cocktail there is, plus I like to blog on a little place on the internet is called Cats and Vodka. I've got a little OOTD number comin'atcha today with a little help from the ever-stylish Asos.  

I am in love with white this summer; white shoes, white dresses, white accessories. You name it and I have it in white. As a crazy messy person this trend did scare me a little bit, no-one likes the girl with pasta sauce all over her white outfit but I somehow manged in this dress all day. 

This dress is a really soft, light cotton smock style dress with an elephant tile pattern all over the dress. First, I'm in love with the print. It's not something I'd usually go for but I love how the print speaks for itself with it's simple yet beautiful design, plus elephants are super cute. The smock style was another one out of my comfort zone. Oversized can sometimes make me look 10x bigger than I actually am but I love how loose this is as it doesn't lose all shape after the slight nipped in part. 

It's simple enough to rock on it's own or can be dressed with some extra accessories is jazz it up a bit. It was around £28 from Asos which isn't too bad for a beautifully made dress! 
The shoes are my statement white sandals from New Look. I love these shoes, wait that's not enough: I LOVE THESE SHOES. That's better. They're white, chunky, slightly plaformed, extremely comfy and perfect for summer, did someone say perfect? I love wearing these shoes on their own or with some cute frilly socks for a girly edge. 

Well, that's all from me! Hope you enjoyed my little takeover on Jess's blog :) 

Love, Alex

Olivia Thristan


  1. I always see gals in white and think "omg she looks awesome!" but i know i can't pull it off, deffo a pasta spiller! xo
    amber love

  2. I'm far too pale and messy to pull off wearing anything white!
    Gorgeous dress.

    Jegz xo

  3. Such a pretty dress but sadly in Scotland the summer is very definitely over - maybe next year I will get into white x

  4. Love this dress! x