Beauty// Elegant Touch Express Nails*

 I have always loved to paint nails and do pretty things to them but since I have worked in a supermarket it has no longer been possible to do any of the things to my nails as I am unable to have them painted as they can be a health hazard, boo. Recently I discovered these gorgeous stick on nails from Elegant Touch, the process is simple you peel the back off of the nails and then they are sticky and you press them onto your nails and then hold down. When applied I filed mine as they were a bit long to do anything with but the pattern on the nails so pretty and I love them. Whilst wearing the nails I did find that they came up slightly so I had to keep pushing them down again, but they did last the majority of a day but during my night out I began to loose them and ended up taking them off. Another bonus of using stick on nails they came off super easy and didm't ruin my real nails (a problem which people who wear fake nails who glue them down do suffer with.) The nails come in at £8.99 so for one days use I'd say that's pretty expensive but they are super cute so if it was for a special occasion I may purchase. If you are wanting a quick set of pretty nails I would hands down recommend these but for long lasting I don't think anything beats a professional manicure, although they are so cute and perfect for younger girls as they get the feeling of fake nails!

Olivia Thristan


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  2. The floral ones are gorgeous! :D

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